No one has ever noticed that Liu Yuhang’s head will go to the bottom. At this time, the corners of his mouth are pulled out with a smile.

His purpose has never been to reduce or avoid punishment. He realized that some things can be avoided, and he made preparations early in the morning. He is not a stupid person to annoy Liu Zuwang on such an occasion today. It seems reckless and he has calculated in his heart. He can’t avoid punishment, but the so-called punishment is to a certain extent. Even if Liu Yufan is dead, but there is no evidence that they did it, and they really didn’t do it, then there should be a limit to this punishment. Even if he can’t avoid it, it is precisely because of this that his father Liu Zuhong has made him feel less. The punishment will definitely protect him secretly or in person, so that things may be dragged around until people forget it later, and then slowly fade away … In fact, many things are handled in this way.
But Liu Yuhang is not willing to do this. He is not afraid of punishment. What he expects is that there will be a conclusion in the shortest time, and then everything will be right or wrong, good or bad, and then it will be convenient for them to do other things. No matter how serious the punishment is, he can accept the situation. His father Liu Zuhong’s punishment can’t be life-threatening, and after this thing is over, he will have plenty of time to digest Liu Yufan’s things. What does it matter if he can completely digest his own strength?
Anyway, everything depends on strength, and the last thing he can accept is that things can’t see the end.
Outsiders can’t understand what he wants to annoy Liu Zuwang. Not far away, Li Xian picked his eyebrows slightly doubtfully, and some of them understood Liu Yuhang’s meaning.
He is not particularly close to the Liu brothers. Everyone is similar, and Liu Yuhang doesn’t give him the feeling that he has the courage to kill people. Therefore, Liu Yufan’s death is an "accident" statement, but a familiar shadow occasionally appears in his heart, which makes his heart jump suddenly. This is a kind of unreasonable feeling, and it is hard to tell, but I always feel that something is wrong.
Of course, this is also because he didn’t associate things in depth, even if he just saw that the man was Xu Xuan, but what about it? Liu Yufan went to Huizhou Prefecture to have contacts with the other party. At this time, he was physically dead. It should be that he came to see it, and there would be no other.
"The result of discussion at home is …" Liu Zuwang said and handed the paper in his hand overnight to one side. "Come back and read it."
Then the first place has been sitting in silence. Mrs. Liu suddenly coughed gently.
"In that case, let the old man say a few words." As the old man remembered with a somewhat hoarse voice, it soon became quiet around him. "Today, in front of so many people, exposing me to the Liu family is complicated, but doing something wrong is doing something wrong. No matter what reason you have for your brother …"
"If you are wrong, admit that you are a coward. You are not bad. You dare to say that you are wrong … no matter what your purpose is." The old man’s forehead wrinkles are deep, but it is indeed some kind of glory to stay on his face. He said that his voice is calm and slow, although it is not loud, but he can’t hear the weakness. Here, he took a deep look at Liu Yuhang. "But I thought there were some things that you had planted before."
The old man said something with an expression on his face, and the scene suddenly became quiet. Liu Yuhang looked up disconsolately at what the old man wanted to say not far away, but in the end he also said, "How, how?"
The face of the crowd was a little surprised, but Liu Zuhong and Liu Zuyao also quietly exchanged a look at Liu Yuwang, first leng leng, and then they frowned, but eventually they slowly loosened up.
I didn’t expect the old man who had been silent before to say such a sentence at this time.
In view of Liu Yufan, Liu Yuhang actually made some temptation, mainly to know where the bottom line of the old man is at home or in front of him, but the temptation again and again has no result. It seems that everything is acceptable for the old man here. Later, Liu Yuhang was a little uneasy when several people joined hands to send people to prison, but then it was still calm and the courage was completely big.
At this time, the old man said, "Faner did a lot of things, and the old man knew that several people accused him of trafficking in human beings. After that, the old man also sent someone to check something, and many clues were erased. Even if the old man came to check, nothing happened, but those old men knew it, so they knew that their statement was wrong."
The sound stopped for a moment before it sounded. "I said that these are pointing out a fact, but there is no other meaning. I hope you can continue."
He seems to have said something very irresponsibly, even without a definite attitude, and he has become the same again.
"Who are you? Can you come here at will? "
A jailer pointed at Xu Xuan’s mouth and said that Xu Xuan didn’t dispute anything over there. He took out a token and threw it over there. The jailer consciously took over and looked at it and asked doubtfully, "What is this?"
Xu Xuanwen’s expression is a little startled. He took this thing out enough to scare the other party, but sometimes it is also necessary to divide the situation.
"Can’t read?" After thinking about it, Xu Xuanchong asked tentatively, and when the jailer’s face showed some anger, he said, "Please find a literate security guard."
The jailer over there was about to speak when he heard the word "Royal Guards" in Xu Xuan’s mouth, and he could not help shrinking his neck and moving towards it.
"Where are people? Where are people? "
Not long after Su Shi, there was a burst of drinking and scolding. Previously, the jailer was dragged out by the jailer who looked like a jailer. When he saw Xu Xuan, he squeezed out a flattering expression in his face.
