With the creaking sound, the gate slowly hit the surrounding soldiers. Looking at the slow entry into the city, Mu Chongshan was not so happy. After so many days, it was amazing that Rongcheng was able to take charge and finally came back. What made the whole Xiling look forward to the Grand Commander and General Yan walking behind a young man?

A group of them hurried to the Xiling fighters military camp. At this time, there was no one in the mausoleum palace. Since the report was arrested, the princess and the world fled for their lives, and there was no one left, so they arranged for Princess Anyang and Father Ma to live in the military camp.
"Mu General has a result?" Hearing that the soldiers reported that Mu Chongshan was back, Ma Gonggong hurried over with Princess Anyang, who had just woken up. These days, he was sleepless for fear of an accident.
After Ma Gonggong finished speaking, he found out that the main seat was actually a young man he didn’t know. What surprised him even more was that Ma Gonggong felt very respectful to this young man Mu Chongshan and Yan Yun. Is this young man sacred after all?
"Ma Gonggong, this is Wang Shi of our mausoleum —————— Muqingfeng. Now the report is not in our Xiling. Everything is left to the world." Seeing Ma Gonggong’s doubts, Mu Chongshan said.
For the time being, don’t ask what Ling Wangshi’s surname is Mu’s surname, but if you look at Muqingfeng’s momentum, you will know that this young man is not simply in the palace. Grandfather Malaysia has met many and heavy people. This Ling Wangshi is definitely not faking it.
I was as surprised as father-in-law Ma, and there were other generals in the tent who were not Xiling fighters. What is the virtue of their own family and reputation? Everyone knows that this young man is really a prince. But then again, from Mu Qingfeng’s eyebrow eye, they vaguely saw the prince fighting in the corner, but a little less severe, a little more moderate and a little older. The general was excited because they also saw another princess who had been missing for many years-Jiang Yunying.
Although Mu Qingfeng is not willing to show his new identity everywhere, he still has to prove himself on such an occasion today. He took out the jade brand of the war word from his chest, and the old people who followed Ling Wang for a long time suddenly became excited. They have not seen this thing for many years since the princess disappeared in the battlefield.
"At the end, Hua Yong, the commander of flying bear Battalion of Xiling Step Army, has seen the World Hall!" The oldest veteran in the infantry battalion knelt down directly and waited for so many years to finally see Xiling, hoping to know what the reputation of the war was, but it broke his heart. Once upon a time, Hua Yong recognized that Wang Yidan, the successor of Xiling, had an accident, and the whole Xiling would become an adult fish. In the other day, things also proved his speculation until Muqingfeng appeared today.
"At the end, Xue Jing, the commander of the cloud carving camp of Xiling Step Army, has seen the World Hall!" After Huayong, another general in Xiling Army said that he was a minister …
"At the end of the will …"
"At the end of the will …"
Soon all the generals in the whole camp knelt down. From this moment on, Mu Qingfeng really mastered all the military strength of Xiling. Although he still had some bad feelings about his identity, this did not prevent Mr. Mu Qingfeng from looking for war and the Nangong Jinyu from calculating the general ledger.
"Father-in-law Ma, please rest assured that I have already announced through my eldest brother, the North Prince of Yan, that heaven and man should have seen clearly the Nangong Jinyu’s face, and you and the princess will live here with peace of mind. We will give the first emperor a replacement." Mu Qingfeng was told that Father-in-law Ma and Princess Anyang were in the road ahead.
"The old slave thanked the Temple of the World, and the Nangong Jinyu reversed the course and hoped that the world could give us a Lang Lang Gan Kun in the summer!" Father-in-law Ma knocked Muqingfeng on the head a few times. The old eunuch Ling Wang was arrested. I’m afraid there is no hope for revenge in this life. I don’t know where the sky fell. A Ling Wang Shi made everything have hope.
"Will you avenge my father?" Princess Anyang looked at this young brother with some curiosity and asked softly, after so many things, this young princess has already experienced all kinds of life.
"Don’t worry, I will definitely make Nangong Jinyu pay the due price!" Mu Qingfeng said categorically
In the distant capital, Mr. Zhan is in the Imperial Room of Nangong Jinyu. At this time, there are two guests from afar in the Imperial Room.
"Mr. Wang’s strategy made us green wolves almost lift our heads in the grassland to harm us to make a living in the distance from the grassland. I don’t know where Mr. Wang got the courage and dared to give me flying pigeons." It was actually the head of the green wolf clan, Herbatu, who had been exiled from the grassland since he failed to compete with Temur for the Golden Knife Khan. They could make a living in the western regions, but even if the green wolf clan was weakened, it was not long before an army was pulled up because of the strength of the bull clan.
"I don’t care if you have a grudge against the grassland in the summer. I want to know if your emperor said in the letter that it is a joke to us about land management in Donglu." Another mouth was actually Quannai Sakura’s confidant-Takeda Hararo sent Takeda to see the truth with a grain of salt after receiving the letter from Nangong Jinyu.
