At the end of last month, the unlucky partner was accidentally caught by the lover’s husband, Bill Bojue, when he was dating a lover privately in the city. It happened that Bena was full of plane troops supporting Maca. The partner jumped from the hotel to the street and was surrounded by a heavily armored infantry regiment. Bill Bojue chased him from behind and actually knew the head of the heavily armored infantry regiment. When he found that the partner of Dajinxi was not noble, he was stabbed into a sieve by ten halberd soldiers without even having a chance to speak.

It’s really MD mindless …’ Big Jinxi cursed in his mouth.
In the past two months, this group of kobolds have almost eaten the profits of their business department, and the left-behind partners in Bena City told Dajinxi that if they don’t deal with these kobolds, they will pay for them out of their own pockets.
None of the nobles in Bena would want to buy a dirty kobold to guard the home.
These kobolds are sunny and blind. Apart from digging caves, there is almost nothing wrong with them. However, several mine lords in Bena City are all taking part in the plane war, so Bena City is no longer slow to make moves with these kobolds.
Big Jinxi gritted his teeth and said to a slave trader around him, "Since the slaughterhouse won’t accept you, find a secluded place near the cemetery mountain outside the city and take people to dig a big pit to pull these guys out of the city to bury the vomit. We must get this warehouse out as soon as possible and find someone to clean it up and prepare to receive the lizards and war slaves from the south."
The slave trader was dumbfounded when he saw a large area of kobolds in the warehouse. "Boss … Do you want to think about it again or can we sell it to its regional distributors?"
He doesn’t want to dig a hole in the graveyard mountain in the middle of the night. He wants to sell these kobolds. What a big hole it will be!
"If it’s normal, forget it. Now those guys will watch our drama …" Big Jinxi touched Ba and said testily.
At present, no one here in Bena City is willing to take over this rotten stall, so big Jinxi will come in a hurry from Wozhmala City, but he has no good way for the time being, which will not affect the business he takes over. Big Jinxi wants to get rid of these worthless kobolds on the spot.
When I walked to the door of the warehouse, a hand came in a hurry.
"Boss, the Surdak knight came yesterday," said the slave trader angrily.
Big Jinxi didn’t expect Surdak to find him again, so he asked, "Did he say what happened?"
The hand quickly replied, "I want to buy two hundred kobolds …"
As soon as Big Jinxi’s eyes lit up, he immediately said with excitement, "Go and get Surdak here … Forget it. I’ll go with you to see him and get ready!"
Chapter 49 Return trip
Benacheng slave market is located on the west side of Nancheng District, close to Nancheng workshop area, which is the end of a free market built along the street.
This place is occupied by some slave traders all the year round. Slaves are tied in chains, and there are high stone platforms next to the street. Some slaves have price signs on their feet, and some simply don’t want anyone to stop in front of them. The slave traders next to them will enthusiastically introduce the price of each slave.
Benacheng metallurgical leather workshop was planned in a unified way, and the same area was called workshop area by the citizens.
This workshop area is next to the south wall, the city hall, the urban construction department and the moat water outside the city are injected into the independent river in the workshop area, and the industrial wastewater generated here is directly discharged outside the city by a culvert that enters a kilometer.
There are nearly 200 chimneys in the workshop area, and there is a workshop on each chimney. The workshop area is covered with billowing smoke, and the slum area adjacent to Bena City is also covered with urban smoke. It can be said that the slum area here is gradually formed because of the workshop area.
There is a high platform on this side of Dajinxi slave market, except for a few female slaves with green face and fangs and half animals. I don’t know from which plane more than a dozen indigenous slaves were caught. These slave platforms automatically formed two small groups. At the edge of the high platform, there are several kobolds with ugly faces like sand skin. They are locked together by a chain, narrowing their eyes and half lying on the stone platform. The spirit seems a little sluggish.
During the plane war, a large number of slaves were sent out to the battlefield, so there were few strong male slaves in the market.
Surdak walked through this busy market and saw several well-dressed aristocratic dwarf slaves bargaining with the slave owners.
The dwarf slave market is popular mainly because they are born familiar with forging and brewing ale. A strong dwarf slave is more like a money-making machine.
Compared with these dwarf slaves, those orc slaves from remote mountainous areas of the empire are not so popular.
Most of these orcs were born in the vast mountains where the orc tribes border. Many villages there belong to the mixed state of human beings and orcs. The orcs captured from there are neither human nor orcs. They are not protected by imperial decrees and tribal orc laws and have become frequent visitors to the slave market.
Samira recognized that a high-level slave trader was a big Kinsey and secretly told Surdak.
Surdak and his party strolled around the slave market and found that there was indeed a Kobayashi slave in the high platform of Dajinxi, so they asked the slave vendor about the price of Kobayashi slaves. The slave vendor also knew Samira, and he hurried to the warehouse to shout Dajinxi.
