Tanigawa Zhuozheng has a distinctive Dongyang national character, but his height is less than one meter, but he is 70 kilograms. In fact, the sword in his hand is very similar to that of a warrior in Dongyang. Generally, Tatsu Yamashiro has a thick back and a single blade, but his slightly curved sword is a double-edged sword.

No matter in the cold weapon era or modern weapons of all kinds, people are always the first important factor of the force, and fighting is the best way to show personal strength. In the fighting field, there will be no modern automatic guns, either iron fists, steel legs or all kinds of strange alloy weapons, such as Rodriguez’s triangular army stab, which is one of them.
There is no formality against the two men. Tanigawa Zhuo is posing as a ghosting image and still stays in people’s eyes. His figure has already reached Rodriguez’s head in a flash, and his arc sword has violently waved a phantom arc in a sharp roar!
Rodriguez’s huge size does not move, and the black light flashes, and the three-edged army thorn has dazzled and dazzled. In a series of sharp metal impacts, Tanigawa Zhuo is attacking the arc sword, which is not only deflected by the shock, but also in the sparks, Rodriguez’s left-hand three-edged army thorn has suddenly pointed to Chuan Zhuo’s heart like a meteor!
At the rebuke of Ichikawa Zhuo, he jumped back after Teng, and the arc sword was waved and blocked. The first round of the two men’s fight was over.
Just at the moment when Tanigawa Zhuozhengyue was hiding, Rodriguez’s mecha seemed to have a huge body and suddenly moved at a high speed like a whirlwind. Shaking his hand was to stab Tanigawa Zhuozheng with more than 30 thorns. Not only was the triangular army thorn in his hand attacking his huge body, but it was more flexible than his legs cooperating with the triangular army thorn in his hand from time to time. Kicking, sweeping, kicking, pedaling and other leg methods were used to attack Tanigawa Zhuozheng.
The arc sword shadow flickers and flashes, and the meteor breaks and excites "shoots" back through the vertical and horizontal blades of the cold mountain. Even the gas is groaning and even the sound is shaking.
Tanigawa Zhuozheng flies over the arc sword in the flashing hand, and unfolds the Tanigawa family’s arc magic sword-flow kendo moves like seeing the arc sword shadow. His figure is in phantom, and the road is disappearing. Pieces of smooth rainbow flow is spinning around and trying to resist Rodrigues, a biochemical soldier of Ames Empire, who is as swift as a river flowing backwards and a waterfall is as fierce as a storm.
At this moment, Rodriguez has already taken the lead and stepped in first. Tanigawa Zhuozheng is now able to parry and fight back!
In the Tanikawa family camp, including the clan owner Tanikawa Qinghe, everyone can’t help but "change color" with horror. Tanikawa Zhuozheng, a master of martial arts, is very aware that in their prediction, Tanikawa Zhuozheng can fight even if he can’t win the Ames biochemical soldiers. At present, it seems that the root is not the same. Tanikawa Zhuozheng not only defeated Rodriguez, but even in the second round of both sides, the Ames imperial biochemical soldiers were suppressed and could not even move out to catch their breath!
Staring intently at the fighting field, Klinnick couldn’t help but have his heart broken. He whispered quietly to Hans around him, "Mr. Hans, from this point of view, our super soldier really is the enemy. Just now, Li Zhihong lost the battle, which worried me. The posture of the Dongyang people from Tanegawa family was scary, but it was still far from being compared with our super soldier."
Hans also had a silk smile on his face at this time and said in a low voice, "Just now, I was really disturbed by Li Zhihong, a dog slave." Is it because our own biochemical technology is much higher than their ghost tricks, and Rodriguez and his group are new research results? This is also the first time for them to carry out actual enemy combat, as well as their technical parameters of combat effectiveness. This time, it seems that we can further study these parameters because our new generation of biochemical soldiers have finally taken shape. "
In a low voice, Klinnick said bitterly, "Mr. Hans, Dongyang people are arrogant. You just saw that if I don’t get this evil spirit out of my heart, I won’t even forgive myself. Let our biochemical soldiers give full play to their combat effectiveness today, and regard Dongyang people of Tanigawa family as a test to test your research results. I want Dongyang people to make their own base into Tanigawa family graves!"
Don’t see Hans face agree or disagree. He glanced darkly at Sakano Chang Hong and said in a low voice, "Let’s look at it first and then let Dongyang people create their own opportunities to destroy themselves. I believe there are hidden monitoring equipment everywhere in this base. Every move here is watched by Dongyang people’s senior figures."
Klinnick and Hans are muttering about Zongming, and at this moment, they are also discussing with the blood spirit in their minds.
