Yu yat sen villa hung up, and her heart gradually became clear about what she hoped and expected, but she couldn’t say it. Looking at the faint sunshine outside the window, Yu yat sen villa felt white, and it was time to decide.

A week later.
Yu Yat-sen is still in the hospital, but the outside has undergone earth-shaking changes. A week ago, Yu Yat-sen entrusted Min Anxun to sue Zhuo Qing for Yu’s bankruptcy and maritime suicide ten years ago, and called a media conference on it, which caused an uproar.
In those days, Yu’s group was also one of the best in S city, owing huge sums of money overnight. Under heavy pressure, Yu’s director Yu nautical committed suicide, and it couldn’t come afterwards. I didn’t expect this sensational case of Yu’s downfall to have such a curtain.
The suspects in several cases of Zhuo Qing have been detained for investigation, and the current president of Datong Group, Zhuo Xuanyu, has brought many negative effects to Datong because of Zhuo Qinger. A week ago, at the shareholders’ meeting, he took the initiative to suspend all his duties.
However, there is no egg here. In less than three minutes every working day for a whole week, Chase’s stock has fallen to the limit. So far, most of Chase’s projects have been suspended, and the company’s department has been in a panic and there has been a wave of resignation.
S central hospital orthopedics ward
Yu yat sen villa aimed at sitting on the sofa diagonally opposite and calmly peeling apples. Zhuo Xuanyu couldn’t bear it and finally couldn’t help it. "Zhuo Xuanyu, are you really calm?"
It’s also a great anecdote that many shareholders forced me to resign at the shareholders’ meeting. It’s hard for Yu Yat-sen to imagine that an arrogant and arrogant person like Zhuo Xuanyu would submit to it. It’s simply not like Zhuo Xuanyu she knows.
Zhuo Xuanyu peeled the apple in an orderly way and didn’t even lift his eyes. "What’s not calm?"
"Do you know what you call this kind of thing in ancient times? Forced the palace to abdicate! How come you don’t feel anything about a deposed emperor? " Yu yat sen villa has a sense of confusion as if she and Zhuo Xuanyu were not enemies but little eunuchs of Zhuo Xuanyu, and the emperor was not in a hurry.
"You said I abdicated. How can I feel? The only good thing is not that even the abolished emperors in ancient times were not exterminated. I am still alive. This is good. "Zhuo Xuanyu picked up the apple skin that fell to the ground and put it in the trash can, and then handed Yu Yat Sen the peeled apple.
"I don’t white is why you will submit so easily? You own the chase control unit, and those people tell you to resign as president, so you listen? It’s not your style. "Yu Yat Sen Qing took the apple and bit it."
Zhuo Xuanyu looked at her eating an apple with a smile in her mouth. "What can I do if I don’t quit my job at this point?"
Ten years ago, the collapse of Yu’s family was very involved. A task force formed by Luo Jing has been investigating. Zhuo Qing’s main suspect, Li Yu’s letter of navigation, deceived Yu Hai’s huge investment project, while in the United States, Wan Jia invented the joint fraud of the project. Feng Renjie was also involved in the Yu case in A city. Because many people in the Feng family were involved in politics, the Yu case failed in those years, but the matter was written by the Feng family. It was very complicated and involved. The police have not yet reached a conclusion.
Yu was exposed a little ten years ago, and everyone was shocked. At the same time, his attitude towards Zhuo’s family changed dramatically, and Zhuo Xuanyu was in a very delicate position. The Internet also set off a war of praise and criticism for him. Some netizens recognized Zhuo Xuanyu and Zhuo’s family as a group ten years ago, and Zhuo Xuanyu harmed Yu after ten years of navigation. Even if it is proved, some people believe that Zhuo Xuanyu knew nothing about what happened ten years ago. He is a koo.
"You should know that the Datong group has been completely messed up now, and you let it go. It’s not like you." Yu Yat Sen Qing frowned. Since Zhuo Xuanyu learned that her revenge plan was coming, he had many opportunities to stop it, but he never really obstructed her. He even helped her feel moved by Yu Yat Sen Qing, and at the same time, Zhuo Xuanyu worried that his career and life would be destroyed by her hands in the future.
