If it’s easy to change the direction, the people in the magic road will pretend to be worried about doing things. With the help of the mysterious curtain, Crimson Lotus Sword believes that it can also be popular

But it’s easy to predict that nine times out of ten you’ll end up with a miserable ending.
Now I can be careful when I am bound by my identity, but it will be an overwhelming enemy to wait for myself in the fix-up world where I am afraid of doing things in the magic way of The Machine.
In particular, the blood spirit is simply the ultimate means of controlling people, which is called fate!
Yi is now fighting back his uncontrolled ambition, and his heart is like grass growing. He chopped one crop after another and burned another. He endured it and worked hard.
Think of a powerful monk who is possessed by the blood spirit and becomes a puppet, and he thinks about himself. The sight of qi roaring and flowers everywhere in the blood sea is easy to stop. He is so excited that he is suffering, and the sweat on his back is wetting his clothes.
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter four hundred and twenty-two Encounter Wan Xiaosheng
The enchantment still radiates bright green and gold, like a giant tyrant firmly hanging over the edge of Tibet Province, where the vegetation grows exceptionally vigorously and the green is about to drip.
Compared with the past, the scope of the enchantment has shrunk, and many reiki swarmed into the enchantment, which is particularly powerful.
As soon as Yi Wuchen arrived, his mind changed from micro-motion to awe-inspiring and his expression became serious.
In the sky, it was raining heavily, thunder and lightning, and the monks went in and out of the boundary repeatedly. Most of them were a little embarrassed, especially in groups of three or five. Most of the grass-covered ground was trampled into mud, and a long piece of dark brown soil was invisible, all of which were condensed by blood, which showed a tragic scene.
"People die of wealth, birds eat food, and even people who fix the truth are no exception. Just a monster beast can be so desperate that I don’t know how many monks have fallen." Wuchen looked at all kinds of scenes and sighed.
"Eldest brother is well informed. Do you know that the source of shape fluctuation is the land?" Easy twist a head to WuChen asked
"There are several forbidden places in the countless mysterious places in Tibet Province that practitioners can’t set foot on. According to the foolish brother’s guess, it should be one of those places! Go in and have a look! "
Wuchen took the lead to go in, but he felt that his body mana was swinging and a flower had passed through the enchantment. At the same time, the noise was pouring into his ears, and the roar of animals was numerous and complicated everywhere, and the foul smell was also coming.
"Ho … ho … ho …"
Then the eyes are all grotesque monsters, and their faces are ferocious than their teeth, and Senli growls face upwards.
Monsters are tall, short, short, and knee-high as hills.
Tiger, leopard, jackal, it’s an ordinary beast. The monster beast species cried and shocked the witch. His face became dignified and he murmured for a long time.
It’s easy to see that the strange thing didn’t disturb the witch minister, but offered Crimson Lotus sword to protect the hovering body from the side.
Magic a monster beast a few miles away in front seems to have sensed the general qi qi, leaned back and arched his bloody eyes full of murderous look, staring at Yi intensely, but could not conceal the fear.
Yi Ye’s family knows no less than the monster beast these days. In the past, monster beasts were rare and weak. Generally, I saw a person who was lucky. I saw the demon slayer and the demon slayer.
Nowadays, the number of monster beasts in the fix-true world is decreasing, and they are slaughtered by monks from all walks of life. It can be said that the monster clan is on the verge of extinction. Many people can’t tell the specific name of the monster beast, but most of them call it the monster beast when they talk.
The monster beast of birds and animals appeared in Wucheng before, which was barely called, but the monster that came out from behind could not be called the monster beast.
Nowadays, according to the magical powers, the demon class is divided into five levels: monster beast, goblin, monster, demon spirit and demon king. The Taoist cultivation realm is similar, but it is different.
The monster Yi in Wucheng seems to have cultivated to the demon spirit level.
I just thought that a young man in his twenties came running along the edge of the enchantment. He was very quick in shape, dressed in brown leather underwear, and seemed to sew his waist with two daggers in his hands. He was of medium height, with long hair and a knot in his shoulder. Together, he had a handsome face, a long face and big eyes, and he seemed to be very clever.
When he saw Yi’s flying sword hovering around him, it was like the same flame, flexible and tactful, and his expression was extremely vigorous. He stopped a few meters away and reported himself with his hands and fists. "Taoist friends are polite. Wan Xiaosheng didn’t know that friends are Tianlong Fu Yi Daoyou?"