"Xiao Ling, it seems that the strength of Ames biochemical soldiers is beyond my estimation. Tanigawa Zhuozheng will be dead on the spot and fight alone. None of the people in Tanigawa family can be the opponents of these biochemical soldiers. When Tanigawa Zhuozheng dies, you will have a scuffle. I will try to destroy all the monitoring facilities here. Then you will try your best to cast spells. Someone will be at the place except Sakano Changhong, Inoue Shouxing and Hans to suck them off."
"Eldest brother, how do you also have to create a false impression that Hans is protected and rushed out? When I see it, I’ll leave this name just playing Rodriguez. Forget it. I’ll just let Tanikawa Qingfu disappear. Anyway, after today, the Tanikawa family is completely destroyed in Dongyang Empire."
"You’re right. Then I’ll first confuse Inoue Shouhang and Sakano Changhong. Let the Tanegawa family and their gods back up and let Rodriguez try his best to protect Hans and get out of here. Hey hey! I don’t believe Hans won’t incite the military generals of Ames Empire to avenge this. "
At this moment-
Tanigawa Zhuozheng, the biochemical warrior of Ames Empire, has been fighting for nearly 30 rounds in the fighting field. Now Tanigawa Zhuozheng is in the wind, but he can continue to support one hundred and two hundred strokes unbeaten if he goes in a dogfight according to the present way. In other words, he naturally has the ability to defend himself in one or two hundred strokes.
Hans, of course, saw this situation very clearly. To prove that the mighty Ames Empire decided to ask Rodriguez to make a quick decision, so he sank into the arena and shouted, "Rodriguez, didn’t you say you were the strongest? Then prove it to me. I need you to end this battle in three minutes!"
"Yes, General Pavilion!" Rodriguez replied stiffly in the fierce battle.
Rodriguez threw himself at Tanigawa Zhuozheng’s arc sword and flew over his back for a moment. His hands were suddenly pricked and shaken. In Rodriguez’s heavy roar, the two army thorns suddenly dispersed into several virtual shadows of the three-edged army thorns from different directions to a focus like a poisonous letter. The shadow of the rattlesnake thorn was still reflected in people’s pupils. Rodriguez’s thick arm suddenly twisted and twisted like a phantom from the virtual three-edged army thorn, just like from another one.
The biochemical soldier is different. At this moment, Rodriguez’s arm appears as if there is no bone joint. His elbow can twist and stab at different angles in the opposite direction. This sudden change in the fierce battle is difficult for the other opponent to react because it is hard to imagine!
Tanigawa Zhuo is frightened to play the arc magic sword to the extreme of his personal practice, struggling to twist and swing the fencing blade to break the roaring strong wind, and his body is flashing and moving wildly-
"Chi" light ring lotus flower storm appears Tanigawa Zhuozheng dodged fast but didn’t come to the end. Only by avoiding Rodriguez, a biochemical soldier, can he play a strange trick. His left abdomen has been stabbed by the Trigon Army and pierced through a hole that can penetrate the back and see blood!
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Chapter 15 bloody melee
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Tanigawa Zhuozheng screamed and screamed that his figure was spinning and prancing again and again, and at the same time, his wrists were rapidly shaking as he spun and walked. As if he had rowed past a meteor, Hayato flew "shot" from Tanigawa Zhuozheng’s cuff in an indescribable way, and almost immediately people found that these flashes had reached Rodrigues’s eyes!
Rodriguez snorted coldly, tall and tall, and his figure was as steady as a rock. Two triangular army stabs burst out with sharp whistling and flashing bullets because of the high swing speed. He shot quickly and accurately, which has almost reached an incredible level. Seeing the spark "chaos" and the cold four were thrown in the sudden "clank …" In the shock, Tanigawa Zhuo was sending out nine triangular pointed sharp star darts, which had been hit and fell without even touching Rodriguez Khan’s hair!
Just as the nine triangular star darts finished falling, Tanigawa Zhuo was just struggling at the last moment, throwing his arc double-edged sword out of Rodriguez’s swing and slamming it out. When it rang, the arc sword was thrown to the ground three meters away by him, but he himself was shocked back two steps by the throwing force of the other side.
However, Rodriguez’s exit from the second step has not come yet. Tanigawa Zhuozheng is already cracking his eyes. He is still one meter and a half away from Rodriguez, and he has suddenly rolled on the side. The rolling momentum is urgent and fast, and the phantom of the opera flies like a shadow in the side rolling. The violent spin has been irregular in all directions. They are not used to the natural way of "sex" according to the ordinary force field. They seem to appear in a flash and disappear in a flash. It’s really hard to prevent!
Blood spirit sends an idea to Zongming: "Boss Tanigawa Zhuo is finished. He is now a master of Tanigawa family. He will burn out his vitality before he dies. He will send out the phantom hand of the enemy and burn his heart. It is a cruel trick similar to the disintegration of the fix-true man."
