After listening to everyone, the generals, Dr. Cheng Ross, laughed and said seriously, "Zong Chen’s bastard also saved us the oil lamp and stole several nuclear bombs from the United States. He will definitely make a scene this time, but it will take five or six days for my experiment to become five or six days. If we don’t take measures, our country will have to turn him upside down."

"President, this several days, how can it be half good? _ii times of tragedy, Wilton knew that Zongming was an ordinary person, and it was a powerful knowledge. _ With these ordinary soldiers, they couldn’t deal with Zongdao, and Wilton didn’t worry.
There is nothing to say that I have been busy recently, and I can’t guarantee that it will be easier every day until the beginning of March, when 5 thousand words a day will be indispensable _
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Part II Volume I Chapter 30 Bank robbery
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I don’t think Zong Ming is really tough. I don’t pay attention to him yet. I naturally have a clever plan to move my body to lie on the sofa more comfortably. Dr. Wei smiled and saw him flash a sinister and vicious flash. I want to know that he ii brought a few people here.
Hearing Dr. Ross’s confident words, Wilton and all the generals’ worries relaxed. Dawton replied with a smile,’ Go back to the president, he is so good that he regards himself as a god, and he comes alone.
"Are you? A man can really be himself:: It’s amazing that he can kill me by sending an orc that I have recently developed, but that’s at the expense of many orcs. Dr. Ross took a look at it and laughed bloodthirsty. "This time I’m going to take care of him myself. I’m going to play with him slowly like an ant, and then I’m going to beg me in front of the world …"
Let’s laugh impudently. "Ross said to Dawington with a smile," You don’t’ fuck’ me about this, but you are just going to step up the collection of Japanese information for me, especially China’s military arrangement in China. We have agreed with Britain that we will surprise China at the end of the year, that is, China New Year’s Day. With the scientific and technological achievements of the Magician and the powerful British navy, we will give China New Year a huge New Year gift in one fell swoop. "Then Dr. Ross laughed impudently.
In summer, the sun gets up very early and is very diligent. Although it is still not early now, Grandfather Sun has got up to work long ago. At this moment, he is making a noise with vicious light. It seems a bit sultry to buy laborers in Grandfather Sun in new york, USA, but this can’t stop those who love money from going to the thin paper to fight hard, but it can’t stop those who love beautiful women from shopping in the street to dress themselves more beautifully.
New york, on the other hand, has a lot of red lights in the morning and afternoon classes, and it is particularly long. Belesas is sitting in his second wife (his baby car) anxiously waiting for the green light, which is the tenth red light he has encountered today.
"Damn this damn red light, I’m unlucky today. I always get to the red light at this moment when I’m stuck in a traffic jam. God, I beg you,’ write, don’t joke! Today is my first day of work as the general manager of Bank of America. Don’t let me be late. Belesas looked at the clock on his watch and was so anxious that his head was sweating. He kept secretly begging God that he wouldn’t be hard on him.
Ten, nine, seven … Impatiently _ The number of red light seconds is getting less and less. Belesas feels that every second seems to be a bit difficult at this moment … _ I put out the green light, and Belesas quickly stepped on the accelerator and hurried to cross the red light line. Maybe God heard his sincere begging _ Bu God was especially lazy as soon as possible. He wanted to leave him to talk to himself more and let him get to the red light at the second intersection.
"Depend! I "fuck" your mother. God, you even eat too much food and don’t digest it. It’s hard for me. Mr. Belesas slammed his angry fist at the steering wheel and looked at the red light opposite. He couldn’t wait to step on the gas pedal and rushed away, but he was still worried about his own life and didn’t make a stupid impulse.
It’s easy to get through the red light. When Belesas scolded God, he rushed through the red light line anxiously, but he didn’t see the red light again. This god also scolded him.
"Mr. Lai has something to do. I want to trouble you. I just parked the car and looked at my hand. I Rolex gold watch indicates 7: 50. He hurriedly put a briefcase on the door like a burning ass. However, he was stopped by a man head-on when he was running.
"I’m sorry Will you come to my office when you have something to do? " Wrong novel network don’t jump word in a hurry took a glance at the man in front of him and didn’t see what it was like to intercept his male face. Mr. Belesas leaned forward to avoid the man and continued on his way.
But he didn’t avoid the other side to stop him from moving. Why _ii bumped into the other side and bumped into the other side. Belesas was like hitting a hard wall and was bounced down by a powerful force.
_ I "fuck" you "milk", "milk" and "force" your mother … "Belesas got up from the ground in a mess and opened his mouth to denounce, but then he saw a dark gun pointed at his head and scared him to shut up.
Handsome man
"_ _ Sir, don’t be so nervous. I don’t want to do it. I want to invite you to take a trip to your bank’s vault. _" The handsome man smiled slightly. _ It’s easy to chat with old friends.
"You … who are you? You … you want to … want to rob a bank!"
"Mr Lai don’t say so ugly! What bank robbery is so ugly? I want to borrow money from the vault of your bank.
Qian Xin Qian Bu _ Spinning the gun in his hand on the index finger easily and flexibly is like jugglers playing with the wheel I, and then accurately aiming at Belesas’ forehead and easily laughing, "Me! My name is Zong Ming.
"ZongMing! ! You ….. You are China, the arrogant killer Zong Ming! You ….. You don’t kill me, Mr Lai sass, a listen to each other said his name is’ frighten legs tremble back a shiver!
"hey! Didn’t you think I was so famous, arrogant and murderous, arrogant and arrogant? Yeah, like a killer? Oh, really? Let me see. I kill people. Yeah! There seems to be no millions or hundreds of thousands! It seems that I can’t deny that I am a murderer. Hehe, it’s quite imposing to hear people call me such a name for the first time! " Zong Ming ha ha smiled and shook his gun. _ I can’t believe you know I’m an arrogant murderer, so I won’t be bothersome with you. Take me to your vault quickly. I’m short of money recently, so I’ll trouble you for support.
