Taverns, teahouses, snack bars, open-air noodle stands and, of course, casinos-there are also rich and poor here.

In fact, the best business at this time should be brothels.
A middle-aged man and his party of four are now entering a brothel.
Two of the three people who followed were very surprised, while the other one was not only surprised, but his face was already flushed with shame.
This is one of the biggest brothels in the city.
Many people come here not only because the girls here are beautiful and the kung fu is good, but also because the food here is waiting, and it is said that the wine here is also very expensive.
Wine is not expensive because it is expensive, but because a very expensive medicinal material has been added to it.
Drinking this wine with medicinal materials can make many people who can’t do well and make strong people stronger.
Most people come here almost every day, but most of them are rich brothers in their twenties and thirties, and few middle-aged people come here.
Because of their age, few people can stand being recruited by women here-men like to recruit women after all.
And now a middle-aged man is coming here.
It’s a little strange to welcome guests at the door, but the pimp didn’t say anything about welcoming him in with a smile, because some people are not old even if they are old. Since they are willing to come to bring disgrace to oneself to give money, they will be turned away-the pimp thinks so.
But the procuress was taken aback by the following three people.
In fact, she was surprised that two of them saw from her years of experience that one of them was not a real man, but the other was obviously a real big girl.
Although all kinds of guests are accepted here, eunuchs and women have never been accepted.
The procuress was really shocked and couldn’t say a word.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty Wu Shinto
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The procuress smiled reluctantly and went to the boss.
The boss here is Tian Xiang, but that doesn’t mean Tian Xiang Yuan is her.
Tian Xiang is a famous red man in Tian Xiang College, but somehow he became the boss. Instead, everyone forgot it from his former boss.
Tim Xiang came out. She was not red or hot.
She was dressed in an elegant light silk dress with some powder on her face.
Everything in her face is arranged in every place reasonably and skillfully. If you look at it alone, it may not be what a beauty should have, but when you put it together, it makes people feel that it has an indescribable charm.
These many factors add up to make a prostitute really look like a boss, a very rich darling daughter.
But no matter how to dress up, she can’t hide her charming smile.
Now boss Tian Xiang is coming over with her smiles. She quickly glanced at the four people and then said coyly, "Who is looking for me?"
It’s a good thing that she doesn’t talk, but all the guests around her are tickled.
The middle-aged man gave her a cold look and said, "No one is looking for you and I am looking for the boss here."
Tian Xiang had jumped into the middle-aged man’s arms with a silvery smile and said angrily, "Don’t you know that I am the boss here, sir?" Although the mouth is talking, it is not idle. Both hands have slipped down the neck of the middle-aged man.
Middle-aged people still coldly tunnel "I’m looking for another boss"
Tian Xiang seems to have laughed more heartily. "This guy really jokes that Tian Xiang Yuan is a slave house called Tian Xiang. There is a boss in Nu Jia." She said three "Nu Jia" in total, each of which sounds more attractive than the previous one.
Middle-aged people still coldly tunnel "listen, I’m looking for a real boss, a boss who will let you be the boss". This time, it’s very small, but it’s clear that Tian Xiang also heard it clearly.
Tian Xiang has stopped laughing and looked at the middle-aged man coldly. In the middle-aged man’s face, he kept stroking the jade hand, which seemed to slide into his shoulder. The mouth of the shoulder well is also very small and asked, "Who are you?" Didn’t anyone tell you about the old lady’s rules and means? "
"Do you know martial arts?" Middle-aged people asked the expression is still so cold and rigid.
Some of the guests around saw that something was wrong and someone had left because these people all knew that Tian Xiang was a "weak woman"
Tian Xiang does have martial arts and is not weak.
She is already a big boss, and she still has to receive customers from time to time. Of course, she is no longer making money.
The rule of adding fragrance and receiving guests is to think that her bed must be a famous master in Tianzhou or a famous brother in Tianzhou. After the event, she doesn’t charge the person to leave him with his famous stunts or family skills. If not, then leave another thing-life.