"How did Wan Daoyou know it was a certain one?" Easy to see Wan Xiaosheng seems to be the right person, and he is not shallow. He asked in surprise.
"Hehe, it’s true that Taoist friends have heard a lot about you. They passed by your house many times and were lucky enough to see the magic vision. On that day, Taoist friends fought against demon monks with swords and flames, and they were lucky enough to recognize Taoist friends’ magic Crimson Lotus sword." Wan Xiaosheng frequently paid attention to Crimson Lotus’s sword when he said it, showing some admiration in an envious tone.
Yi saw that he was a little pleasing to the eye and spoke very well, so he said apologetically, "Did Wan Daoyou come here that day?" "I’ve been hanging out here since the boundary was laid, and I’ve got a lot of news from people who don’t know the curtain, so I’m eager to avoid evil. Is it the first time for Taoist friends to come here?" Wan Xiaosheng asked
"Well, I came once and beheaded dozens of monster beasts and went back because of something in the house," Yi said casually.
"oh? Is that friend coming here to exorcise evil spirits? " Wan Xiaosheng is careful to spy.
"A few intimate friends were trapped in the abode of fairies and immortals and came to rescue them." Yi casually made up a lie to deal with it and asked, "Do Taoist friends know that there is no danger in the depths?"
Wan Xiaosheng has a way of seeing things, knowing that he can cope with words when his eyes are flashing, and hesitating to listen to questions and giving a free and easy smile.
He was just about to explain Crimson Lotus’s sword a few steps ago, but he stopped rotating and humming. As soon as the flame expanded, the tip of the sword went straight to his chest, and a threatening sword potential seemed to keep him away.
Wan Xiaosheng couldn’t help but take a step back and be embarrassed. "Dao You, this Crimson Lotus sword is really extraordinary. Don’t get close to strangers."
"Go" Yi discovered that Crimson Lotus Jian still has this effect, and his left hand played a buzz at the tip of the sword! Crimson Lotus sword honest up and turn behind him.
"Don’t blame friends" Yi said with a smile
"Magic protector is excusable." Wan Xiaosheng was somewhat jealous in his heart, but his face didn’t show the slightest seriousness. He explained that "Taoist friends need to play an extremely strong spirit to go deep into the department, and be careful to guard against anything wrong. If the horse returns to the edge of the boundary, the danger can be lifted. Although the Uber in front is weak, it is numerous and powerful. The beast can kill the enemy, bite, pedal and draw the tail. These four moves stop at the monster beast. Goblins enter the mountains after two levels, and the Uber decreases step by step, but the danger is even worse. They sneak into people through crazy battles in the right place, which makes it impossible to prevent. Here is the monster level. The most important point is that these monsters have geographical points. Every few tens of miles, they cultivate Dan monsters to occupy the mountains. Wang Ping is also aggressive, but only ends in the realm of gasification. People can hunt monsters at the edge at most. Only when the goblins refine their gods and return to the virtual realm can they get through the tight encirclement in front to hunt monsters. As far as we know, the real people can refine the virtual realm and cross the first two encirclement circles. There is a demon spirit governing the monsters at the deepest level. That’s where the demon king is hiding. The other day, Kunlun sent all the real people to unite the right path. After a tragic defeat, they returned to the north and many people were killed and injured. Only then did they know that the demon king ruled the demon spirit and drove my colleagues to stop us from investigating the source of the turmoil … "
When I asked and answered Yi, I had a general outline of the Tibetan province in my heart. Wan Xiaosheng was very enthusiastic about explaining the whole story, which made Yi very confused.
Supposedly, most people can’t know these scenes. At least, they have never heard of the intelligence strength of the World League. If Wan Xiaosheng takes three points, he will refine his mind and return to the virtual realm. If you can know?
But I don’t know Wan Xiaosheng’s wandering around Tibet. This is the first time that he has made his mark. After a few months, he was taken seriously by the right path. Just because he was hiding and spying for a few months, he was widely known in Tibet.
On Wan Xiao’s birthday night, he inquired about the situation of the Ministry of Tibet and ran around the enchantment non-stop. The implication was that by selling the information he had inquired to the monks who came to Tibet to make a fortune, he earned some property and bought all kinds of materials, symbols, magic weapons and other things to buy and sell.