Zong Ming secretly nodded his head and went back to an idea. "Then you are ready to launch a melee. Tanigawa Zhuo is dying to arouse all the murder and resentment of Tanigawa family. After hearing my greeting, you can eat a lot of food and complain about the compensation for this period."
Tanigawa Zhuo is sending out the phantom of the burning heart, and then Tanigawa Qinghe, the contemporary owner of Tanigawa family, and several other famous generals will know that Tanigawa Zhuo is dying in this struggle. They can’t help but feel excited and want to rush out to avenge Tanigawa Zhuozheng, which means a lot.
Those flying, slanting, spinning, palm shadows are dancing strangely and sharply, and ghosts and gods are unpredictable. Rodriguez didn’t expect his opponent to have such a "killer weapon". He moved repeatedly on the swift horse, and suddenly his body touched the ground with a very small amplitude but shook like a snake. His body flashed so fast that his huge body was caught like a bone maggot, which seemed to be slow but it was faster than people’s eyes. It looked as if it didn’t move, but Tanigawa Zhuo was dying and the vitality and vitality of the condensation department split out 39 palm shadows. Three palms were implemented in Rodriguez’s weird movement.
The strength of the biochemical warrior of Ames Empire has been strongly verified once again. At this time, Rodriguez’s figure changes as if his body can be combined at will, which completely exceeds all the physiological common sense known by human beings. The three parts are all in the left rib of Rodriguez. The three deep bone wounds did not bleed like ordinary people, but flowed out of a light blue "color" and "liquid" body, and the injured wound healed quickly at an unimaginable speed.
Just as Tanigawa Zhuo was dying, he made a shower attack. Just after Rodriguez had drunk a sharp-edged awn with a triangular army thorn, it suddenly flashed and spilled a black light all over the sky, but this black light was bloody and terrible. Two triangular army thorns seemed to suddenly swallow thousands of thorns violently from each black light, but it was strange that these thousands of stab shadows went through thousands of roads with the smell of death. The black light seemed to surge at the same time, but it was divided into several strange angles!
The cold glare of the dark light dazzled the eyes of all the people at the scene, and the sharp sharp sharp sword also confused everyone’s hearing. When everything was still flashing in profusion, a stocky body had slammed backwards and stumbled back for nearly five meters and then fell to the ground! Surrounded by scarlet blood soon dyed red.
Who else will this man be besides Tanigawa Zhuozheng!
Tanigawa Zhuozhengyuan’s pale face is now even more gray without a trace of blood "color". His eyes are dim and obscure, and he is staring at the front five meters away. The muscles of the Ames Imperial Biochemical Warrior Rodriguez Tanigawa Zhuoyuan are twisted, and his mouth is so painful that even his breath is so heavy and muddy that he has nearly 20 terrible blood holes in his whole body. From those triangular wounds, Tanigawa Zhuoyuan looks like blood.
The whole fighting field was silent, as if no one had been in this silent atmosphere for less than a minute. He walked up to Tanigawa Zhuozheng with a bloody face and said coldly, "Zhuozhengjun has a last word to tell me, and I will finish it for you!"
Tanigawa ZhuoZhengYu weak dark dumb; "Qing husband, those biochemical soldiers are not people. They are beyond human function. If we don’t destroy them, our Tanigawa family will even …"
Blood spirit put on a pair of teeth and resented "color" and said, "Since they can no longer call people, we don’t have to treat them like normal people. Zhuo Zhengjun, your spirit will always be in Tanagawa shrine, so you can rest assured that blood will pay for it!"
Tanigawa Zhuozheng suddenly convulsed with a painful way: "Don’t fight with them alone, or none of us can be their opponent, Qing Fujun, and rely on our gods …"
The limbs are shaking, and the brilliance of Suoguchuan Zhuozheng’s eyes is gradually fading away. His throat is whispering "Goo Long", and his cheeks are tight and his teeth are tight, but he can’t say the last few words. The neck is tilted and he is dead, and his eyes are still prominent and his eyes are angry.
Blood spirit stared at Klinek coldly and suddenly waved his hand and shouted in a low voice, "The biochemical roots of Ames Empire can’t be called people to deal with them, and we can’t deal with samurai. Surround me!"
The smell department of all Tanikawa family warriors on the scene set aside their long arc swords, and the figure flashed to contain Klinnick, Hans and others.
Sakano Chang Hong saw this scene a little flustered and frustratedly said, "Tanigawa Qingfu, what do you want to do? Didn’t we agree to have a samurai duel? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Inoue Shouxing came to the side of Sakano Changhong, and insidious smile said with a smile, "If Sakano Pavilion wants the final victory to be in our hands, who will know how we obtained it?"
Sakano Chang Hong didn’t answer the phone, and his eyes kept turning and I didn’t know what he was thinking.
Seeing this situation, Klinnick said with a smile instead of fear, "Is this the so-called bushido spirit of your Dongyang Empire? Are you going to betray your faith and bully less? "