Fairy Ze is the huge circular lake of Lingzhou Fantasy Palace. There are two pavilions: the White Stone-based Yuxia Pavilion. An ebony stone-based mysterious wooden pavilion
It is said that every few days is as long as a hundred years, but as short as a few years, Fairy Ze will open the lake on its own. The water waves are as still as a mirror. When the two pavilions in Zezhong are occupied by one person, Zeshui will whirl around and make a fairy sound of wind music, which makes people feel sad. If the monks express what they have learned or have enjoyed in their hearts, it is possible that the Taoist sound will resonate with each other and realize whether the avenue is magical or not.
In the past days, Fairy Ze has never been spared, but there are exceptions to everything, that is, Wei Shang and others can make an exception because of their special status and the position of guest in Yanyu Pavilion.
Nowadays, Tianhou actually allows all younger brothers to come to the Fairy Zewen Taoist Festival, and all of them are gearing up to send their proud brothers to the meeting. Naturally, everyone wants it, but all of them are competitive, and their younger brothers do their best to express their thoughts and show their family details.
Hearing this, Luo Yu wondered, "Tianhou didn’t allow foreigners to come?"
Wei injury immediately looked at Luo Yu Ruqian’s son and smiled meaningfully. "This is about to blame the five elements."
"What? I ….. "RuQian son suddenly changed to" five elements of things? "
Seeing this, Wei hurt a pair of melancholy sighs, "A love word! The magical heavenly palace and the harmonious outside world have no prejudice against our family. The heavenly queen is the five-element patriarch of Xiao Zongdao, and the soaring plane on Xiao Zongdao left the pregnant maiden without saying hello and soared to immortality! The queen hates it! Tut tut … Five elements of sword play this day after the Terran all hate … "
"Well …!" Smelling this, Luo Yu didn’t expect the Xiao patriarch to be so fierce … and he soared without saying a word.
At the moment, he also nodded and smiled. "It’s a bit too much not to say hello!"! There are extenuating circumstances. "
Said the feather (turn asked "that what is this fairy ze? Say that you can smell the fairy? "
See Luo Yu actually asked a little bit about Wei’s injury. Hehe smiled. "There was an original fairy here who bathed in this jersey. Hehe … but she was waiting for a dragon to spy on her fairy body and then hurt the fairy yuan God, so she stayed here …"
Before Luo Yu finished, he asked, "Are you sure you didn’t make this up yourself?"
Wei was hurt to see that everyone looked at him suspiciously, and he felt very interesting and smashed his mouth!
Seeing that his nonsense was caught by Luo Yu’s words, he quickly changed into an evil smile and said, "Well … it’s really because there is a pavilion on each side of this Ze, and when the fairy sounds move, the lake will swirl from the second pavilion and overlook it like a pair of women … Ha ha, so it’s called Fairy Ze! This ze is naturally mysterious! "
Everyone is convinced this time!
Only Ruqianer smiled at Wei Shang’s charm and said, "I’m afraid it’s not the fairies that are mysterious, but the fairies moved by Fang Yun. Isn’t it wonderful?"
Seeing this, Wei Shang denied that it was a serious folding fan knocking on his heart and saying, "Qian Er is immortal today!"
See RuQian son smile like a flower Wei injury instantaneous relief to change the subject to all told, "the fairy ze fang is a good thing, but when the genius Junjie Fang Yun will gather together, many people cause trouble! Days after the most don’t like my family said I terran intrigue don’t spirit state trouble or die "
Said Wei hurt and Chou the eye Wei sorrow obviously refers to the latter’s short temper and unruly.
Wei You seemed to know that he would look at himself and suddenly said, "What do you look at me for?"
Wei Shang Wen Yile said, "Did you hit the ground?"
Wei sorrow immediately jumped without saying anything. Obviously, this is another challenge!
The blue streamer curve of Lei Yin shuttle is really beautiful after it is shaken and rolled in the long sea of clouds.
See two people twisted and rolled, and everyone rushed to Indiana.
In the block of two people, Luo Yu struggled painfully to support the people and gasped.
But before a moment, Wei hurt him and sealed his skirt. He looked contemptuously at Luo Yu’s hair bundle. Wei You smiled, "You little monkey today, I have to give you some color to see see."
Wei sorrow is uncompromising, with a face of arrogance and Siming seizing Luo Yu’s hair bundle and pulling it to his own way. "Brother is amazing? Will the Great Sage be afraid of you? See if I don’t kill you … "
Los feather feel suffocated hair to bursts of juli is tearing his scalp.
He pleaded hard, "Great Sage … you are me!"
"We know!" The two of them are actually the same!
Chou the eyes hidden with a smile, two people Luo Yu feel alive and looking forward to reaching Lingzhou early.
Across the layers of clouds, across the towering north and south, like the next day, the mountains and rivers suddenly dispersed in front of them, revealing a huge and vast mountain and river continent.
"bang!" Lei Yin shuttle bumps and flies vertically, making a deafening sonic boom like wearing through a layer of air wall!
Mixed with a group of people suddenly overlooking the foot this vast hazy earth exclaimed "spirit state! We are in Lingzhou! "
Lingzhou is hidden in the southeast of the God-given mainland, adjacent to the vast frontier star Haibei, ending in Jiuyue Mountain, and surrounded by Zezhou Duanwuling Mountain in the west. Lingzhou Mountain is the place where the ancient Tianling people have thrived for generations. The river is full of ups and downs and aura, and it rushes straight into the northern part of the Starry Sea. There are three thousand feet of Lingshan in Wan Li, and the mountains are surrounded by pink clouds in the four seasons. It is a state spirit vein.
Such a magnificent primate hidden state is also the first time for everyone to come, so it is natural to be amazed.
And when everyone was intoxicated with the magnificent beauty of the earth, the shuttle suddenly trembled!
See wei hurt while god is manipulating the shuttle urgent call way "bad! Forget Lingzhou, no flying! The shuttle will be forced to land immediately! "
"What? Damn it! "
Sudden lightning-proof sound, the flying shuttle vibrates violently, and the streamer takes the sparks of the road pattern and swoops towards the mainland at a high speed!
Landing Luoyu at a high speed is to be able to grope around for a while and shout, "Come on … ah!" "
Chapter 156 Mid-levels know his name.
Zu Lingshan Dian Huan Tian Gong
A white brilliance is passing through the clouds of Zuling Mountain, bringing a dazzling glow into the peach forest on the mountainside.
On the mountainside, there is a rosy water pavilion with peach petals hanging all the year round, and there is an elegant small pavilion called Banshanju.
Mid-level Mountain Residence is a secluded place where the magical heavenly palace goddess Bai Lianxing lives in seclusion. It looks like peach blossoms are surrounded by mountains, but the scenery is pleasant, but the law and enchantment are intertwined and hidden!
Scatter a wisp of streamer knowledge from the magic heaven in the peach grove and dance with the peach petals in the world.
Bai Lian star suddenly picked up a more rounded little Luo Yun, who was amazed and happy and said, "They are finally here!" "
Xiao Luoyun seems to be uninterested and has no spirit. He is looking at the puzzling white love star with a face of Meng force.
Seeing this white love star, it stopped and touched its hairy forehead and veiled its face, smiling and saying, "Mother said that the epiphyllum and Wei’s injury have arrived in Lingzhou, and all the outside world have caught the wind demon, and you will succeed if you have a demon master."
Smell this listless little Luo Yun suddenly jumped up and pointed to the peach forest outside is "squeak" call.
Bai Lianxing suddenly laughed when she saw it. "Are you in spirit now?"