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Suddenly, there was a strong pressure in the void, surrounded by giants, and everyone felt as if they were pinned down by a mountain, even raising their hands became more difficult.

Behind the Styx, two swords sparkled, and soon a huge bloody sword appeared on the top of everyone’s head. Yuan Tu A Bi’s two swords flew up and threw themselves into the blood sword. A shocking sword spewed out and the sky seemed to be cut off.
Baoyue Moonlight Buddha felt an unprecedented pressure, and the sharp sword crossed his golden body, sending out a roar of gold and iron, and a shallow white mark appeared on the golden body.
He looked down at his own body mark, and his face flashed solemnly. Just a hint of sword was leaked, which had already made his golden body mark. It is conceivable that this sword was terrible when it fell.
"Will die!" Baoyue Moonlight Buddha had such a judgment in his heart.
A wry smile hung on his mouth. He never thought that his first trip out of the mountain would end like this. His once proud heart became riddled with holes at this moment.
Styx looked at the face expression of Baoyue Moonlight Buddha with great interest, and he was very pleased to hide and suppress him for many years, so that he could not get out of the gate of hell for many years. Now that he has the water rules, his strength has increased greatly, so he should take this Baoyue Moonlight Buddha knife first and then clean up the children.
The bloody sword fell from the sky, torn with a cold and firm but gentle force, and attacked the head of Baoyue Moonlight Buddha.
Baoyue Moonlight Buddha was ready to struggle to escape, only to find that he was already unable to move, and he could watch the bloody sword gradually look at his head.
At this time, with one hand, the index finger gently touched the blade cut to Baoyue Moonlight Buddha.
Compared with the huge bloody sword, this hand looks so insignificant, so small as an ant. However, it is this insignificant finger that resists the sword attack.
Do your best to roar without hurting your fingers, and even leave a tiny mark.
The huge bloody sword was easily blocked by one finger, and everyone was shocked. The eyes were about to pop out, and even the face of the bodhi old zu of Styx showed surprise.
A figure slowly appeared behind Baoyue Moonlight Buddha, smiling and paunchy, which was the arrival of Maitreya, the future Buddha of Buddhism.
Baoyue Moonlight Buddha declared a Buddha’s name with his hands folded in a low voice, "Bao Yue is ashamed to live up to what the Buddha has entrusted!"
Maitreya’s face smiled and said, "After all, it’s the blood Lord, and it’s not your fault that younger generations like you can deal with it."
Baoyue Moonlight Buddha retreated to one side in shame and gave the right front to arrival Maitreya.
"It turned out that the Buddha from the East never thought you were here," Styx said with a sneer, but his face became more dignified because he knew how terrible it was to be fat with a smile on his face.
"I don’t care if the Styx master comes here in person," Maitreya said with narrowing eyes and mirth.
"Give me back the rules today, or I will keep your Buddhism alive." Styx sneered.
Maitreya squinted slightly, and there seemed to be a flash of cold light inside. She smiled and said, "I’ve never been afraid of the bodhi old zu since I was a Buddhist, and if I want to be a Buddhist, I’ll fight with the poor monk in the end."
Styx suddenly language, although he said that, it’s just an empty gesture. What’s the difference between a Buddhist saint sitting in his own place and really fighting Lingshan and dying?
"You are still so eloquent in Buddhism."
After saying this, the Styx’s mana surged, and the shock wave on the face of the bloody giant sword became stronger. It seemed that the shock wave had turned into waves and hit Maitreya.
Maitreya didn’t panic when he saw this. He took out a golden alms bowl with a faint swastika on its face, and flashed a gentle wave, "Come! Come on! Come! "
Shock wave seems to have been influenced by mysterious forces and poured into the alms bowl. The golden light passed away, but all the shock waves were safely revealed without any leakage.
Seeing this, Styx frowned and reached out and pointed to the three bloody giants, who were more powerful and armed with a lance, and cut them toward Maitreya’s head.
However, when the weapon was about to fall on Maitreya’s head, everyone was surprised to find that Maitreya disappeared with a smile on her face.
They hurriedly looked around and found no sign of Maitreya. He seemed to have disappeared by disappearing.
