Li Zhichang said, "Did the emperor discover that the Wangfu in Pingnan has always lived in seclusion, and even Wangfu people rarely see him?"

The emperor said, "naturally, the more I hide it, the more I say that there are ulterior motives. I am naturally wary of my uncles and cousins. This has also been the emperor’s home for thousands of years."
Li Zhichang said, "That’s true. Wang Shi in Pingnan looks exactly like the emperor. If he wears a dragon robe, he is the emperor. No one can tell such a thing. If it were for a person, he would be desperate to make a sudden change."
The emperor said, "I know that if I didn’t tell you honestly, you wouldn’t tell me about it. I don’t blame you for this, but look at you. It’s by no means a matter of paying attention to the South Wang Shi. You really have to pay attention to Ye Gucheng."
Li Zhichang heard the words "Ye Gucheng" and showed a carefree look of longing. "The Lord of Baiyun, the flying fairy from outer space, who doesn’t want to really learn Ye Gucheng’s swordsmanship once, also comes from outer space. This time, his stepping on the world of mortals is his opportunity, and it is also my opportunity, and even Ximen Chuixue’s opportunity. There are also several people who understand this kind of thing."
Chapter 41 Firm but gentle as the Milky Way
The emperor said, "Now that I know their plot, it is only difficult to determine whether people like Ye Gucheng, the duke of Baiyun, are really sure that they can go into the palace to assassinate me alone." Pingnan Wangfu’s rebellion didn’t dig solid evidence, so he was suspicious when he came to the emperor and the imperial clan. So the gap between the emperor and the imperial clan was far deeper than that between the emperor and the imperial clan.
Even if today’s holy sun is not able to inherit the great system, he will have a chance to leave the fief in his life. This is the ancestral system of Mao, so now the emperor knows that there are many difficulties in going to the imperial clan of the country, which is still difficult to overthrow.
If the emperor doesn’t have definite evidence, he still can’t make a move. Otherwise, it will definitely cause panic among the imperial families everywhere, which will lead to a recurrence of the indignation of the imperial families for more than a hundred years. It is not known that the Seven Kings Rebellion in the Han Dynasty.
Li Zhichang retorted, "If Ye Gucheng wants to assassinate the emperor, he is about 30% sure and 99% likely to pay the price of his life. However, South Wang Shi’s plan to kill the emperor in a sudden change will hinder their plan. They have to kill the irrelevant figures of the emperor in a very short time and then switch the package to achieve such a plan. However, in this way, many links involved in this plan are difficult to achieve seamless, but it is also their only choice."
The emperor looked at Li Zhichang and said, "What you said is very good, but you are not afraid that I will punish your Jiuzu one by one."
Li Zhichang smiled and said, "I’m afraid that if I don’t say what I really think today, the emperor won’t let me out tonight. The real emperor fears that I am also a king and should have talent."
I don’t know if the emperor can say, "I am skeptical about your record in the rivers and lakes. I really don’t believe that human resources can do it." I heard that you are also a Taoist priest. If you can show me the strength today, I will seal you as a Buddhist. "The emperor summoned Li Zhichang to come in today to know his mind, but to know exactly whether Li Zhichang’s strength is as high as Ye Gucheng’s. He is still full of interest in the peerless swordsman swordsmanship.
Li Zhichang smiled leisurely. "You know, we Jianghu people never talk when farting, but we never take it seriously when we hear that others want to give benefits, and you joke that the emperor can’t be original." He doesn’t claim to be original, but he has entered this world again. He is no longer a Taoist. What he does is to advocate nature and not deliberately emphasize his origin.
The emperor smiled and said, "I speak more seriously than Mount Tai, of course. In the past, Zhao Kuangyin lost chess with Chen Tuan and gave him Huashan."
Li Zhichang said, "I don’t know if the emperor is prepared to judge the strength of being original. If you let thousands of four masters, such as the body guard and the manager Wei, come here to test being original, it’s no better than being original. It’s also flesh and blood. In the face of this, tight encirclement still knows it."
At this time, four beams and columns around the hut suddenly sounded a machine-enclosed sound, and each wooden column opened a secret door, while four people came out of the four wooden columns respectively.
All four are children’s figures, and they have played against Li Zhichang in the past. The figure of a child with five poisons is almost different from that of a child with five poisons. All four of them are swords to kill people!
Similarly, these four people are exactly the same in shape, appearance, clothing and decoration.
In particular, their faces, small eyes, big noses, protruding heads and flat mouths are ridiculous.
However, Li Zhichang didn’t laugh because they had swords with a risk of one foot, seven inches, one inch long, one inch strong, one inch short and one inch short. Four short people came out with the same dagger, but this principle of’ one inch long, one inch strong, one inch short and one inch short’ was reversed. In the past, short people would be very flexible in swordsmanship, and the four quadruplets would be more sharp and vicious. The four quadruplets showed empathy, and the dagger in their hands was bright and flashing, and the chill was pressing. It was obvious that three people could form an extremely powerful sword array, and the
The boy with a sword said in a very blunt tone, "We will admit that you are the best swordsman in the world if you can hold our four brothers for ten strokes." His tone was not joking because there were no swordsmen or martial arts experts who held three strokes.
It seems that the firm but gentle is too aggressive, and Li Zhichang can hardly keep his eyes open. He closed his eyes slightly and said, "The famous fish brothers in the flying fish fort in Qixingtang, Yunmen Mountain were also collected by the emperor. It seems that the emperor’s means and charm are really serious. The fish brothers would not have come to defect." Although the fish brothers look ridiculous, the firm but gentle is aggressive, but Li Zhichang learned from the data of the brothel that these four men are upright swordsman who specialize in killing disloyalty, unfilial and unkind people. Say less that the emperor is not simply rich and prosperous to buy them.
