All Wen Bucao’s faces are full of expectations. Even a few monks and old men in Gongye look dignified and narrow their eyes slightly. Wen Leyang is even more excited. Now the second master is using the wrong fist. He never thought that the wrong fist could still be used to refine poison.

Xiao Yi said to Wen Leyang, "That’s the warm and spicy ancestors who left armor to blend the poisonous treasure and blood. Everything is hard to invade. If you want to refine it, you have this treasure!" Her voice is clear and clear, so that the old man in Gongye can hear it on purpose.
Wen is not good at poison refining, but he is also insightful about poison refining. Then Xiao Yi continued to say, "Jiao is extremely poisonous, but it is difficult to release it regardless of the enemy and the enemy. The five elements of poisonous blood are both in conflict and mutually toxic, but once refined into Jiao’s poisonous blood, the five elements can assist Yin and Yang …" He didn’t know what would happen then. He said it was a theoretical basis. No one knew exactly how.
The ancestors of the Wen family have thought about this but no one has ever done it!
It wasn’t long, but after a few minutes, the second master suddenly jumped hard and stopped refining poison.
The turtle shell in his hand seems to be withered at the end of October, and there are still some light spirits around it, so the five elements of blood are wrapped up, and the poisonous blood is like a seriously injured animal struggling and beating.
Although Wenleyang is a younger brother, he doesn’t know anything about advanced poison refining at home. Some people are startled to ask Xiao Yi, "This … this is over?" So soon? "
Wen Bu laughed and rushed to answer, "Poison refining is not the longer it takes, the more exquisite it is, the more aggressive it is, and the toxicity is forbearing." As he spoke, he also took the corner of his eye to clamp the old man’s face with a smile.
Gongye old man bite a tooth to submit to humiliation didn’t speak.
The theory of the body of the dumpling is the first good thing for the master of refining poison or refining device. Just now, the old man of Gongye has shown his skill. Of course, the master will not let it go. He must win the body of the dumpling with the help of the secret technique of refining poison.
Everyone stared at it as if it were alive and turned around. The second master held the turtle shell slightly stiffly and turned to the old man who was as surprised as everyone else. He said coldly, "After a while, the strange poison was born, if you can’t try it …" Before his words were finished, suddenly the dumpling blood froze and sent out a series of sounds like metal friction, suddenly stretching his body and spitting five drops of poisonous blood that had been involved in the body.
The poisonous blood of the dumpling is lying comfortably in the turtle shell again, motionless
The whole village was silent …
Until a burst of pride, like a revenge for ten thousand years, burst into the sky and completely smashed the quiet and careless face of Wenjia Village.
The old man in Gongye laughed and almost gushed out his insides and jumped in front of the second master. "Poison? You want me to test the poison? Haha, congratulations, congratulations, you finally got a turtle shell to pour out the blood. What a good way! Ha ha ha … "
The second master’s face was amazed. He didn’t expect to move the warm and spicy ancestors to the baby, but he couldn’t refine it. The poisonous face was blue and white, and he was stunned by the public. He suddenly screamed, "It’s not your turn to refine the dumpling."
Master Wen Er cheated.
The other three grandfathers, uncle Wen swallowed the sea, and no one was surprised if he didn’t say or do it. Everyone embraced the dumpling body and the old man in Gongye, and they played to depend on each other.
This is lame Wen Leyang. I didn’t expect that it seems that several other important people in the Wen family know Wen Er’s master quite well except myself.
The old gentleman in Gongye laughed wildly and stopped abruptly, but roared angrily …
If the old rabbit demon is not happy to be present, Gongye will have to release the flying sword on the spot to fight hard.
Other Wen Bucao brothers were well-advised and scattered. The old rabbit demon intervened for a long time. Finally, the two sides barely reached an agreement. The dumpling skin and bones were handed over to the old man in Gongye to refine the equipment. The snake teeth were all warm and not grass. Although we still can’t figure out a refining method, fortunately, these things will not rot.
The technical activities of peeling and bone extraction belong to Master Gongye. Fortunately, Gongye’s family specializes in this ancestral craft.
Refining the baby department belongs to Wen Bucao. If it is such a bully, Grandpa Wenda said that he was justified. The old man promised to be willing. In the end, Wen Leyang felt that he couldn’t bear to discuss with four grandfathers for a long time. Grandpa finally promised to give three pieces of dumpling bones to Gongye for free.
Unexpectedly, Gongye shook his head. "Jiao stabbed Wen Leyang’s bones and naturally followed Wen Leyang. I didn’t refine anything if I came!"
A group of old heads behind Wenleyang are beaming, and I don’t know whether it’s because Sun’s magic weapon is sharp in the future or because he has saved the baby snake bone. Wenleyang also discussed with his parents for a long time and gave a small piece of dumpling skin to Gongye for some bargaining. The master made a gesture to enlarge the size of the teacup mouth, and finally it rose to the size of the washbasin and refused to say anything.