"Look!" Suddenly, someone exhaled, and everyone quickly looked up and found a huge Buddha’s head in the direction of his finger. His chubby face was full of smiles, just before Maitreya disappeared.
At this time, people were horrified to find themselves in Maitreya’s hands.
"In the palm of your hand!" The monkey muttered to himself that when he bet on the Tathagata, he was fooled by this avatar and seemed to fly to the edge of the world. In fact, even his palm never flew out. I didn’t expect to see this avatar again after many years.
Styx sees this heart is not good, roar loud that one or three bloody giants will rise in the wind, and soon they will be indomitable spirit. They are holding spears and cutting them to the sky to prepare for the sky.
第三百十五章 掌中佛国
The evil of all beings can pollute the world, which is the filthiest thing in the three realms.
Nowadays, evil has polluted the world in the palm of your hand, and there is a flash of disgust in Maitreya’s eyes. For practitioners, evil is as disgusting as shit. Now this situation is like Maitreya holding a lump of shit in his hand. How can he not respond?
But he is also Pei Styx, and he doesn’t abandon this dirty thing, so he put it away.
Maitreya removed the avatar Styx and finally escaped from the palm of the Buddha’s kingdom. Three blood giants fell out of the blood sea, and some of the flagging giants were suddenly alive and kicking.
However, at this time, Styx’s face is not very happy. After all, this evil creature is not a good thing. It is disgusting to be seen by people, but it is in the body.
He looked up at a smiling face, and Maitreya’s face flashed with an angry expression. All his humiliations were given by this smiling fat man.
Seeing the Styx roar with blood, the sea of blood suddenly became choppy, and the sky and the earth changed suddenly. The original sunny day was shrouded in dark clouds. Soon, there was blood and rain in the sky, and the rain fell on everyone’s body, which made a Zizi sound and corroded their body.
They hurriedly wrapped themselves in mana to prevent the blood rain from further corrosion. At this moment, someone suddenly exclaimed that it was the blood rain that fell on their weapons and polluted their spirituality.
Excavate frowned and looked at all this. After the Styx got the water rules, it became more difficult than before, and he couldn’t react for a while.
However, at this time, he also knew that the situation and the number of people had lost their meaning. No matter how many mountain soldiers will face the Styx at this time, they will just die, so he ordered the mountain soldiers to return to heaven and not do work here.
"But what about you?" The day will cut asked.
"Of course I can’t walk the rules, so I’m the master of Styx. I’ve been planning it for a long time. How can this rule let us go?" At this time, Excavate is very rational. He won’t let himself go if he takes the rules himself, but if he gives the rules to Styx, he will surely be stronger. Then he will not only manipulate the Styx hand for life and death, but his name will also be destroyed.
God will take a deep look at Excavate. Excavate urges him to return to Tianbao Moonlight Buddha with the rest of the heavenly soldiers. Seeing this, he also followed suit and let the Buddha soldiers slowly retreat, leaving a few masters.
The Styx looked on coldly and didn’t stop these people from leaving. He knew very well that he couldn’t stop them. He might as well let them concentrate on Maitreya from themselves.
The blood rain fluttered, the wind blew, the blood sea set off a huge wave, and the three bloody giants roared upwards. Styx pulled out his sword and showed his eyes with all his might, looking straight at Maitreya with a smile on his face
The smile on Maitreya’s face gradually disappeared, and her narrowed eyes slowly opened, and it was full of cold. I saw a world where a virtual shadow suddenly appeared in a sea of blood.
It was a Buddha’s country, and the melodious Zen singing of worshipping the Buddha among many creatures seemed to reverberate through the whole world.
At this moment, the sea of blood seems to be still, and the murders and spectres immersed in the sea of blood have been detached, and their faces have re-emerged with bright smiles, and then they have joined the ranks of chanting.
The chanting of sutras by several creatures seems to have turned into the chanting of the Buddha’s capital. Maitreya stepped on the golden lotus and slowly sat on the lotus platform.
Surrounded by the virtual shadow of the Buddha Lohan, they folded their hands and recited the scriptures silently, which seemed to welcome the arrival of the Buddha.