Pan Hui thought of a person in a flash.

There’s a man who’s a stranger like jade, and he’s left several chivalrous names in the Jianghu, but he’s also left countless romantic debts. This man comes and goes like the wind, and no one can trace him, but when you need him, he will definitely be there for you, so you can solve problems.
Pan Huishen took a deep breath and bowed his hand, saying, "Pan Hui, the elder brother of Chang Xuan, thanked patriarch Chu for saving his life."
The man’s face is still smiling. It doesn’t seem that he was surprised by Pan Hui’s guess of his identity. Perhaps he felt that his identity should be recognized at a glance. So he was quiet until the snowstorm stopped, and the light and shadow barrier was put away in the snow. Instantly, people have appeared several feet away.
Pan Hui was lucky enough to be ready, so she was not buried by the snow, but when she stabilized her figure, the man had completely disappeared, leaving no footprints in the thick snow and ice.
Such a superb posture made Pan Hui more and more sure that this person she met was Chu Liuxiang, the master of Chu Xing meteorite and the patriarch of Aurora Sect today.
At this moment, the person has disappeared. Pan Hui identified a direction and ran away toward the ice flow.
On the one hand, she came to the Arctic ice sheet to see the injury of Paeonia lactiflora, and on the other hand, she wanted to find out whether there were any drugs that could be hidden in the ice stream. After all, the ice stream is the largest city in the cultivation world, and all passers-by like to trade here. Maybe she can find this kind of drugs.
If she finds this kind of drug, she can prove from the side that it is absolutely possible that the drug has hidden her self-cultivation. If she is lucky, she will find other clues or directly find the person who developed this kind of drug, and things will be easier.
Of course, all this is just her hope that whether it can be realized can also depend on her luck.
Chapter 361 Ice flow (1)
After the snowstorm, the Arctic ice sheet looks like a rare heavy snow. Pan Hui can come and go freely in the fluffy snow with the method of cultivating immortals, but it is still quite difficult to leave footprints.
She flew in the snow for a long time before she returned to her former place. Now this place is full of potholes. There is an abnormal image of a mess man crawling out of the snow, including a punishment beside her.
Pan Hui didn’t tell the punishment when she noticed the strange snowstorm, so she naturally didn’t wake up when she flew back. This guy used his own Vulcan method to melt the ice and snow instantly, but he didn’t expect that people were not as good as the punishment, and he was buried in the ice and snow with a kind of cultivation.
At the moment, when I saw Pan Hui’s illness, I was relieved to remove all the snow stains and walked beside Pan Hui.
Pan Hui is hard to see this guy in such a mess, and his mood is getting better. Some corners of his mouth are inadvertently slightly raised, and even the corners of his eyes are smiling.
After all, she still doesn’t like watching a person always pretend to be a serious person in front of her. It’s not that she hasn’t seen his tyrannical and biting disguise. It really makes her feel uncomfortable. Now it’s finally time not to see this man’s mask. Pan Hui also relaxed her guard a little.
In a good mood, Pan Hui naturally took the initiative to say "Are you okay?"
Xu had been stunned by Pan Hui’s tenderness. The punishment was really like being stunned for a moment before the mask came back to my face and smiled appropriately "nothing" unconsciously.
Pan Hui’s smile disappeared in an instant, and it was a light glance at the punishment, just like a watch moving in the direction of ice flow
It’s important for everyone to communicate with each other. If a person wears a mask all day and keeps his mouth shut when others meet, it means that he wants to be a close friend of others. Such a person either treats others as stupid or thinks too highly of himself, but it’s a pity that Pan Hui is not stupid and never likes those who meet at high altitude. This is also the first reason why she has always accepted punishment as close as it is.
It didn’t take long for a city made of ice and snow to appear in front of Pan Hui’s eyes. Most of them came and went in and out of the igloo in uneven level, and some of them were mammals, some of whom had been able to become human, but they still kept some physical features of themselves.
Aoqing is alone in the tallest building in the city, looking at the bustling crowd, magnifying the gods and covering the whole ice sheet.
Pan Hui saw Aoqing’s solitary figure at a glance and immediately jumped and landed beside Aoqing. Looking in her direction, she earned the whole ice flow.
"how about it? My ice flow looks good! " Aoqing smiled at Pan Hui while examining all the movements around her. "Look, there’s Snow Tree Village, where the white bear’s father dug up from the ice-level seawater. The Kethleen has been shaped for at least 5,000 years, and it contains the fairy aura that has been absorbed in the past 5,000 years. This Kethleen can definitely become a fairy weapon directly."
Pan Hui looked in the direction of Aoqing’s finger, and sure enough, she saw a one-foot-square pale yellow jade with a glittering and translucent surface. The most important thing is that there is a fist-sized ice-white jadeite in this jade, which emits soft light in a wave, which makes people feel calm at first sight.
"That is?" Pan Hui pointed to the ice white jadeite in Kethleen’s speech with uncertainty.
AoQingYang up the smile is very proud "that’s jade heart! Otherwise, you and I said that this weapon made in Kethleen is definitely a fairy. It has been condensed into jade heart jade. It is definitely a fairy. Do you want it? I can give it to you if you want! "
Pan Hui’s heart never thought that Aoqing would be so generous. Such a rare treasure said that she would send it without blinking an eye. But she still replied, "My weapon is a lamp. This piece of Kethleen is also a waste of time. You’d better sell it to someone in need."