The flesh and blood of the dumpling is more toxic than that of the root after peeling. However, Wen Jiacheng has been poisoned for two thousand years. Although there is no suitable poison refining tool, it is still possible to spend some time to temporarily curb the toxicity of the dumpling.
Barely everyone is happy. Wen Leyang can’t do anything with his left leg propped up.
Wen Tunhai was busy buying gifts and pro-things. The list of gifts was torn by Grandpa Wen Da several times. "They crow ridge have more money than we do, don’t get these valuables and prepare some local products in mountain products …"
Wen Tunhai carefully woke up and said, "Locke’s family is also in the mountains and there is no shortage of mountain products."
Grandpa Wenda flew into a rage. "It’s just that my heart is stronger than anything!"
Wen Leyang’s wedding date was set for April.
Seventeen days later
The wedding news was jointly announced by four grandfathers. The whole Wenjia village was beaming. The aunts in the village were busy at once. It was not long before the construction team of rebuilding Wenjia village built a quiet mountain village and became more and more lively.
At noon that day, Mu Mu took Ah Dan and his honest brother Luowanggen to escape like a mountain and went home.
Fourth Master also brought his wife, who was equally flustered and easy, and his daughter, Wen Tunhai, and a group of experts who died, back to the old and sick workshop.
In order to make things pays photogenic, Wen’s family specially regards the birth, illness, death and illness workshop as a small Yi’s bride’s family etiquette prize.
Grandpa means to give away things without having to change hands back and forth in his own family. Baby might as well pay attention to it …
It is a local custom in Jiuding Mountain that the bride and groom can’t meet each other from the engagement to the wedding. Xiao Yi naturally has to go back to her’ home’ to stay for some days, and Master Si also happens to take people back to the Fang. Since I know that there is a monk in the Fang, he has been worried about not going back to sit in the battle in person.
The second master and the third master are responsible for thinking about how to refine the strange poison of Jiao.
Qin Cone looked at Wen Leyang limping and jumping around, and he had the idea of playing another game with him, but he was afraid of being looked down upon by the 19th century.
Early the next morning, Mr. Wen took his uncle Wen Tunhai to Raven Ridge. At this time, the dumpling thorns raised in Wenleyang’s legs were almost half arched out.
The remaining half has been arched for three days, and finally the dumpling, one or three feet long, fell to the ground.
Wen Leyang was overjoyed to reach out and pick up the long white needle that stung the dumpling, but he didn’t feel kind as he had predicted, but it was plain and special, neither cold nor hot, let alone uncomfortable.
The old man of Gongye was standing beside Wen Leyang. Now he saw his puzzled expression on his face, and the old man also wondered, "What’s wrong with Xiao?"
Wen Leyang nodded and said for a long time before he made it clear that he was holding a dumpling and stabbing something without any special feeling. "If this thing recognizes the Lord, it should always be intimate with me?"
Gongye old man hey tone slightly nai "this dumpling thorn can now be seen as a part of your body, your left hand holding the right hand feel affectionate? Won’t your left foot hurt when you step on your right foot? A truth! If it doesn’t resist you, everything will be fine! "
Wen Leyang was a little skeptical and reached out and handed the dumpling thorn to the old man. "You try it?"
I didn’t expect the old man in Gongye to jump out all the time like an enemy. "I can’t touch it now!" "
Wenleyang looked at him strangely. At the beginning, this long thorn was stabbed into Wenleyang’s leg by Gongye himself, but now he can’t touch it.
The old man in Gongye was impressed by Wen Leyang’s failure to cheat with him because of Wen’s family. He smiled and explained, "The dumpling thorn has soaked your blood, but it has not been put into the furnace for refining. At this time, the temper is the most violent, and others will be destroyed by it if they touch it!"
Wen Leyang’s old problem is gone, and the new problem is coming again. "Is this going into the furnace? Have you not recognized the Lord? "
Gongye’s master laughed a little hard. He didn’t expect Wenleyang to really understand nothing. "Do you try waving a dumpling thorn and see if it responds?" Although the thorn has infiltrated your blood, the accumulated magical power must be refined to move at will, otherwise I will still be doing it! "
Wenleyang waved a few dumplings at random and seemed to feel nothing except "convulsions" with the conductor.
At this time, there was a commotion outside. A Wengudi came to inform the Gongye family that he had arrived from Panshan, Tianjin with a refining device guy. Huo Ran, the old man of Gongye, was so happy that he never cared about Wenleyang again and ran out to meet his family.
Gongye home for two hundred people except a few old men are muscle Qiu knot skin bronze lean guy carrying a large and small box like ants move into the village Gongye master these days have already chosen the refining place led people directly to the village after shouting to build a stove, sink … Is in the village after counting the tail end of great anger if it weren’t for Wenleyang stopped him, he would have called Rainbow Brothers to help him hit people.
More than 200 industrialists put things away, leaving some people to build smelters outside, while others continued to carry them again.