With Wan Xiaosheng’s foot strength, he can run along Tibet several times a day and come to Tibet to hunt monster beast easily. No matter good or evil, this person will know Wan Xiaosheng for a long time and make him famous.
In this way, Wan Xiaosheng provoked the idea of Zhengdao Sect, especially the Kunlun Sect, and reached some agreements.
It is a merit for him to sell information and also send it to Kunlun Sect on a regular basis after sorting it out, and he also has this intention of sheltering.
In southern Xinjiang, it is also known that Wan Xiaosheng, a stranger, usually looks for him to understand the movement of the right path, and Kunlun sent him to spy on the progress of the magic road approaching the enchantment, which just made Wan Xiaosheng play a bridge.
Wan Xiaosheng has been treading on thin ice in recent months, and he has lived in Tibet many times. It is considered thrilling and he has met many famous monks. Wan Xiaosheng has also met many younger brothers from all walks of life. Usually, these brothers ask for a message, but when they meet others, they will change their attitude of being a philistine.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Meteor fire rain
Wan Xiaosheng met Yi Xin with great joy today. In the past year, except for the monster beast in Tibet, the immortal Buddha, the remnants of magic education, the The Hunger Hou Huanji and other major events, Yu Du Tianlong Mansion is easy to have the limelight in the field of repair.
For Yi deeds, it’s almost like thunder. Bombing Wan Xiaosheng’s eardrum day and night, one after another, all kinds of changes are dizzying.
When Yi Shen Changming and others refined the magic weapon, Wan Xiaosheng witnessed the celestial phenomena outside Tianlong House, and later he saw it with his own eyes on the day when the magic weapon was born.
At that time, Wan Xiaosheng was envious and admired. Later, when Yunhe was a real person, slaying evil spirits and punishing elegance, Ye Jifa and others entered the mansion, he was almost excited to follow in, but later he was depressed and wandered to it, and his mood was extremely lost.
Now it’s easy to say something nice in front of you, call it admiration, call it vulgarity, and call it buttering up Wan Xiaosheng. Naturally, it’s not easy to ask each other, so he gushed out like a machine gun.
Wan Xiaosheng was afraid that it would be easy to see that he was not at all nervous about selling.
Wan Xiaosheng’s most regrettable thing in recent months is that he didn’t get to know this strange girl, Jaya, who has met several times, but people just took a look at him, and he didn’t like to pay attention to her because of his various ways.
Yi Jing Ya knows Yi Jing Ya and has been a passer-by in Tianlong Mansion. Wan Xiaosheng made up his mind to know Yi first, and maybe he can take this opportunity to speak to Yi Jing Ya in the future.
I don’t know these things, but I have a good impression on Wan Xiaosheng for more than half an hour. The witch minister has already recovered and listened without talking.
Seeing Wan Xiaosheng by a passing friar is an acquaintance.
Crimson Lotus’s sword hovered around Yi’s side, but he turned his head and raised eyebrows. Just Wan Xiaosheng, a local strongman, knew Yi’s origin in a few words and couldn’t help but suddenly realize.
Not long after, more than a dozen monks gathered around Yi and Wan Xiaosheng to introduce each other and greet Yi with great respect.
Wuchen is a little impatient to come out in the afternoon, and it’s almost delayed for a day.
It’s easy to say goodbye to everyone, and the witch minister can identify the location of the witch city and go directly to the edge of the monster beast.
Wu Chen took out something like a horn, about half an arm long, with a thick head and a thin thread. The surface was uneven and there were tiny protruding particles to shoot at the black light.
This thing exudes a desolate and quaint atmosphere, and it is also suffocating and easy to feel. I can’t help but ask, "Big Brother, is this a beast?"
Wuchen stroked his hand and nodded sadly to Yi Dao. "It is this that is the original body of the royal beast snail, but the ancient army of the Wu clan sounded gold, and then it was refined into the royal beast witch, which has been bearing me for thousands of years! The greatest achievement is to deter the monster beast from fleeing once it is blown out. "
When he finished, he was about to blow out easily and quickly stopped and said, "Eldest brother, wait until people get along to make Wan Xiaosheng and others in the rear still watch and provoke them to notice that it’s not good to be guilty of holding a wall …"
Yi’s words were interrupted by Wu Chen before he finished. "Brother Yu was thoughtless and rushed into a distance."