There used to be a lot of masters who died in the fragrant bed after finishing their work and didn’t want to leave their own school
Although few people have really seen Tian Xiang’s moves, there are so many masters who teach her martial arts and so many masters who die in her bed, so no one will recognize her weak martial arts.
At this time, the man named "Qing" has also seen that something is wrong. His left hand has quietly held down the scabbard. Although it is not known that middle-aged people are interested in themselves and others at this time, if they come together, they should stand by and do nothing.
Tian Xiang’s hand seems to have secretly destroyed the true qi, and if middle-aged people move a little, they will surely die in their jade hands.
With the girl seems to be a little scared to move the charming body closer to the "green" a little, but her eyes are fixed on Tian Xiang’s pair of hands clasped on the shoulders of middle-aged people.
The little eunuch still doesn’t know that the war will be left and right, and he is confused.
After such a stalemate for a moment, the guests present were far from many, and only a few people thought that they had high martial arts skills and wanted to see Tian Xiang, but they still stayed in their original seats.
After a long time, I saw a little sweat on my forehead and cheeks, and my hands trembled slightly when I pressed them against the shoulder well of middle-aged people.
Pedestrians present will know at a glance that the two of them have already competed for strength.
To add fragrance, the evil hand in the "soul-searching hand" first asks the middle-aged people to suffer some hardships and then dies. I don’t know that the middle-aged people are so advanced that they are ignorant.
However, this is bitter and fragrant.
You know, in this kind of competition, unless two people collect work at the same time, it is impossible for one party to collect work first.
Besides, Tian Xiang has realized that the middle-aged man’s unfathomable martial arts power is several times higher than himself. This middle-aged man is transporting a little force to melt his hands and force out his strength. If he gives up his work, he will be seriously injured by the other party, and now he is desperate to withdraw his hand.
It turns out that the middle-aged people will be killed as soon as they add fragrance, so they will deal with it with the unique "continuous flow" in the "soul-searching hand"
As the name implies, this "endless stream" means that the true qi of one’s body is constantly injected into one’s opponent’s body, and he is killed by blood spray.
Tian Xiang, I’m afraid I met the Lord today. As soon as I sent my true strength to the other side, I gave birth to resistance. My side continued to strengthen, but the other side’s resistance did not increase and I didn’t do it myself. Face-to-face fighting will turn into shape
Come to this "endless stream" is not to send out one’s own strength, but to send out a cold chill by one’s own strength. Imagine who will fight to consume one’s own strength and give it to the opponent to achieve the goal of victory.
However, Tian Xiang was magically removed by the middle-aged people because of her cold body. When the cold body did its best, it was gradually removed by the middle-aged people because of inertia.
Instead, it becomes perfuming and giving the power to others, but others don’t want it, and they can’t get it back in vain. In this way, the perfuming power will be more and more rapid and less and less.
Tian Xiang’s suffering now is really beyond words. Seeing that his years of penance have been humanized a little bit, and he has been sucked by his opponent and can’t accept his palm, he really wants to cry and regret that he didn’t be cautious before making moves.
After another tea, the power to add fragrance was finally gone. Huo Ran felt that he was being played by a soft force, and then he collapsed to the ground and then he would get up again.
At this time, the middle-aged man came forward again, shook his head and said to Tian Xiang, "I don’t know you, and if I don’t say a word to you, I will be so heavy-handed. I want you to learn some lessons and don’t kill others at will."
Tian Xiang gasped for a long time before the painful tunnel "My martial arts have been abolished by you … after that, I just want to hurt … it is impossible to hurt people, even to protect myself …" I became a crybaby when my eyes turned red for a moment.
The middle-aged man laughed. "Is this something to be sad about? I spent your strength without really wasting your martial arts. Why are you crying? "
Tian Xiang tried his best to call out, "You have a martial arts style but you have no strength?" I hate my family. You want me to live in the future? You might as well kill me with one hand! "
Middle-aged people grunted, "It’s really a shame, especially if you forgive yourself!" Enemy is your own fault and you can resolve it. If I had known this, I would have done it. "
Tian Xiang is no longer beautiful at this moment, as if he were ten years older at this moment.