AoQing a face of regret to see Pan Huidao "really don’t? This is very expensive! You can sell it if I give it to you! Look, there are so many good things here, and many people who cultivate immortals come to my place to trade every year. What if you see something good and don’t have enough money? "
Pan Hui’s moments turned out to be a bit right. She can sigh for the rich … When others send money, she directly sends the price treasure!
Aoqing watched Pan Hui look around and saw each other as if they really didn’t need it, so they smacked their mouths without regret. "Since you don’t want to forget it, just tell me if you look at something, it’s not anything valuable anyway."
Pan Hui stumbled and almost fell from the roof.
This dazzling array of treasures has become a worthless thing in Aoqing’s mouth … Pan Hui suddenly felt that she had spent so much silver in Liangcheng that it was really unnecessary to return the silver. I’m afraid it was just some stones in Aoqing’s eyes.
Just after chatting for a while, Pan Hui suddenly found herself missing the punishment, which was like the fact that there was no breath of that person in the ever-flowing crowd.
AoQing see panhui look alike service road "nothing I looked at him! The Arctic ice sheet can slap the earth and lose a person! "
Pan Huimo felt that it was better to go for a stroll. She found that Aoqing’s local tyrant’s characteristics were instantly revealed since she came to the Arctic ice sheet. The root of the doubt was that her wealth hit others all the time, and it was not intentionally revealed naturally.
She glanced at it for a while and saw the figure of Chuxing meteorite and golden couple-Chi Zuo and Peony beside Chuxing meteorite.
Pan Hui word then jumped from the roof and ChuXing meteorite dozen hello.
See Pan Hui ChuXing meteorite look slightly dignified to come over and directly lost a pair of children Pan Hui look after her is a greeting and then go to AoQing.
Pan Hui looked ChuXing meteorite AoQing figure on the roof and bowed their heads and eyes to ask about the old and peony.
Ikebuo shook his head blankly. Obviously, what is Bai Chuxing’s meteorite? Paeonia lactiflora said, "I found the same magic gas at the altar once near Aurora Sect, but Chu Xing meteorite sent someone to look for it for a long time, but I couldn’t find the source of the magic gas or the magic shadow."
The magic gas appears again? !
Chapter 362 Ice flow (2)
Pan Hui look dignified transient even MuYan jumped out at this time.
From the time I came to the Arctic ice sheet, Mu Cong knew that she was not Aoqing’s opponent and didn’t want to face Aoqing. She had been staying in Pan Hui’s life palace to recuperate. Suddenly, when she heard the word altar, she jumped out and decided to avenge herself.
You know, it was the first time that it was injured after it regained its sanity, and it was a great shame that it was so badly injured. Although it has not remembered its origin, memory tells it that it used to be a very powerful role. How can it be seriously injured by a monster that is not even a monty?
Pan Hui was in no mood to respond to Mu Cong’s thoughts at this time and asked, "When was it?"
Peony replied, "Half an hour ago, I found the magic gas to tell Chu Xing about the meteorite, but before everyone came to explore the ice, they shook up, and then … there was no clue."
Pan Hui nodded white peony meaning.
The snowstorm during the ice flow was really amazing. At about that time, everyone was avoiding the snowstorm, so some clues were missed or omitted. When the snowstorm stopped, everything was buried in ice and snow, and it was extremely difficult to find it again.
Half an hour before the ice flow …
Pan Hui holds her chest in her right hand and holds Ba in her left hand. No matter how she thinks about it, it’s a coincidence.
The ice flow has always been fixed, so that person or the magic root went to look for the Aurora Sect array method when it was accurate, and it was also accurate that a snowstorm would definitely bury his breath. Finally, whether he found anything or not, Aurora Sect could never find his trace.
Pan Hui wanted to doubt the truth of the punishment for a moment, but she knew very well that in that half hour, the punishment was always with her and she went to explore the Aurora Sect. It was absolutely another person’s punishment. This was too obvious, but the alibi made her feel that the man’s whole thing was just intuition.
After thinking for a long time, she finally decided to go to the scene to have a look. Besides, there was a peony who was sensing the breath before, and now there is another one who has experienced the altar incident. I don’t know if I can give more clues.
As a result, Yi Deng, the three people, left the city in this way and went to the scene of the incident
Aoqing and Chuxing meteorite, the roof of the high-rise building, looked at each other and found that they had the same grumpiness in each other’s eyes.
Chu Xing meteorite has told Aoqing when the magic gas was found in the periphery of Aurora Sect, and Aoqing searched the vicinity again at the first time, and the same result was obtained, which made Bing Guo, who has absolute control over this ice sheet, very angry.
You know, this ice field has been in her charge since the day she broke the shell, and things have never been out of her control. Now how can Aoqing not be grumpy when this happens again and again?
Aoqing resisted the urge to take shape and jumped on the roof, but she didn’t forget to ask her girlfriend, "How did you come here in person?"
Chu Xing meteorite always stays in Aurora Sect to guard the clan gate during the ice flow. After all, Aurora Sect will be slightly exposed due to the movement of the ice layer under the influence of Aurora during the ice flow, so Aurora Sect will be extra careful and determined not to let outsiders discover the specific location of Aurora Sect at this time.
Chu Xingyu grumpily replied, "The dead old man is back!"
"aye? Your master is back? !” Aoqing entranced and paused, looking at his best friend in shock as if he had heard something more frightening than magic gas and shadow.
Chuxing meteorite stiff neck nodded obviously in a very unhappy mood.
The man who is her master has never come back since he left Aurora Sect ten years ago. If the Jianghu didn’t repay his romantic debts from time to time, she would want the dead old man to have died outside!