"I … I don’t have the key to the vault!"
"Don’t be tricky with me. I, the general manager of Bank of America, don’t have a library key. Do you treat me like a three-year-old child? Besides, you don’t have a key, but it seems unjust and difficult for you to go into the vault. Zong Ming’s eyes immediately turned cold and stared at Belesas, pointing a gun at his forehead, wiping his scalp, dragging it slowly until he reached Taba and then poking him hard.
Mr Lai sass intuition was cold forehead beam to feel the muzzle slid over the skin that cold dead can’t help up _ Shuang Yi soft sit down and shake the wordy way "don’t … don’t … I really don’t have a key … I’ll take you to you don’t … don’t kill me.
"Lovely that’s right! I’ll be honest if I threaten your life! " A gun in Mr Lai sass face patted ZongMing drink a way "get up! Don’t lead the way like a pussy _ "
Trembling with his legs, Mr. Lai’ Difficult to come to Zongming and put the gun on his back against Mr. Lai Sass and walked to the front with a stumble.
It took a hard time to push Belesa into the ladder and look at Belesa’s pale face and legs in the ladder. Zong Ming realized that it would be strange if he didn’t "expose" when he got out of the ladder. He was not afraid that he would make a big deal of things this time _ to be noted by Dr. Ross.
It’s early, everyone is reporting at work, and no one has come in until the last floor of the floor.
According to the door of the ladder, Zongming walked out of the ladder with a gun pointed at his head in one hand and Mr. Belesa in the other.
Because so many people are in their own jobs, Zongming has been betting on Mr. Belesar all the way to the door of the vault and never met anyone.
Walking to the door of the vault and guarding the vault, two soldiers saw Belesas being pointed at his head with a gun. They quickly picked up the gun hanging on their shoulders and pointed it at Zongming. "What?"
"Depend! You idiot! Is there anything else to ask? Robbery, of course.
"ZongMing pointed a gun to Mr Lai sass head play abuse with a smile.
The two soldiers were stunned by Zong Ming’s words, but the horse scolded, "Let our manager go quickly or you will die miserably."
Shrugging his shoulders and laughing, "You two are really idiots. Could I let him go? If I let him go, I’ll die miserably. It’s weird if you don’t shoot me in the head.
"Let the hostages surrender and don’t kill the soldiers. Ignore Zong Mingbu and continue to be an idiot.
The two soldiers are still not ready. Zong Ming quickly fired two shots, which is so fast that even people can’t blink. Two blood holes appear on the forehead of the two soldiers and they fall to the ground.
"Go and search out the keys from them. Zong Ming grabbed Mr. Lai Sass by the collar and pushed him to the two soldiers.
Mr Lai sass was pushed around the two soldiers to see bright red blood "liquid" bubbling from the foreheads of the two soldiers. Mr Lai sass sweated like tourist trap, and searched for a while but found nothing.
"No … no …" _ Sass bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at Zongming. His voice was as low as humming.
Kicked Mr Lai sass, but his foot is not just a little bit of strength according to the strength of ordinary people.
Although it is a little bit of strength, Belesa should hit his head against the hard reinforced wall with his foot "Peng!" As soon as the ground burst, the gray brains sprayed on his head turned into a mass of erosive pulp.
"It turns out that this door is from the inside, and you don’t have the guts. Your generation is still _ _ refers to the mouse. _’ In fact, Zong Ming detected the gods in front of him from the gun. This solid metal door is two feet thick, and this VIP wants Belesas to search for the key. When he wants to play with him, he detects that the people inside have already found out the situation and made a phone call. He is walking towards the door, and he is interested in playing again.
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The second volume The second volume Chapter 31 Rob his mother
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Hello, I’m really sorry that I’ve been working late at work recently. I’m too tired to lie in bed after taking a shower every day. I haven’t even had my brain for days. Now I can squeeze in some time from my busy schedule to write. I hope you can understand, but I have told you.
Bodyguards in the vault of Bank of America _ Video saw _ The horses outside Kinmen all picked up the police and came to guard behind the security door.
Zong Ming looked at the thick security door and frowned at the bodyguard behind the door. He smiled slightly. "Brothers behind the door, I’m in financial stress recently. Please hit the door. I’m here to rob you. Don’t be nervous. I’m a good man. I won’t" disorderly "kill people. I promise I won’t take more money and I won’t make it difficult for you.
The bodyguard behind the door listened to Zong Ming’s arrogant words, and three black lines came out from his forehead. They had never seen such a noisy robber, and it was the first time that they knocked down such a robber, and everyone was almost stunned by Zong Ming on the spot
"Where did the nerve dare to come to our crazy robbery? Did you live impatiently? The words of the bodyguard behind the door were clear to Zongming’s ear through the sound device.
"I live a good life, but I don’t live impatient. See if I don’t agree with Zongming, and laugh at the back of my head like an urchin. Brothers, please be good! I’m definitely a man of my word. I really want to make some money. I won’t take too much and I won’t kill you.
After listening to the bodyguard behind the door, it is estimated that Zongming can’t play this door when he sees that Zongming is not at the door, and the other party seems willing to give up easily. They will drag Zongming to wait for knocking _ conscription to eliminate arrogance outside.
_ 30 moved by the bodyguard’s words behind the door, shaking his head at the door.’ The bodyguard lamented, "Alas! What are you doing? As the saying goes, heaven gives birth to virtue and that Buddha has a cloud. I don’t want to kill people! I really don’t want to kill you. I really don’t want to commit more crimes. Please have pity on me and don’t let my hands get bloody again. " Wrong novel network does not skip words.