Even if I wanted to sneak past and see Hu Yingxue, I found a few big leaves around my body to cover up the two small cherries on my ass and chest. The insurance point was also specially surrounded by two layers to make sure that it would not accidentally fall off before going to the mountain.

Walking towards the place where the smoke rises, a village appeared in sight not long after, and a group of people were seen around the entrance of the village. An old man dressed like a rooster shook a bronze bell and jumped around with words.
When I got closer, I saw that there were two people, a man and a woman, whose mouths were stuffed with cloth, and their bodies were firmly tied together in a door panel. Their eyes stared like they wouldn’t stop until their eyes popped out, and their blue-purple faces were scarier than her master playing the devil.
"Don’t go there."
I suddenly remembered a little girl whose voice stopped but I didn’t find her next to her. Hu Yingxue raised her hand and rubbed her ear. "Auditory hallucination?"
It seems that it’s not auditory hallucination. The little girl’s sound horse appeared again. "Don’t go there."
This time, the sound position was determined, and Hu Yingxue whizzed her head. There was a little girl floating in an old locust tree with her little arms holding the trunk of the old locust tree. She looked at her curiously, and there was something that made her have to care that the little girl’s clothes looked familiar.
Just as Hu Yingxue was in a daze, the little girl descended on her like smoke. The body didn’t collide with her, but passed through her body. Then there were more memories in her head belonging to the memory of the original owner of the body. A tear slowly slipped down her cheeks, wearing the little girl’s hand and fell to the ground.
The little girl put her face in front of Hu Yingxue and waved it. "It’s strange to watch yourself cry."
Looking at the smiling face in front of him, Hu Yingxue looked stunned. "Is this your body that doesn’t want to go back?"
The little girl giggled, "I’m dead. I don’t need it. After you get it right, it’s your reward. Please help me find my biological parents. I don’t need you to honor them for me, just to let them know who their daughter is."
At this time, a man dressed in a black robe came along with a heavy chain, and two people were tied with the chain. It seems that the men and women were lying there, and sure enough, the two people were no longer struggling.
Seeing the man in black, the little girl floated over and sat on his shoulder. "Are you leaving?"
The black man nodded his head.
The little girl waved to Hu Yingxue. "My uncle said that my previous name was not pleasant to listen to, so he gave me a new name called Ling Yuan. What about you?"
Hu Yingxue also raised her hand and posed "Hu Yingxue" toward the little girl.
Black man will look at Hu Ying snow body after a pause stretched out his hand and pointed to her chest suck out a mass of black gas "can go against fate and you cherish it" say that finish with the little girl and the two behind stepped into a black whirlpool.
A few people, uh, a few ghosts disappeared, and Mi Xing quarreled in Hu Yingxue. "It’s too cunning. How could he not find that the master has entered the spiritual world? Knowing that the dead will be forced out by the master himself sooner or later, it is unnecessary to deliberately let the master owe him a favor."
"Forget it, don’t worry about more debts." Hu Yingxue raised her hand and pressed her temple. She felt that it was not so easy to be in a sea of people because of her body. She didn’t know where to find a name, and even if she found someone who believed her words, she didn’t find her daughter wrong for so many years.
Chapter 6 is such a coincidence
Hu Yingxue will naturally think of some way to do it, but the first thing she should consider is her own livelihood plan. Even if she goes somewhere else, she can’t get in touch with people now. It is estimated that few people are willing to pay attention to a small call.
Ling kite is a kid. Ling kite has long discovered that the foster mother has made a lot of clothes according to her age, but it is not for her to replace her to enjoy the wealth of her own daughter. I don’t know if I dare to send it or if I know that people don’t need to put it all in their closet.
Even if the clothes of the dead have experienced the kind of lack of clothes and food in the last days, Hu Yingxue won’t abandon what’s worse. Those clothes are not worn by anyone, so she boldly touched into the village.
With the spirit of kite, Hu Yingxue soon found her good adoptive parents’ home. Last night, there was a ghost here all night. At this time, no one dared to get close to here, not to mention that other people also ran away to take refuge, which greatly facilitated her.
It seems that Lingyuan’s foster mother attaches great importance to putting those clothes with the piggy bank at home. Don’t look at the house. It’s like a family with four walls. There are a lot of money in the piggy bank, but there are two small ingots and a small bag of broken silver and copper coins. Compared with those silver, it is small money.
With this money as the foundation, the clothes in the cupboard are all good materials, which are much better than those worn by the villagers in the village. Pick out a few sets that look like ordinary children, clean up the dust, then change them into a set, and put the other sets into the bag with the money jar.
