But this time, Li Chong’s 930,000 grasslands once again swaggered through the city.

After several years, the Central Plains raiders and grassland troops are also adept. The Central Plains people have several big sacks.
At this time, it is near September, just outside the countryside of Wuyang County, when sorghum is ripe, and the defenders in the city take food directly from the city. Xindu County, such as Bo Kun City, has long been unable to bear it. Before the grassland rides to the city to rob the grain city, the county magistrate and the county commandant take the initiative to offer the city to surrender.
The reason why we want to offer the city voluntarily is that Inghofer Eto has already made a strict order for the surrendered city not to harass, but not for other enemy cities. The Xia Jun city was bold and did not surrender, and it was like locusts crossing the border to harvest enemy food.
Seeing this, he was turned against by Zhang Xuansu, and the defenders of Xia Jun also surrendered one after another.
Xindu County, except for a big city like Changle Wuyi, still sticks to the rest of the counties, which have fallen by two-thirds in just a few days.
In the end, Ying Hefu’s cavalry went deep into Xiangguo County where Li Shentong was stationed to get food. The defenders of Li Tang tried to fight back, but they were defeated by the grassland riding. Even the county town was simply attacked by the Xi cavalry who killed the red eye.
The situation in the north is progressing smoothly, and so is the South Army. After Cheng Mingzhen was captured, it is meaningful for Xia Jun in Guantao City to stick to it.
Li Chongjiu, a gentry in the city, offered the city when the county magistrate and county commandant were present.
Li Chongjiu stayed outside Guantao City for a short time to appease some local gentry, left a captain and led 300 foot soldiers to assist in guarding the city. He led the army to continue the ship because Guantao was breached, and then Qinghe County ruled Linqing City and Wang Xiaohu surrendered to Li Chongjiu.
Linqing Guantao Second City makes the eastern defense line of Mianzhou open, which makes the waterway unblocked.
Li Chongjiu ordered Li Wenxiang’s 3,000 troops to lead an army into Ming Shuicheng, while threatening the town in the north wing of Yongnian City and surrendering counties in Wu ‘an County, and then ordered Luo Shixin to lead 5,000 cavalry to enter south along the canal, and the Yuwenhua Army echoed.
In the first world war, Li Chongjiu led 25,000 people to land in Daming North, and the defenders of Xia Jun’s famous cities dared not go out of the city. Li Chongjiu captured more than 30 warships of Xia Jun Water Army size and 500 sailors without fighting.
When Li Chongjiu led his troops to the famous city, the soldiers saw that the canal was full of Zhao ships across the river, which was shocking. One thousand defenders fled three hundred people overnight.
And the city will also be difficult to think about whether to follow the example of Linqing Guantao and surrender. At this time, I heard that Liu Heita was leading the main force from Xindu back to Mingzhou and immediately gave up my mind.
Liu Heita led an army from Xia Jun, the main force of 32,000 people in they nest, Mingzhou, and came straight to the name.
This is Li Chongjiu’s first confrontation with Liu Heita. Of course, I know that Liu Heita has repelled Weichi Gong at this moment. At the beginning, Weichi Gong had arranged bait to lure Liu Heita out of the important place of Mianzhou so that Li Chongjiu could sail smoothly.
However, Weichi Gong and Liu Heita were defeated and retreated in the First World War. Zhao Jun should know that although Liu Heita’s troops were dominant, Weichi Gong’s troops were all Taiyuan county government troops, but Li Chongjiu’s elite Weichi Gong failed to reach Liu Heita. Although Xia Jun was dominant, Xia Jun’s combat power was also good.
And Liu Heita came to Baoming State, and it is not easy to decide the outcome of Li Chongjiu World War I.
When Li Chongjiu heard the news, he led the army back thirty miles in the famous city and immediately chose a place to camp fifty miles north of the famous city.
Lee Chong-jiu just plunged into the camp, but for a moment, he had already seen the smoke and dust in the north from afar. Liu Heita led the main army of Xia Jun to attack, and Lee Chong-jiu’s barracks did not become a foot soldier, so he could not help but show alarm.
The river is cold and windy, and the plains roar and hover.
Li Chongjiu looked up and saw the dark clouds in the north, and the flags were planted everywhere in the camp. In the wind, a black line in the distance was slowly approaching like a high tide flood. It was the Liu Heita army
In the face of the menacing Liu Heita army, Li Chongjiu will discuss the strategy of retreating the enemy.
Ji Chuan said, "If Liu Heita’s army can’t break our army’s fine riding of Xududu grassland in a few days, it will go straight from Hexindu, and then Liu Heita will be caught between Scylla and Charybdis, so our army can slow down the war."
Yoshikawa said that all outstanding generals agreed that Li Chongjiu’s attack on Xia Guocai this time was a converging attack strategy.
