After entering the celestial world, I have been afraid to move Xuanyin when I was against the enemy. All of them poured into six people, and all six people’s brains crashed.
The physical strength has been greatly enhanced, and the physical defense has been significantly increased. The immortal speed, recovery speed and agility of posture have all been rooted. Thanks to all kinds of mysterious seals, their combat effectiveness has been at least twice as high, and their ability to strengthen sustained warfare has also increased a lot.
"How come … Junlong has fallen thousands of years ago? Are you someone else?" Yu Yun Feng stared at Chen Han dumbfounded.
"I am others"
The last group of Xuanyin blessed himself with a silver SHEN WOO seal, and recklessly burst and sprinkled silver rain on his head to make him continue to rise.
Similarly, before the dragon blade appeared in his hand, he always disguised the dragon blade as a low-order fairy combating Dao. Guanghua’s breath soared, and it had a very fairy level and was extremely fairy.
"Change the form and quality. This is a sacred object!" Ningling screamed out covering her mouth.
"If I guess right, it should be Junlong’s close-fitting sacristy … Tianlong Blade!"
Yu Qifeng, who has always been arrogant, turned pale and shouted, "Sure enough, you hide much more things than I do. I am willing to worship the wind. No one is your opponent, but I am still surprised that you are the only one who can get us out of here?"
Hallows …
Taboo …
Xuanyin …
Let Yu Yunfeng think that it is far worse than in Chen Han’s chips. Finally, the six people were completely exposed and fell into the shock.
It turns out that he is the most hidden and worthy of the name of the first master Junlong in this elite team. Have they never heard of it?
Chen Han has shown that he has fairy power, even if there is a gap, it is not big. But to Junlong, who knows the taboo, the strongest fighting power comes from the physical strength of terror to the extreme?
Invincible power!
Conan the destroyer Power!
And it is said that even the ordinary immortal tries his best to attack directly, which can hurt the physical body and attack and defend in one super Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Thousands of years ago, it was not only a taboo that made the celestial world panic, but also a myth that never existed before.
In everyone’s near-collapse eyes, Chen Han had a dark osteotome in his hand. He gave birth to an elixir of ordinary blood, and then the osteotome split the wrist vein. With a lot of blood spouting from the wrist, the cadence spell echoed in the void, and the blood gradually turned into a bloody sea.
The average person really doesn’t know this thing. After all, Junlong was a thousand years ago, and less than 10,000 years was like a drop in the ocean for immortals. But now what he cast is from Xingtian’s sorcery spell. That individual in the ethnic group thousands of years ago was not as strong as Junlong, but the overall strength almost subverted the whole celestial world. In today’s long memory, not everyone knows.
Silly wait for a while looked at the spell floating out of the osteotome. Yu Changfeng almost didn’t fall headlong. Even his compatriot Yu Changying didn’t know what Chen Han was doing, but the future heir of the Emperor’s Temple had already told him many ancient secrets when he was young.
"Wu clan … this is Wu clan hermetic … you …"
Yu Changfeng feels a sense of suffocation. Now the cold gives him a feeling that the abyss is unfathomable.
On the other hand, those fierce beasts with high wisdom felt something was wrong, even though they didn’t feel the alternative mysterious seal and witch curse and didn’t know about Junlong and witch clan.
Say goodbye?
If you don’t say anything else, where are these strange things? What is that silver optical character? What’s the cadence spell? What is that bone knife with obscure and cold breath? What is that blood fog that lingers around Chen Han? Do you really think they are stupid?
Chapter 541 Blood column borne
More than a dozen fierce beasts in Luo Tianxian’s later period resolutely issued an attack order, except for Yu Yunfeng, who was captured alive, everyone else had to die!
At the moment when millions of wild beasts gathered energy and prepared to attack, a small area of blood around Chen Han suddenly expanded a hundred times. Even in this blood sea, although he was not the enemy, his immortal knowledge and six senses blocked the root method to lock the target.
The sea of blood is overwhelming, but this time he controlled the formation of a small area but has been extending to the bloody Tianzhu.
The purple blood fog column rises into the sky with a diameter of less than 1000 meters, but it extends all the way to 10000 meters.
Bone knives were pointed on the foreheads of six people as early as possible, as if giving them miraculous ability to see an enemy clearly in this sea of blood.
What happened?
I found that the senses in that area were lost and I was about to attack. The fierce beasts were dumbfounded and didn’t even know the exact position of the enemy. For example, attack?
"Don’t follow the fierce hand and bypass them and fly to me to attract attention!"
Tens of millions of fierce beasts have been ordered to flood into the blood column. In this blood column, apart from isolation, they have similar magical powers, and their huge bodies are completely lost
Can’t see the companion figure, can’t see the enemy’s tracks, and the marginal purple is where the eyesight is.
"Take care!"
"Look out!"
The simplest words of the six people are full of gratitude and sincere eyes. The blood keeps pouring out of the wrist veins. It’s cold and gloomy. Fengli patted him on the shoulder. "If it’s as little as ten days, it’s half a month. If I have a sign, Luo Jinxian will try his best to save you!"
The last word fell on his body and flashed abruptly to avoid rushing into the blood column, and the wild beast flew past the blood column.
A large number of wild and fierce beasts pounced on the surface of the blood column from a height of 10,000 meters, but the diameter was less than 1,000 meters, but mustard sumeru expanded ten times more than that. However, after all, it is limited compared with the huge body of the fierce beasts, and it takes hundreds of fierce beasts to tie up to block the whole blood column.
Even if you want to take a detour, there is no gap. Yu Qifeng and others look big. At this time, the cold figure shows over them and rushes ahead.
"I am on the road ahead, so you should follow carefully and avoid it!"
The blade of Tianlong is shining brilliantly, and he appears in front of a fierce beast with amazing power in Luo Tianxian’s early days.
Three-style volley will nullify the fierce beast on the spot, tear the celestial sword, and split a fierce beast of pick Jin Xian into pieces again.
Knowing nothing about the blood column, the fierce beasts recognized that the targets were all in the blood column, so a large number of fierce beasts rushed from the surface.
"I can’t do this. There are always fierce beasts blocking them. It’s impossible to send them!"
Chen Han’s heart is very anxious. The duration of this witch spell is limited, otherwise it can be killed all the time. Once the witch spell maintains its effect, the blood column will disappear, and everyone’s traces will be completely exposed. We must find a way to lead the fierce beast to others to fight for it.