Then dig out some of the good couples to hide and eat snacks. Hu Yingxue was going to leave, but just then the door came to the courtyard. The door was slowly pushed. She leaned over to the window and glanced at it. Two men were hunched over and touched into the courtyard. It looked like they were coming to have a windfall like her.
Although there are good and evil everywhere, it can make a little girl under the age of ten be killed alive, and other villagers may not be able to be kind. If you find that Lingkite can come back from the dead like those two lying on the ground at this time, it may be a good result. When you find this, two people forget that the secret house is in Hu Yingxue and quickly hide in the closet.
Hiding in the closet, Hu Yingxue remembered that if those two people really came for a windfall, it must be that they rummaged for the target. They can hide in the secret house, but they can hide for a while. Maybe they will bump into people when they come out. At this time, they remembered the teleport operator in the bag and decisively took out one.
Don’t say by the sudden flurry in the room directly expectation in the past two people Hu Yingxue feel flowers at the moment, such as immediate reply clear has been to other places directly, she was a big jump turned out to be downtown … Toilet side fortunately, she just no one was squatting in the toilet when she appeared.
I don’t know if it’s influenced by the environment. I’m sure that the simple old straw mat next to it is a toilet. Hu Yingxue’s first reaction is to rush in and deliberately leave it to solve the problem of toilet paper. I wiped my ass with rags and found it convenient to wash my hands, and then I took a dust-clearing sign.
Look at the bag tied to your wrist. It seems a little eye-catching. Take out a dozen pieces of copper coins and put them in a small pocket inside your skirt. Then throw them into the secret house for Mi Xing to keep. After checking it again, make sure there is nothing wrong with it, and walk out from there. Although some people wonder when to walk in, a child doesn’t take it too seriously.
After coming out from the inside, Hu Yingxue’s attention was completely attracted by selling food stalls in front. In the past, considering that the front base of this body can’t touch the animal products, those who look oily and meaty at first glance are skipped one by one, and finally a steamed bread stall is left.
Hu Yingxue didn’t go to the steamed bread stall immediately, but watched others buy and sell steamed bread first. She was a good-looking aunt. Seeing her, a beautiful little baby seemed to come out of a New Year picture. Looking at her steamed bread, she picked up a steamed bread, washed it with lotus leaves and handed it over to "invite you to eat for the aunt."
I haven’t felt such kindness for a long time. Hu Yingxue blushed immediately and pulled out two copper coins from her skirt. "I have money."
A look at Hu Yingxue’s shy little face selling steamed buns finally failed to control her hand and put a hand on that little face, "What money is not bad for you?"
Poof! Seeing Hu Yingxue with a pair of big eyes, wait for a while looked at the aunt selling steamed bread. A man in a restaurant building laughed and took two tables. The man’s eyes were left with excitement. "Snow found you."
Just as the man got up, he hung a jade card around his waist and flashed. He sat next to him and set up a sound barrier before reaching for the jade card. "What is it that makes you a big brother directly contact me?"
There was a male voice that sounded very cold in the jade card. "Uncle Qingyang sent a message back to Zongli saying that he had found a disciple. Let’s send someone to take it back to Zongli in Wulanling, Wuzhou. I remember that you happened to be there. I’ll leave it to you."
"No problem" paused. The man’s eyes rested on Hu Yingxiu holding steamed bread. "Hanyu, I just found Yingxue."
"The cat said that Miss Hu’s family was really her?"
The man narrowed his eyes slightly. "I have been to gruyter and saw a fake lady who was half-skinned. After she came out, she saw the snow in the downtown area. Sure enough, she was the real miss gruyter. She was lucky to meet Li Daitao’s dog blood, or did the victim seem to have no sequelae because of being stripped of blood?"
Just then, a group of people came to the downtown area. It was the man who had raised his daughter for others for many years. The mouth of Hu Zhaosong, the contemporary master of Hu family, slightly reminded that "things seem to be getting more interesting"
"Don’t be too busy watching the drama to bring Yingxue back with martial uncle Qingyang."
The man touched the bar. "Well, don’t you specifically tell that Hu family that I don’t even know if it’s my own daughter. How can I trust Yingxue to stay there?"
At this time, Hu Zhaosong, who was followed by a bodyguard, had come to Hu Yingxue’s side and saw that he was at a loss in the face of his aunt’s enthusiasm. Hu Yingxue, who looked gentle and elegant, jumped in the past. "Sister, why did you sneak out of home alone?"
Follow closely behind Hu Zhaosong, a bodyguard rushed forward and stopped to reach out to Hu Yingxue. "Dagong, this is not our big lady."