At this time, the moon is white and the wind is clear. This place is the Jade Pavilion in the Golden Building.
Here in Li Zhichang, the fish brothers are opposite the emperor’s height, and their situation is unobstructed.
Li Zhichang looked at the fish brothers and suddenly said, "You just said that I will hold on to ten strokes, even if I win, I want to say."
Still holding a dagger, the boy came to ask questions. He is their boss and the center of the sword array formed by their four brothers. Of course, he usually talks to outsiders for another reason, that is, he and his three brothers are less talkative than him. Silence is golden silence, and men often do more when they talk less.
Brother Yu’s eldest brother still said "What’s the matter" in a blunt tone.
Li Zhichang carefree way "that is, if a recruit can’t break your sword array, I will give up".
All of a sudden, the fish brothers held the hilt tightly, so it can be seen that their hearts must be very restless after hearing this. At the same time, the four of them suddenly felt a brilliant and brilliant shock wave like a galaxy falling from nine days to the four of them.
Li Zhichang was talking to the four brothers of the Fish Family, and at the same time, the emperor asked Wei Yun around him, "Who can win on both sides?"
Wei Yun carefully considered that "the fish brothers’ flying fish seven-star sword can’t be ranked first in the Putian seven-star sword array, but it’s hard to tell who can break their sword array. Some people say that the Taoist priest of Wudang Mountain can break it, others say that it’s more murderous than the flying fish seven-star sword, and Ximen Chuixue, the owner of Wanmei Villa, can break it. Some people say that Ye Gucheng’s flying fairy needs one move to break their sword array, and these smells are not empirical. I dare not say that I can survive three moves in the face of the flying fish seven-star sword."
The emperor laughed. "So you are more optimistic about the fish brothers."
Wei Yundao "I don’t know"
The emperor said, "Wei Yun, Wei Yun, you are always so slick. I already know that they are going to lose, and you know very well that it is time for them to lose. Otherwise, they may not be able to save their lives when they really face the top experts in the future. This is not their consideration, but also my own consideration."
Wei Yun dare not answer the words. After all, there is no doubt that the four brothers’ palace protects the emperor’s strength day and night, even if it is not good enough.
Good this time Li Zhichang foaming at the mouth firm but gentle burst out to solve the embarrassment for him.
In the face of Li Zhichang, the galaxy is as vast as nine days, and the fish brothers dare not underestimate it, or they already have decadent ideas.
The flash of the seven swords is like the sky is full of stars and the rain is so bright that people can hardly keep their eyes open against the long river of firm but gentle as the milky way. However, after the light of the sword, they heard the weapon fall to the ground, and there was still a sword left, but there was no sword in the hands of the four brothers of the fish family. Is it impossible for the seven swords of Tianqi to stop Li Zhichang’s move and Li Zhichang’s martial arts to such a high level? And Li Zhichang can’t easily win the battle. Ye Gucheng, the duke of Baiyun, and the swordsmanship of the four brothers of the fish family don’t know or imagine.
The real fish family brother Feiyu Seven-Star Sword has been able to compete with a contemporary first-class master, but it was Li Zhichang who lost one move. It was a very high strategy. First, words angered their four brothers and made them feel uneasy. Then suddenly, an earth-shattering sword broke out, which made the four brothers fall into the heart contrast. Then, the sword naturally made the four brothers not play the perfect role in the sword array. Li Zhichang’s sword fell high for nine days, but a blow was just bullying the four brothers’ short stature to make a hit.
The competition between real masters is short-lived, so sometimes we can win with one blow if we grasp the changes between ourselves and the enemy, but we can’t explain that the strength is too different.
The four fish brothers were at a loss and just asked, "What is your swordsmanship?"
Li Zhichang said, "This trick was born out of the killing trick of’ one sword and seven stars’ created by being original. Now being original has made many improvements to it and is going to name it’ Nine Days of the Galaxy’"
This recruit "one sword and seven stars" swordsmanship has long been out of the category created by Li Zhichang in those days, but it was made by Li Zhichang through the sword meaning of "flying fairy outside the sky". This recruit swordsmanship is exquisite to the last point, and it can even reach the level of "flying fairy outside the sky" after integrating what Li Zhichang has learned all his life.
Chapter 42 Swallow dies
When martial arts reach a very high level, a word, a word or a look can turn into a sword move, which is another level of realm. As a great poet said, the martial arts truth is also the same.
Even Li Zhichang himself can’t understand all the reasons, but this prevents him from winning. The four brothers of the Fish Family didn’t want to understand where they lost, but the victory and defeat were clearly divided and in vain.
The emperor clapped his hands and sighed, "So the swordsmanship is fantastic. Li’s friend really knows that the swordsmanship has reached this point. I’m afraid it’s just as Zhuang said that the skill is advanced into the Tao." He doesn’t care about his family and his friends are commensurate with the Tao of the emperor. The Tao of the emperor is rich and can’t accept the hero’s heart, so he can’t tie the knot with his heart. If it weren’t for his natural position, it would be unfavorable. In the past, some people praised Han Guangwu’s’ Xiao Wang pushed his heart into his belly and taught people
Even ordinary people in Li Zhi are out of the way, but it is difficult for the emperor to be separated from him with such a pure heart. It is difficult for ordinary people not to have a fearful mind if their bodyguards are defeated by a sword, but the emperor does not have such a mind but frankly praises Li Zhichang’s swordsmanship if he does not teach people how to fold.