Divide into converging attacks is more risky than the frontal advancing tactics. If the regiments of all walks of life don’t cooperate properly, they will easily make the risk of going into the enemy’s own attack. However, if Li Chongjiu wants to seize Hebei, he just doesn’t want to get caught in a protracted advancing war, otherwise Liu Heita will fight for a city and a place. Even if Xia Jun wins for one year or two, it will be the same if Li Tang destroys Wang Shichong and then cleans himself up.
Ji Chuan said, "Liu Heita now believes that it is precious to repel Weichi Gong when he returned to the division to fight against our army, but our army will win if it wants to draw, but our army also has disadvantages. Once it is defeated, it will be destroyed."
People are awed when they hear it.
Xue Wanshu said, "It’s a good situation that Hebei has defeated our army and Li Tang has to fight for the sky. This year, Liu Heita must be defeated to sweep across Hebei, so it’s urgent from the overall situation of the sky, but Liu Heita has been fighting against our army all the way and making quick battles, so we should slow down from the perspective of Hebei Bureau."
Xue Wanche said, "Think before the war, can our army Liu Heita be satisfied with a draw? Have you ever heard that Liu Heita is eager to fight, and it is assumed that our army will be on the defensive? If we attack our army on a large scale, we will blindly defend but fall into the wind?"
Li Chongjiu said, "General Xue is right"
After listening to Li Chongjiu’s praise, Xue Wanche said, "I have both offensive and defensive skills to break Liu Heita for a while." Speaking of this, Xue Wanche looked at Zhang Xuansu and said, "I heard that Zhang Assistant Minister knows astronomy, geography, military forces and horses. Can you know that there is a strange array in your chest to break Liu Jun?"
Zhang Xuansu knew that Xue Wanche wasn’t angry. Yesterday, Li Chongjiu was pulled out by himself, so he came to find his face.
Zhang Xuansu said, "General Xue praised Zhang shamefully, but at this moment, Zhang happened to want to have a moment. I wonder if General Xue coincides with me?"
Xue Wanche heard the words and laughed. "That’s a coincidence."
Yoshikawa looked on coldly and said, "Why don’t you take a pen and see if the two of you coincide?"
Speaking of which, Zhang Xuansu and Xue Wanche each wrote in the palm of their hands and spread out their palms to see each other, but Xue Wanche had the word "Queyue" while Zhang Xuansu had the word "Emperor Wu of Song" in his hand.
When they saw each other at first sight, it was true that they had the same view and clapped their hands and laughed.
Such as Wang Mahan, etc., it was originally proposed by Zhang Xuansu Xue Wanshu that Emperor Wu of the Southern Dynasties led the navy to the Yellow River during the Northern Expedition, but two thousand people broke the northern Wei Dynasty’s thirty thousand fighters in a month.
When Li Chong-jiu ordered Xue Wanche King Mahan’s 10,000 chosen men to be deployed in Hexi, 10,000 chosen men held the moon strings on the banks of the river at two ends and left the river in a hundred paces, a trench with a width of more than two miles was arranged, and the rest of the soldiers were all deployed behind with crossbows.
Outside the moon array, the rest of the troops returned to the boat by relying on the canal and backing the boat wall.
This time, Li Chong-jiu paid attention to the number of guns at the crossbow tip of the siege bed carried by the attacking state. All these siege weapons, which can shoot hundreds of steps, were placed in the boat’s eye and placed on the deck of the ship. The foot soldiers were all aiming at the crossbows hundreds of steps away.
At this time, Liu Heita’s 32,000-strong army has rushed to the river to see the scene of Zhao’s back water array by the river.
Liu Heita made the army slow down and saw the scene of Zhao’s back river array. The battle-hardened heart gave birth to a trace of vigilance
Brother Liu Shishan said, "The Lord of Zhao should not be ignorant of the art of war and spread his troops on such a wide front. Once our army makes a breakthrough, will it be cut in two?"
"Not so. The enemy relying on the boat and boat city is equivalent to guarding the city and putting the ranks on the wall against our army."
"So that’s it." Liu Shishan suddenly realized
Aside LingJing said, "If I expected it to be good, Zhao Jun’s cloth was the moon array of Emperor Wu of Song’s Northern Expedition."
Liu Heita said modestly, "Please ask Brother Ling to give an explanation."
Ling Jingyan said, "Lingmou’s shame is just a guess. I heard that the array is a backwater array formed by the combination of the three armed forces of the step riding navy. In those days, Emperor Wu of Song’s array broke the Northern Wei Dynasty’s fine riding by more than 2,000 people, but it was a month array. In addition to Emperor Wu of Song’s pendulum, no one can see that some people don’t believe that the Lord Zhao can pose this array. I thought it was just under the guise."
"Ha" Zhang Junli laughed or said, "If there is such a powerful array, then what are our troops fighting for?"
Liu Heita smell speech is grave and lost in thought.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-one Treason and again
"General military orders to stop marching?"
One side general asked Liu Heita.