Where they are, Huangsha Wan Li Root won’t worry about hitting other people. Both of them are hard-working and won’t leave their hands behind. There is no need to worry about having others around. Both of them have a belief in killing each other even if they are seriously injured.

In the middle of the desert, the two people are getting closer and closer, and gradually a different scene appears in their sight.
A huge robbery cloud formed a ball rolling in the distance.
Nowadays, not many people remember the original origin of this cloud robbery ball. After all, nearly a thousand years have passed. People are aware that this big ball is just a change of heaven and earth before the robbery is coming.
Two people gradually close to rob cloud storm technique constantly hit the storm without exception.
But sometimes change is often casual.
It’s like suddenly creating a huge cloud-robbing storm. Suddenly, it’s harsh, and the golden light shines through the sky. The two people closed their eyes and immediately turned pale and surprised.
In their induction, several powerful smells suddenly appeared in a vast distance, and I don’t know that there are thousands of people. The two of them feel as if they are suddenly in a strong place. Two … Xiaoyi, even the army, has such a wild past, and Yao Lian tore up ten teams, and it is impossible to have so many masters.
Several gods locked the two people so that they dared not move and could wait for the golden light to dissipate a little.
After the golden light dispersed, they opened their eyes and looked forward and immediately gasped.
In front of the desert, I don’t know how many people are boundless, and each of them is a mixed state. Two people feel carefully that even the lowest person has a mixed state.
The most terrible thing is that their number is more than tens of thousands. At first glance, even a small part of the dense crowd can be trampled to death by stepping on both of them.
Where did such a terrible army come from?
The two men looked at each other silently, but they were still fighting to the death. At this time, they suddenly poured out a tacit understanding, almost consciously. At the same time, they turned back and then suddenly fled away.
But they moved, but some people were faster than them. The two of them felt that they saw two people with long swords in the blink of an eye and stopped their way. Then they stretched out their hands and made two unreasonable strokes, and rushed into the two bodies to seal their gods.
Two people are horrified but have been able to move well. They are flying towards the center of the crowd in their hands.
Li Feiyang woke up from the practice and it was precisely the moment when the cultivation of the immortal ring was upgraded.
It is that the upgrading of the Immortal Ring has not yet reached the final stage. It was originally planned that the Immortal Ring could be upgraded in another hundred years, but it was forced to stop.
Because the robbery will come in another hundred years, and it will not come by then.
It seems a long time in a hundred years, but it is a flick of a finger for celestial beings. Li Feiyang’s heart is worried that it is a bit too hasty to unify the wild and then bring people into HarmonyOS just by this hundred years.
But he doesn’t care so much anymore.
The matter is that since people have done this, they should act at once.
Although the upgrade to cultivate immortality was not completed, it also gave Li Feiyang many benefits.
First, after 900 years’ practice, the demon pot was constructed in a perfect environment, and the immortal ring was added to give an upgrade bonus. His successful practice reached the limit of 36 yuan, that is, the celestial cultivation.
He finally became a statue of the strong level.
And he also realized that the limit of the law is perfect for Yun Re.
The law of cultivating immortality and giving him bonus is the law of sword, the law of Jin Mu’s five elements of fire, water and soil
That is to say, now Li Feiyang can block the five operations and they are all high realms.
In addition, the cultivation of immortality ring also gave him the ability to worship Zen as all the game characters, that is to say, if the cultivation of immortality ring contains games, he can seal it for himself regardless of the characters and creatures, and borrow these biological abilities.
For example, if some of them belong to Shu Shandi, these genera can not only have the power and realm of repairing and mixing now, but also make all kinds of large arrays and Shu Shan techniques in the game like Shu Shandi.
Of course, its power is definitely not as inferior as passers-by in the game, but it is really extremely high in the existing mixed power realm.
More importantly, the devil-refining pot has finally reached its perfection, and the upgraded pot-rich world has been derived.
It’s a really moving fortress.
A huge triangular mountain is nearly 100 feet high and nearly 1000 feet wide, suspended in the sky like a huge pyramid. There is a dazzling brilliance in the middle of the pot, which is poisonous, frightening, charming and deterrent.
Each layer of the middle boundary of the whole pot is densely covered with crystal arrays, among which there are many caves. The number of these caves is unknown, and it looks like a beehive.
The cave department is connected by a passage, and even Li Feiyang’s five hundred thousand people live in it, which occupies a small part.
And once in it, the whole pot boundary will be a grand circle to bring all people together and then attack in a unique way.
Then Li Feiyang canonized the armies of the hand one by one and formed their own army, which prompted the pot to enter the boundary.
Unified Honghuang Road officially kicked off.
The first place where Li Feiyang went was Nangupo, where his sworn brother Nanbm was located.
After catching the two fighters, Li Feiyang has learned about the current situation in the celestial world, and now it is a chaotic situation in all directions. Frankly speaking, although the cultivation of immortals was shorter for him, in Li Feiyang’s view, the situation in the celestial world is just the most suitable moment for unification. Because people are flustered, it is simple and painful, and the benefits may be very good. This is more effective than doing everything in peacetime. The middle line of many pots has slowly reached the periphery of Nangupo.
Now, although Nangupo has lost the aura of the day, Nanbm is a strong man in the celestial world after all. Now that he carefully manages Nangupo, it is still one of the few spiritual resorts in the celestial world.
Chapter 237 Nirvana rebirth
Two or three young people sit at the top of the poison boundary, and the middle boundary stops at the periphery, and then the water generally overflows.