"Where did the leader say that it wasn’t you and me who failed in the south of Lincheng on that day? If it weren’t for Ling Wang’s half-way fight, I would not be in the bull clan now. Isn’t it a violation of Jin Daohan’s last wish that the bull clan advocated peaceful coexistence with Daxia people? Can’t you catch such a good opportunity to return to the grassland?" It’s not too short for Mr. Zhan to be in the blue wolf clan day. It’s only natural that how much Xuelian’s father hates the summer people will say so.
I heard that I had an excuse to return to the grassland openly, and Herbatu was not talking, so I carefully considered the current situation.
"In Japan’s Imperial Palace, naturally, we don’t have to worry about our sincerity. If Zhu Jie, the king of Donglu, comes, he won’t be commanded by our summer court. Now, Zhu Ceguo, the king of Donglu, has actually come together with what Qing Jun alliance. Compared with our summer, we prefer to be a good neighbor with Japan and want you to have something. The whole Donglu is your fault. Didn’t you suffer a fiasco and Xiling intervene? Isn’t it beautiful to settle old scores together this time?" Mr. Zhan directly threw out this big cake of Donglu and didn’
Staring at the present, I was lost in thought. Mr. Two Men Wars took their time. The short-term teacup slowly took a sip of tea. In my opinion, this time, at least 90% of them were sure to let the Blue Wolf clan and Japanese people join their camp.
At the same time, Nie Yinger, who has lived in the deep palace for a long time, also summoned several unusual people in the royal garden of the palace. They are the goddess of her master’s charm pavilion. Wu, the head of Wandu Gate, and Tang Jinsheng, the elder of the Star Tower who has never met before.
"Disciple, why don’t you call the teacher and several elders all the way here this time and let us see you, the empress?" Although the Goddess of Heaven is over half a year old, there is a charm in her gestures. Although she wears a veil, it is certain that the veil must be a stunning beauty rather than a semi-old Xu Niang. Everyone who dares to hit her is dead.
rivers and lakes
On the other hand, things have been settled. Herbatu is not the kind of person who is careful about the grassland and believes in himself. He thinks that this is his only chance to return to the grassland. He did not consider how long it took to agree to Mr. Zhan. It was not a day or two, so he left the imperial house after bargaining for his own benefits.
Mr. Takeda Hararo’s first time dealing with Japanese people was heard about their preferences and greed. Although they coveted Hokuriku for many years, everyone could see that Hokuriku was not so easy to get. It was really hard to say whether the Japanese people agreed or not. However, Mr. Zhan got instructions from Nangong Jinyu to consider any conditions for them to send troops.
"Where is Mu Qingfeng now?" Mr. Zhan was caught off guard by Takeda Hararo’s question, and they would have a lion’s mouth on the site. I didn’t expect the Japanese to ask this question.
"The king of England is naturally on his way to Kyoto. I don’t know what you Japanese people are interested in him." Because Mr. Wang Shi’s identity war in Muqing Fengling is very sensitive to his problem
"Mr. Xia is an important person in the summer, and naturally there is a way to know that we and he have come to the former Imperial Palace to describe that they want us to send troops, but in the end, we must give the live Muqingfeng to us or we will talk about everything." Takeda Hararo still got the instructions from Quannai Sakura before coming.
"Well, I promise you that the Japanese will send troops to defeat the so-called Qing-jun alliance. If Mu Qingfeng falls into our hands, it will be handed over to the Imperial Palace. Are we satisfied with the conditions?" After thinking for a while, Mr. Zhan agreed to this condition, but from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to get involved in the princess’s abdomen
"It’s a deal. I’ll go back and sort out our army. Your summer navy is a weakness. Please rest assured, Sir, that our Japanese warships can appear in your waters at any time to give you unexpected blows against thieves." After that, Takeda Hararo made a unique etiquette for Japanese people, and when Mr. Zhan and Herbatu Takeda Hararo talked about it, Nie Yinger also made his own plan.
"Master, where are you talking about? How dare I let you visit me? I have something very important to ask you to come here this time." Nie Yinger also spoiled the goddess of heaven.
"As you know, I just became the empress. I didn’t expect such a big thing to happen outside. Now that I am your heir, the master won’t give me a hand. You know, there are many ministers in the imperial court who are half-hearted. I know that our charm pavilion is well-connected. Must there be an adult favorite concubine who is my school sister? Is Master willing to help the apprentice with this? " Nie Yinger knows that the pillow breeze is the most deadly means of her master.
"Are you going to let Master give you hard work for nothing?" Tianyin Goddess looked at her second disciple with great interest. She said that it was true that the big disciple was fighting for the third disciple and was abducted by Wan Chungu people. It seems that Nie Yingying will come soon, but even so, she didn’t intend to promise so easily.
"Where is the teacher? How can I have the heart to let my master work hard in vain? You need to know that after the job is done, our charm pavilion is the Great Summer Patriarch, and all the virtual palaces are given to the minister at our feet, and my husband is going to worship you as a foster mother. Then you will have to have the wind and rain. "Knowing that your master likes Linnie Yingying best, it’s a good idea. Seeing that Tianyin Goddess is satisfied, Nie Yingying will know that it’s done."