The gaotou over there kicked the jailer’s ass, and then he smiled and handed Xu Xuan the bow. "Your hands are so rude …" He said, and looked at Xu Xuan carefully before nodding. "Who is this?"
"Oh, Xu Xuan Xu Hanwen" Xu Xuanchong bowed his hand and said directly, "I’m here to take people. Surely you have received the notice?"
Call Luo Hao Laotou smell speech frowned slightly. Originally, Liu Yufan was not at ease. It was not a rich man who was arrested at this time. Of course, it was only later that he realized that things might not be simple. He should be a loser in the struggle.
Luo Hao is not isolated from the outside world. He has heard some things, but for him, these things are trivial. It was not until the next day that he found himself really involved in a major event. This Liu Yufan is not simple! He was told that a Royal Guards came in person, and then his boss came to ask about it-those people should have been fixed before someone greeted him, saying that Liu Yufan could be released, but he just received the news and didn’t want someone to come so soon.
He is one of the few people who knows about the news of Liu Yufan’s physical death outside-he knows that this is Liu Yufan’s revenge on the previous incident. Although he still can’t see the significance of doing so from his perspective, Luo Hao has a keen sense of smell for some things, which is good for Liu Yufan. It is enough to know this.
He who knows the time is a hero, and this is the same as knowing Luo Hao to the extreme. Although he previously took the benefits of Liu Yuhang, at this time, he said that he had betrayed those benefits. Well, anyway, the other party gave it to himself and didn’t have to.
He did something with it, and he vaguely knew that there was Xu Xuan, but today was the first time he met someone.
"Liu Gong ate two bowls of rice today … and sent someone to buy him meat. The prison conditions are poor … and Liu Gong has suffered a lot in this step …"
While leading the way, Laotou talked in a rambling way. Xu Xuanbai stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Well done, I remember."
At this time, I have officially entered the cell, and the stench is dim, and the lights are extremely sultry because of insufficient circulation. The laotou pays attention to Xu Xuan’s expression and sees that he is frowning slightly. He casually looks calm as if this extremely harsh environment is no different from his usual access to high-end occasions. A prisoner over there rushed to the cell from the darkness and shouted at him, trying to be scary, but Xu Xuan was partial, looked at it with interest and nodded with a smile.
The gaotou gave Xu Xuan a higher evaluation in these eyes. This man looks young, but his gestures are quite dignified. It must be very difficult for prisoners to chat tightly in their cells at this time. It is often the case when they meet visitors. He waved his whip to fight, but was later persuaded by Xu Xuan.
"Come on, don’t fight …"
When Luo Hao Xu Xuan was kind in his heart, he didn’t expect that he suddenly turned to Luo Hao and said, "If you still have the strength to call, you will be hungry again. Oh, it’s just an expression. Of course, it’s your call."
"No, no …" Luo Hao, who called himself an adult, said with some trepidation, but his heart was very enjoyable. Then he smiled and glared at the prisoner on the side. "Just do as the public said." The prisoner over there has also heard Xu Xuan’s words. At this time, he knows that he has been drinking and cursing his fate.
But Xu Xuan turned a deaf ear and went over to see Liu Yufan in the last cell. At this time, Liu Yufan was taking a look at it. Although it was daytime, the cell was not quite as dark as other places at this time. It felt like it was probably the laotou Luo Hao who realized that there was something wrong with what he had done before. In the past few days, he took good care of Liu Yufan, not only specially arranged to clean his cell to improve his food, but also found a few.
"It seems that you have a good life. You have gained a lot of weight these days … If I had known it, I wouldn’t have worked so hard to plan those things." Xu Xuan took a look at the Laotou while talking outside the cell. Laotou knew that the two of them had something to say and retreated knowingly.
"So you’re going out?" Liu Yufan threw such a question. It seems to him that Xu Xuan is arrogant to come to him at this time. If it is not because he is not afraid of these things being exposed, there is no need to take such risks.
"No ….." Xu Xuan frowned and looked nai. "Things have changed. The original arrangement can’t be … I’m afraid I won’t see you again." Then I looked at Liu Yufan and shrugged. "Okay, cheat you."
"Today, there are many people in your family’s criticism meeting. I thought it was a good opportunity. Anyway, it won’t take long to install it. Your family always wants your body, and at this time everyone is dead. If you appear, it will be regarded as a fake corpse … it should be very interesting."
Chapter 494 Lift the card (7)
Liu Yufan was already familiar with Xu Xuan’s style, so he was not scared by his previous words. At this time, he shook his head and "Get me out …" He hesitated slightly. "What’s the situation at home?"
"I guess it’s a criticism meeting … who knows …" Xu Xuan came here in a hurry and didn’t see some scenes. Of course, he couldn’t tell the specific situation at this time, but it was a good time for him to get Liu Yufan out. Then he remembered his things. "Do you have a sister?"
Liu Yufan gave Xu Xuan a strange look at the smell speech. "To tell the truth, there are several sisters."
"What’s Liu’s name …" Xu Xuan wanted to think about the previous female self-introduction, but he didn’t take it to heart. At this time, he couldn’t remember it at the moment, so he rushed Liu Yufan to form a slightly different appearance.
"Liu Shi?" Liu Yufan nodded. "It should be her."