Almost at the same time, an unpredictable undercurrent suddenly appeared at the feet of the water demon.
This undercurrent erodes the body of the water demon and is quickly assimilated and absorbed. It seems that it will be turned into a part of the other party in a moment.
This sudden scene not only caught Bai Moxuan off guard, but even the water demon didn’t expect that he would lose so fast.
Well, even if a large part of her body is assimilated, the water demon still keeps her usual calm backhand and gathers the hydration ice cone to cut off her head.
Fly high, completely melt the liquid in the middle of the head, and then turn into a "small water dragon" to rise.
"Are you finished like this?"
Seeing that the water demon is about to get out of danger, the salt yang sound rings again when this key is pressed.
"Don’t forget that you will and I will …"
"And I will, but you may not."
Frightened, she turned around and went to Teng. "Little Hose" just wanted to scream when she was caught by the palm of her hand.
Then the water demon saw a figure similar to mist, which slowly appeared in the middle by vaporizing water and freezing water.
It is obvious that Yanyang is the ancestor who really plays with water.
Whether water vaporizes or sublimates the gas form or the salt cation of ice crystal form after water solidifies and condenses can be easily transformed and changed.
"You will, she may not, but she may not have you."
As soon as Yanyang intends to completely absorb and assimilate the water demon, a cold sound will sound in her ear.
"Who? !”
The pupil suddenly constricted and realized that it was not good. It was too late for the salt sun to want water to escape.
As soon as it surpassed the salt-yang reaction, the blue streamer quickly cut through the night and penetrated her body, which was comparable to the ice crystal of ten thousand years.
Click …
With a crisp ice crystal burst, that blue streamer is officially showing its original appearance.
That impressively is a blue alien sword.
The appearance is like a blue snake swallowing cold mountain, giving people a beautiful and enchanting feeling.
Worst of all, the wound began to spread and spread outward as the cyan sword ran through Yanyang’s body with a little dark green trace.
With salt yang changing one’s body shape, the ever-expanding dark green trace is always like gangrene, but it is getting worse and worse.
When a salt yang can’t breathe, he feels that the body essence is transformed into an unknown toxin a little bit, and then slowly eats away and devours his own source.
[This kind of poison … even has it on water? 】
In my mind, this thought flashed by and I dare not delay. Salt Yang directly dispersed my body, just like when she appeared, she suddenly disappeared again.
Knowing the whole story, Pei Wende quickly entered the state.
From the physical conditions of Ping Ming and Bi Xing, I asked about the details of each prophecy …
Pei Wende was surprised to find that Pingyang Eye has stronger abilities than he imagined.
Generally speaking, practitioners who are good at astrology and physiognomy can easily fall into the state of "destiny is hard to violate", but it is not a big deal to tamper with some details a little.
Because the so-called destiny is composed of a lot of causes and effects and events, the inevitable result is that quantitative changes accumulate into qualitative changes.
If it is slightly modified, it is difficult to affect the development and guiding results of the whole megatrend.
In a technical term, this is the so-called "the general trend remains unchanged and small things can be changed"
However, the "future" that Ping Ming sees is different. It is more like a doomed result, a fate that "everything you see will lead to this result".
In Pei Wende’s cognition, this should not be the case in the real world except those involved in time-crossing "paradox" in previous science fiction.
"This situation is very abnormal, at least it is beyond my cognition."
Gently shook his head, Pei Wende did not deny that there were many unknowns in this world, but it was not the result of this "unknown".
"Your situation is more like someone deliberately arranged for you to know the’ future’."
Looking at a blank face beside her, Ping Ming also had two faces, and Pei Wende knew that his words were in vain.
"Well, it seems that I have to give you a lesson before this."
With a wry smile, Pei Wende thought that no matter whether he could finally separate the two brothers and sisters, at the very least, he had to correct some wrong ideas of Yiping.
For example, death is not so peaceful …
For example, the future is not destined to change …
"This course is called’ Philosophy’ and it is a way of thinking for people to know and transform the world."
Chapter 22 All three thousand avenues can be proved
"Everything has a phase and everything is tangible …"
This is the foundation and origin of everything, and it is also the reason why we can communicate with each other here today.
Pei Wende in the middle of the secluded courtyard seems to have returned to the time when Weishan Hui Ji debated together.
"But if that’s all …"
"the world is a chaotic unknown, not what we can see today."
At that time, Pei Wende didn’t have anything too profound and eloquent.
Therefore, what Pei Wende can do in the face of Hui Ji’s sharp and distorted debates is to strengthen his materialistic view of past lives and recognize that all mysteries in this world are knowable.
Buddhism’s pursuit of reincarnation and Taoism’s pursuit of detachment are just practicing some known rules.
It’s extremely extreme to look at their future in the 21st century. Is it true that the ancients tried their best to pursue heaven and pure land?
We want human beings to master enough truth, science and technology, and not to pin their hopes on illusory deities and buddhas. Sooner or later, they will create a Buddha country and a pure land that truly belongs to their own people.
"Everything must be certain."
"This connection is eternal, regardless of good or bad, whether we have noticed or discovered them."
"The Shurangama Sutra says that all sentient beings have reversed their karma from the beginning, such as eleocarpus ganitrus."
"Tao Te Ching said that things are mixed and naturally lonely, lonely and independent, but it is not dangerous to change the cycle, but I don’t know the name of Tianmu."