"Well, since you are my only heir, I’ll help you once. Let’s talk about being the first person in the Wulin first, but I’m going to settle it. You know Master’s temper. Don’t let me come to you for debt collection." Tianyin Goddess said with a smile
"If my wife is the first person in Wulin, what’s the benefit of being old? You know, our Picking Heart Building is not a general killer organization. Don’t say’ You hate both evil spirits’. Fang Qing’s evil spirits died at your hands. He became a sworn brother, Tang You, but he swore to pay homage to his brother’s head." Tang Jingsheng was always smiling, but everyone thought that he was a good deal, and he was stupid and regretted dying in the underground. It was not for a while that he could count the hands of the elders of Picking Heart Building. Don’t say that in his early years,
"I don’t know if the elder can think of your dead son." Nie Ying’s gentle words let Tang Jisheng fly into a rage. Seeing him, his powerful hand ran directly to Nie Ying’s chest and said, "Destroy the palm of your heart" and reappeared in the Jianghu. If this palm is solid, Nie Ying’s heart will be broken into many parts.
However, Nie Yinger is not an ordinary person. She doesn’t believe that Tang Jingsheng will take his own life in this place, especially when his master Tianyin Goddess is still present. Sure enough, when Tang Jingsheng’s right palm is still three inches away from Nie Yinger’s chest, he stopped and said coldly, "You have something to know about the past, but if you can’t say anything today, I’m afraid I’ll be difficult."
"Elder Tang, we all know that your father is a young Junjie, but it’s a pity that he was seduced by the flute of Painting Heart Workshop, and eventually he was killed by her flute. She must be no match for the elder’s’ destroying the heart palm’, but I didn’t expect you to commemorate your brother’s rescue from the ghost gate, and also banned people from picking heart workshops from bothering people in Painting Heart Workshop, but it’s not like picking the star floor at all." Nie Yinger told this story that few people knew that she had found a lot of Jianghu secrets herself.
"You little girl knows that this matter counts as you are powerful. Why can’t you have a way to avenge me?" Tang Jingsheng slowly put away his right hand, and he was very curious about this beautiful woman’s meddling in his own affairs.
"Did the wizard Lord ask you to bring something?" I didn’t expect NieYing son didn’t answer Tang Jingsheng’s question, but asked the wizard who had no poison to the door until now.
"Give" Wu took out a small box from his arms, which contained an animal with a round shell. The sunlight in this small animal was crystal clear and round like mica. It was dark green, so it was not easy for people to look at it. What was even more amazing was that there was a metallic centipede in its stomach. After Wu punctured his index finger and dripped blood, the centipede came out directly from its stomach and sucked the blood clean. After a long time, the animal spit out a crystal-like peas, which coagulated in the air at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The witch, the "ghost gives birth to a sea mirror", refused to say a word and directly brought the little crystal to Nie Ying ‘er.
Seeing that Wu didn’t want to explain Nie Yinger’s good guest appearance, she carefully put the product of the ghost sea mirror in a small bottle and handed it to Tang Jingsheng. She looked at him with a curious face and said; "The poison of this’ Ghost Sea Mirror’ is the treasure of Wandumen Town. This sea mirror was soaked in the poison pool by the elders of Wandumen for 7749 days, and then all kinds of poisonous substances were finally combined with the golden centipede called’ Beauty Tongue’. If it sucks blood, it will produce a special poison. This poison will melt when it meets water. After three days, it is miserable to die of blood in the dirty parts. It is a pity that this thing produces one drop every ten years. I think a master like Elder Tang should know what this is?"
There is no shortage of poisonous experts in the Star-Picking Building, but even Tang Jinsheng, one of the best, has heard of such a magical thing, but he has heard of the name of the Poisonous Door. Since the owner of the Poisonous Door takes this as a treasure, he should be able to do the same. These people have been trying to kill the owner of the Star-Picking Building and take revenge on his own children, but the landlord’s martial arts and knowledge are rushing to do it himself. I’m afraid stealing chickens and wasting rice, but with the "mirror of the sea", his long-cherished wish may be realized.
"What do you want us to do if I succeed?" Tang Jingsheng looked up at smiling NieYing son.
"The elders also know that not everyone will be fascinated by women. Those stubborn guys should not live in this world." Recently, many people in the ruling and opposition circles have a bad feeling about the Nangong Jinyu’s accession to the throne. If we don’t plan before it is too late, I’m afraid things will get out of hand.
When you attract the elders of the Heart-Picking Building, there is only one wizard left in front of you who cherishes the word like gold.
"The door master helped us plan the grassland that day, but it was a pity that it was mixed up by Mu Qingfeng and Wan Chungu. Their attack this time just gave us a chance to get revenge. With the sinister affair, I think it will definitely make many disorderly troops die in the dark and not be paid." Nie Yinger waited for the witch and lion.
The wizard of "Daxia Sect" simply said a few words, but Nie Yinger knew that Wudongmen had been in the border area of Daxia. Although it was famous, it was nothing. The wizard of Daxia had such a request as early as Nie Yinger.