Hu Yingxue turned to Hu Zhaosong "I’m not your big sister"
Hu Zhaosong bent down close to Hu Yingxue’s head and sniffed. "Yes, you are a big sister, but your face doesn’t seem right. What’s going on?"
"Little girl, I’m sorry, my husband didn’t mean anything, but when his head starts pumping up, he will do something upside down." Stop Hu Zhaosong’s bodyguard from almost crying. Fortunately, it’s a little girl who looks less than ten years old, or soon the whole town will be talking about their archduke flirting with women in this street.
Hu Yingxue blinked. It’s not that coincidence, is it?
"Excuse me, please. Let me in." A man with a silver mask came in. "Don’t hurry, Hu Gong might as well listen and tell a story."
"Go ahead." Looking at the man who suddenly came in from outside the crowd, Hu Gong immediately looked awed. Because of his glance, the cashier’s silver half-face mask was an instrument to cover up this person’s breath and let him judge this person’s repair.
The masked man shook his folding fan and said, "Lu Qingzhou has a family name of Wu, so he adopted one. He knocked down a little beggar on the road, and the little beggar was very competitive. The family owner intended to place the family owner in his place, but he refused to accept it because he was not the Wu family."
But I didn’t know that the little beggar was an evil Taoist monk and couldn’t take the road of practice before I deliberately bumped into the householder. When I learned that the householder actually had an illegitimate son, his biological father crossed the other half of his blood to him and lied to the householder that he was the illegitimate son. The little beggar succeeded in inheriting the family position.
There is a flaw in that secret method. If the recipient is an ordinary person, it must be divided into two times to get the other person’s blood gas through. The interval depends on the blood gas situation of the recipient during the fusion transition. Therefore, his biological father kept the real illegitimate child in captivity, only to find that the other person escaped before the second blood gas transition.
The illegitimate child was a good life. After he escaped, he met a brother Qingyun. It is well known that brother Qingyun hated evil and took him to the Wu family when he learned of his experience. Naturally, the evil spirit repaired him and the real illegitimate child was beheaded and regained everything he deserved. "
"What are you keeping from me?" The couple had told Hu Yingxue how to steal the bait and switch the kite. As soon as she heard it, she knew that the man was helping her by telling the story.
The man smiled and replied, "I’m going to stay in Hujia as a gift. It should be a good gift for the real Miss Hujia to go home."
Hu Yingxue frowned slightly. "How many people do you think will believe this story?"
Hu Zhaosong slapped his palm. "Don’t believe me!"
Chapter 7 First Meeting Bishuigong
Seeing Hu Zhaosong and the masked man coming back to the Hu family to meet the archduke at the gate, the manager of the Hu family was stunned. After the people at the door were diverse and miscellaneous, the manager’s adult turned his eyes to the masked man. "Do you want the real person to go back?"
Hu Yingxue’s ears shook when she heard Sheng’s name of the masked man, and when she saw this man, she felt a sense of familiarity as if she had met an old friend. Although she could be reborn here, it didn’t mean that she knew those people, but this man’s surname was Mu, which made her feel that he was a little more cordial.
Just as Hu Yingxue struggled with the inexplicable intimacy, Mu Zhenren pushed her forward. "There is no suitable reason to ask for better conditions before going forward. Now she has it."
Before Hu Yingxue walked behind Hu Zhaosong, he longed for the real person to push her to the front. She didn’t notice that she was shocked when she saw Hu Yingxue, who has always been invisible. She looked at Hu Qingwei, the current owner, and his childhood sweetheart, who grew up with light water. At a glance, he was sure that this girl and light water were almost a model when she was young.
Of course, this alone won’t make Sheng so shocked. The key is that Shui Qingyi was suddenly bedridden a month ago. He is one of the few people who knows the reason. In fact, their mistress was seriously injured instead of suddenly getting sick. Although her life should be temporarily worried, poor conditioning will definitely affect her future practice.
It’s really humbled that de gruyter pampered the big lady in the palm of his hand in recent years. It happened that when he found it, it happened that the fake was in the clear water palace. Some old people in a joint family forced him to find out about it. Where is the mother who refused to give up looking for her own daughter? She not only hurt people, but also said that she didn’t give it to de gruyter.
Seeing Hu Ying’s victory in snow, you can be sure that this is the real miss Hu Jia. She is a yogi in the construction period. He can see that this little girl has Hu Jia’s lineage. This is the ID card. She is more worried that the imperial secretary of Bishui has not left yet. If they insist on taking that leave, those people are trying to curry favor with them. I really don’t know what they will do.