The plane war made the slave market prosperous, and many male slaves were sent to the battlefield as cannon fodder, which caused the price of male slaves in the slave market to be much higher than that of female slaves, and the base was still in short supply.
In front of Dajinxi stall, I met Surdak and Samira.
"Knight Surdak heard that you want to buy kobold slaves?" Big Jinxi came quickly from across the street, and the scar on his face became a little red.
"That’s what I’m thinking," Suldak replied before the stage.
Big Jinxi’s eyes lit up and he turned to Surdak and looked at the kobolds. The slaves repeatedly said, "You are so discerning. These kobolds are from the Fio plane. Just look at their teeth and you will know how young they are. They are very good at feeding. They can live well with some sweet potatoes and some melons and vines and wheat bran. They are good at digging, but if you want to help them cultivate land, they can definitely engage in some simple farm work."
In order to verify the health status of these kobolds, Jin Xi took an iron hook and stabbed it into the mouth of the kobolds’ slaves, pulling the thick lips of the kobolds’ slaves and forcibly exposing the fangs inside.
The kobold slave gave a dull howl.
Surdak stopped Big Kinsey from lifting the lips of another kobold slave and said to Big Kinsey, "I’m going to buy 200 kobold slaves, but I want to know the price first!"
Big Jinxi touched the shiny forehead and said to Surdak
"The price is easy to say, and the more I buy kobolds here, the greater the discount."
"Excluding those special slaves, at present, the dwarf in the slave market is about ten pieces of hardware, and the dwarf in the adult craftsman has reached about twenty gold. It is possible to send male orcs to the battlefield. These orcs have strong bodies, and the male orcs have a wide range of battlefield routes. The market price is ten pieces of hardware."
"The second time, indigenous slaves were brought from some small planes. These indigenous slaves can come to cultivate plantations, but they are not suitable for fighting. They are worth about gold. Once again, these orc female slaves are difficult to be sent to the battlefield because of their gender problems. These orc female slaves are difficult to discipline and are as strong as adult imperialists, so the price will be greatly discounted."
"For these kobold slaves, the price of the orc slave can be reduced by 50%. Now the kobold slave needs 400 gold coins at such a low price. If the budget is sufficient, I suggest you buy more …"
Surdak has just visited the slave market, and he has also inquired about the price of slaves in a market. What Kinsey said is no different.
Surdak seriously considered a few bargaining experiences and felt it necessary to meet and cut it in half … So he said very decisively, "A gold coin can help me choose 200 strong and sick kobolds."
Big Jinxi didn’t expect Surdak knight to give the best price himself and cut it hard.
The breath in his chest instantly made his face red, and the refusal reached his throat, but he swallowed it back.
I thought that if Surdak hadn’t come to the warehouse, the kobold slaves in the warehouse might have been ready to load the car and transport it to the cemetery outside the city. The existing people were willing to take over, although the price was extremely low, they could at least recover a little.
Big Jinxi’s face turned red and white several times, and finally his face softened and said to Surdak with a smile, "Don’t worry, you can choose at will, and I guarantee that all kobold slaves are not infected. Before coming to the Green Empire, quicklime powder was used to kill parasites repeatedly. There will be absolutely no problem in this respect."
Surdak, considering that he wants to transport 200 Kobayashi slaves back to Hailanza, even if he rents a magic van, he will have to pay a high transportation fee to the horse and carriage company. Then he said to Dajinxi, "The ultimate destination of these slaves is that you are responsible for the transportation of these slaves outside Hailanza."
Big Jinxi heard the black forehead and the veins stood out at the moment, and his heart was full of thoughts of hitting people.
You know, except for the crew and other labor, the sixteen magic spar needed to start the floating device alone is worth nearly one hundred gold coins. If these kobold slaves are sent to Dajinxi, Hailansa City, there will be less than one hundred gold coins left.
But at this time, an assistant around hurriedly whispered a few words in Dajinxi’s ear.
Dajinxi’s magic airship docked near the port pier of Bena City was just temporarily called by the Bena Provincial War Command to transport war materials to the northern part of Bena Province. Hailansa City is just one of the first places to take these kobold slaves by the way, which is nothing.
Big Jinxi quickly stood up and said to Surdak, "It’s no problem to deliver the transportation to us, but I can promise to help you deliver it to the port pier of Hailanza. You need to find a way for the rest of the journey, and I sincerely invite you to join this pleasant journey, which will also facilitate us to hand over these slaves as soon as we arrive at the port pier of Hailanza City."
The other party promised to transport. This is Surdak. I didn’t expect Dajinxi to take the opportunity to ask for some transportation. I didn’t expect the other party to even.