Zhuo Xuanyu’s eyes were deep, and he smiled mysteriously. "I did this because of you on the one hand, but not necessarily."
Zhuo Xuanyu’s words are somewhat inscrutable. Yu Yat Sen watched him tighten his eyebrows. It is true that Zhuo Xuanyu likes to control everything. How can he be forced to resign by those shareholders? I heard that Zhuo Xuanyu took the initiative to call the shareholders’ meeting! Don’t …
"You resigned on purpose?" Yu yat sen villa mind a flash of light suddenly thought of this possibility.
Zhuo Xuanyu picked up an apple and laughed like an old fox in his hand. "What do you say?"
"So you really mean it! But what? You don’t really want to sleep in the street, do you? " Yu yat sen villa was surprised and angry. She wanted to get back at Zhuo’s family, but she didn’t want to destroy Zhuo Xuanyu together. Even with most of Chase’s shares, the decline in Chase’s shares in her hand is equivalent to garbage.
"Why? I’m your husband and wife. I have to support each other. I’m down and out. I’m sure it depends on you. "Zhuo Xuanyu put the apple back in the basket and stretched out his hand toward Yu Yat Sen." Today, the fruit cost 40 yuan, and there is food and gas. Please give me 500 yuan first. I’ll ask you for it later. "
Chapter one hundred and three My money was chewed by a dog
Section 45
Yu yat sen villa almost didn’t pop his eyes out. "Are you kidding about living 5 a day? I can’t afford to raise a giant Buddha like you! I finally know why you don’t divorce me! You have long thought about it! "
Zhuo Xuanyu nodded seriously. "Well, yes, you are worth so much now. I will never divorce you!"
"… do you want money?" Yu yat sen villa snorted. Without saying that Zhuo Xuanyu’s private assets have been trapped in stocks, she won’t raise him. It’s not a pretty boy.
Zhuo Xuanyu took the remote control and changed to a TV station. As a result, it was an exclusive interview with Yu and Chase. The interviewees were several industry experts who were making their own predictions about the future of Chase Group.
Now talking to the camera is an expert who seems to have some old qualifications. "A person’s reputation is very important. If his reputation is broken, this person will encounter various problems in this society. For example, if he has a bad record in the bank, it will be difficult to get a loan. Chase is a big enterprise. Although Zhuo Qing is no longer the head of Chase, the responsibility will not disappear. Ten years ago, things shocked us! Zhuo Qing’s business is obviously a criminal law and an economic crime! This matter has a great influence on Datong Group! In this case, Yu Yuqing, the person in charge of Yu’s family, sued Zhuo Qing and claimed that although it was a personal lawsuit against Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing cheated huge sums of money to develop Datong Group at that time, so Yu had reason to claim compensation from Datong! It is precisely because of this that this case will have such a huge impact on Chase. Now Chase and Zhuo Jia want to clear up and avoid being claimed. "The old expert talked a set of things. Zhuo Xuanyu quietly listened to Yu Yat Sen but scratched his head awkwardly." Change the channel? "
"Wait, listen to what he said about us." ZhuoXuanYu gave Yu Yat sen villa a calm look. Sure enough, the old expert talked about ZhuoXuanYu after talking about the situation in Chase.
"Zhuo Xuanyu rushing back is very clever! If he stays at Chase, Zhuo Qinger will make the situation of Chase even more embarrassing. "
Zhuo Xuanyu corners of the mouth with a sneer "it was a bricklayer"
Yu yat sen villa stared at Zhuo Xuanyu and always felt that he was planning something. This man was so deep that she couldn’t think of his plan.
The old expert had finished, and several other young experts repeatedly echoed Zhuo Xuanyu’s change of TV station. As a result, another TV station still reported on this matter. He frowned and simply gave the TV machine.
Yu yat sen villa watched ZhuoXuanYu look more think there is a problem.