The nine dragons flew all over the place, and the strength was awesome around the place.

I deeply feel that every dragon power is not inferior to its size, and it is more powerful than almost all of them.
The dragon breathes like a volcano, and at the same time, it takes the sincere glow to turn over and roll over, so that it can’t breathe.
Li Zhichang finally don’t stay up, the in the mind say "dead girl quick start work".
Chapter 23 Eat an old stick
Green leaves are angry. If the new owner doesn’t win, you won’t be able to do it before others have fun.
What does Qingye think? Li Zhichang naturally knows that since he cultivated the true qi to taste it, the moment when his true strength is weak has always been that his strength is longer than his opponent.
I didn’t expect that mana can’t support a magic weapon now, which makes him laugh and cry.
This also means that the quality of green leaves is far higher than he expected.
No wonder Bixia Yuanjun wants to say which family she has to do with.
Even if there is no connection, it should be regarded as a magic weapon. Of course, compared with him today, he can’t fuel the mysterious origin of two bronze bells, and I don’t know how terrible it is.
It is said that the nine real dragons are golden, and all of them are no smaller than the space. Even the magical breath is almost Jin Xian.
At the end of the day, these nine dragons seem to be lacking spirituality although their strength is earth. Although they have reached a certain level, they can be manipulated by the law.
However, the spirit required by Jin Xian’s series strength is very demanding. Obviously, even figures like Sakyamuni Buddha and Zhenyuan Daxian have not necessarily created Jin Xian’s series spirituality.
Yu’ yuan’ should be, but such characters jump out of life and death without fate. It is also conceivable that it is wrong to think about it.
Reversing true and false, reversing right and wrong, and truly changing the measure of world law by yourself.
Even if Li Zhichang guessed, it would be difficult to describe what’ Yuan’ was like.
Even if you can’t shape it, it’s hard to really understand the yuan.
Green leaves don’t want the nine dragons to get ready for a quick victory.
At this time, Yu Hao actually burst into tears. For it, Li Zhichang’s trick is too bullying. Although he has the strength of Jin Xian series, he can’t incarnate without Jin Xian series. It is even more disgusting to run for his life
If you meet Jin Xian, it’s natural to drop ten by one hand. It’s really a shame to meet several figures at the same level.
Nine magical powers conjure up real dragons, all of which have terrible power. Even the ratio of the nether world to the stronger one is like a water wave. You know, here, Fengdu Emperor, that is, the Chinese Emperor, personally set a ban, and even he can’t break it except the magic burn in the Emperor’s Palace.
The nine dragons are one integrated mass, and the strength of the earth is simply unreasonable, and there is a tendency to break this ban
I didn’t expect to bump into a piece of iron plate. An uncertified fairy had such a powerful magic weapon. You know, at that time, the Emperor’s family was not so rich and gave this series of magic weapons to the younger generation of the immortals.
Although there are some powerful magic weapons in several Yuan Dynasty, most of them are famous, with the name of Jin Xian Bodhisattva, and they are not as good as Jin Xian, which is recognized as enlightenment.
At that time, the fluctuation of its own avenue will announce that such characters as the sky are naturally sensed
After the Middle Ages, unlike the ancient gods and demons, Jin Xian and Mahayana Bodhisattva are the only people who are more impressive.
Like Li Zhichang, it’s very rare to let people close to Jinxian, but there are also some in the heavens. Most of them can’t wait for Jin Xian to be robbed and destroyed.
At the beginning, Luo Qiubai, Wang Chuanshan, etc. were unable to survive the moon shortage because of the robbery of the old demon in Montenegro, so it was difficult to make a picture of cakes.
If we want to eliminate this kind of figure, there is still a benefit, that is, there is merit in heaven. We must know that a man of practice is like a parasite in the universe of heaven and earth, and after achieving the Yuan God, he will swallow the vitality of heaven and earth day and night to corrode heaven and earth.
People like Li Zhichang don’t know how much vitality they have to take in practice. It’s simply a cancer cleanup. It’s not only a hero, but also a hero.
It is also possible to hold a little bit of this kind of mind and want to kill Li Zhichang to get some merits and seek the protection of heaven. After all, although he is a descendant of the five emperors, there are still some spirits that seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.
Vaguely aware that it may not be long before there is a real disaster in heaven and earth, and a big cleanup is needed to measure all beings in the world.
It was imprisoned in feng du hell, although it escaped the catastrophe of ancient and medieval times, even this time it is difficult to escape.
Only when I am eager to get out of trouble can I get gray.
This awkward cry failed to arouse Qingye’s sympathy, mainly because it was too fierce to cry and made Qingye feel disgusting.
Qingye initiated the nine dragons to spit out the dragon’s breath and spray it to directly corrode the hair, exposing a large area of dry skin like weathered rock.
Qingye was about to kill the space with a puff of gas.
Suddenly a colorful divine light came from afar.
Suddenly, I heard a binge drinking’ eat my old man a stick’
That monstrous wave was really thunderous.
When Li Zhichang came to Gujing, the heart of Bo Dao could not help shaking.
If he had been modern 700 years ago, he would have shouted’ Here comes the Great Sage’.
Now I really feel the horror of the other side when I face this megatron monkey in the Three Realms.
Li Zhichang’s mouth twitches. It’s not a good thing to record monkeys on the journey to the west. Monsters with no background are usually killed with a stick. Even if the owner doesn’t come with background, he will go to the dead.
In the colorful divine light, there is a huge stick the size of a mountain.
When really should be MAO’s poem.
The golden monkey rose up and made a great effort to clarify Wan Li.
I don’t know how many hell in Wan Li and feng du gave the monkey a stick like paper.
Li Zhichang’s mood at this time is probably just like when Liu Bang saw Zulong on patrol.