When Li Feiyang’s divine knowledge appeared in the south ancient slope, the square crowd was bustling, and there was a face of awe in front of the BM’s temple. Next to the BM, two beasts were wounded in many places. Not far away, a leopard-headed human beast hung his golden head slightly with blood on his cheek.
A few people stood proudly in front of the Beastmaster’s Palace. An old man in Tsing Yi with a golden knife stood proudly beside the middle school. Not far away were three mysterious people whose breath was not with him.
One of them, the snakehead, was wearing a purple soft armor, holding a thin knife with a curved, winding and forked face as thin as a Zen wing, and the other, the phoenix-headed man, holding a golden pike and wearing a feather, was woven into China.
The last man was wearing a white robe, his face was like a crown of jade, his white light was shining, his hands were flashing and he was not armed.
When Li Feiyang’s god knowledge appeared in Bi, the snake-head man was saying something respectfully in the ear of the white man. The white man stood with his hands down and looked up at the mountain. His breath was stronger than that of the night moon, but it was as hot as the sun. The temperature was strong and mixed with a little weird, but it happened that he had a healthy atmosphere. It seemed that all evil things in the sky were hiding in front of him.
This person’s breath is much stronger than that of the South Beastmaster, and he is faintly the strongest of all the people present.
The front of the Beastmaster’s Temple was in a mess, and there was blood on the ground and lying on the dead body. Most of those people were South Beastmaster’s hand soldiers and monsters.
When Li Feiyang flooded in and looked down at the sky, many people felt this strong breath and their looks changed.
"What for people? !” Draw the tsing yi old man look a cold face upwards in anger and then put the gods to meet Li Feiyang’s gods.
It’s like throwing a boulder on a calm lake, and suddenly the light flashes on the ground between clouds, and dark clouds gather in a series of waves and waves, making layers of ripples in all directions.
A series of thunders resounded through the earth, and Li Feiyang’s gods collided fiercely with those of the elders in Tsing Yi, which led to the vision of heaven and earth. They struggled for a long time and burst into loud noises in the sky, but after all, no one could resist it, and eventually they both retreated at the same time.
Tsing Yi old man looked up at the sky and couldn’t see any expression, but his heart was very shocking. "Who is this man who is going to be attacked at the BM Hall?" Is there any other strong person in the universe? I’ve never seen this person’s breath before, and I don’t know any of them. Is this sudden person sacred? Is the South Beastmaster old? If so, it will be troublesome.
Li Feiyang, the old man in Tsing Yi over there, was shocked, but he was equally shocked. "According to the two people who were caught, the celestial beings are now practicing in a closed way and trying to break through that amount of robbery. It can be seen that these people are obviously strong, but they are not practicing but come to the South Beastmaster. What is this?"
No matter what the other party’s purpose is, Li Feiyang’s face changes slightly. If something happens to the South Beastmaster, it will be difficult to implement the first step of his plan. Although the situation looks dangerous today, he must also rescue the South Beastmaster safely and understand that these people are attacking the South Beastmaster in the end. Li Feiyang rises to the sky. "You guys come with me to rescue the South Beastmaster. The rest of you are led by Zhao Yuanba. There is a big battle with today!" It has already broken like a flash and disappeared in the eyes of everyone. The ink name, ink punishment and others have also disappeared in front of people.
Zhao Yuanba shouted and sat down at the tip of the pot boundary to manipulate the pot boundary and walked slowly.
The atmosphere in front of the bm house was tense, and the bm in the south looked angrily. "Dao Zun, the old fox, didn’t expect that he would go out in person this time, and he also contacted the snake bm, Feng bm and Guang Zun! I have dealt with them with a light honour, and there are still so many bullies! " What the hell is this old bastard? "Maybe he knows I got that thing? "
The face of a wolf beast beside him is also a different discouragement. "Your majesty, this knife shows no signs of rashly attacking, and it also brings so many people to see that they have destroyed my southern ancient slope heart! It’s really no good for the king to stay in the green hills without worrying about firewood. Just hand that thing over. "
"no! They don’t have that thing, maybe they don’t know that it is a saying that "every man is guilty of carrying a bag!" If we rush out that thing, it may even increase their interest in the north, and we have no way out! " The panther will frown and say
South bm also nodded frowned sink a way "this a few people strange from now on is blindly kill a word don’t know what’s going on is really let a person see not white.
"Your Majesty" I think I think "If you really can’t beat us, just surrender. If that thing is still there in time, your Majesty, you will be able to defeat these bastards after finishing refining. You have been silent for a long time, and an eagle-headed beast will suddenly say
Old Ersan’s face showed hesitation and struggle when he heard all the words, and several dry cleaners beside him were also different.
"The South Beastmaster came to attack you today. Do you know what happened?" In the middle of the school, I suddenly came to Dao Zun Yin, and the South BM looked at the harsh purple. "Dao Zun, I just want to know where I provoked you?
Dao Zun laughed. "Hehe, I heard that the South Beastmaster recently got a treasure." The so-called audience has such a powerful treasure that you don’t have it yourself. I think it’s better to hand it over. "
South bm was furious discoloration sink a way "what do you mean? I don’t have a baby to hit me just because of this shadowy thing. If other strong people know it, they will be wary of you. Aren’t you afraid? "
Knife pie pie "south BM since you are so ignorant, then don’t blame us you’re welcome.