The Lishanhe people made Nurhachi swear on the avenue, and once he broke the oath, he was punished, which was similar to Shamanism.

Sonuhachi knew that if he didn’t tell the news, even if his body was destroyed, the people in Lishanhe could "live" himself again.
When he came back to life once, his own business power in the mountains and rivers must have disappeared long ago and been divided up by outsiders. Everything had to be started from scratch. He didn’t know what it would be like to come back to life.
It’s a pity and hateful that he doesn’t believe in it!
This life has come to an end, and all the marrow has been wasted. It is very likely that the failure of this trip will leave a bad impression on the people of Shanhe and affect their future rise.
It was a moment of greed and missed the big event. If you didn’t suddenly meet Ji Xiang, then this theft should be a perfect ending
However, Nurhachi had to say that he knew he was going to die this time. Emperor Wanli wanted to dig out some news from him and Nurhachi laughed.
"Positions! The Taoist priest you have appointed is no match for him, but if he is a dogma, he will admit that he is arrogant and practice evil … hum … hahaha! "
"Shamanism is my jurchen religion. How can it be called evil method? And! The scripture recite by that Taoist priest you seal when he saw through my changing technique can obstruct the operation of personal mana, affect people’s spirit and call people’s soul will. this is the real evil method! "
"If you want to kill me, why don’t you listen to this Taoist’s evil magic voice before you think about it?"
Even if you’re dead, you have to be sick. Give Ji Xiang a hand to pull him out!
Nurhachi can be sure that Ji Xiang’s spell of looking for him before is almost the same as Shamanism’s soul-calling method and definitely does not belong to the Dharma! Even if it’s not evil, it’s evil!
"Open big seal by the teachings of the guru! But make the demon and ghost witchcraft catch sinners instead of making the right law! Isn’t it a mockery of heaven to go out! "
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three The King of Jianzhou
Ji Xiang makes evil methods?
This is indeed a keen attack point. If it is normal for Nuerhachi to speak to those officials who have heard about it when he meets the emperor in the court, it will inevitably seize this point and make personal attacks on Ji Xiang until she goes to the title of guru or is scolded until she can’t help it.
But now sunchon has just gone through chaos and said that he would practice some evil methods …
Emperor Wanli smiles without meat.
I, the general of Jianzhou Weilonghu, don’t want to talk about this now.
Since I knew that the whole Sunchon was full of evil spells, the most evil thing was Emperor Jiajing, and Emperor Wanli had no feeling about the teachings and evil methods.
Anyway, aren’t they all spells that can kill themselves?
What’s the difference!
Moreover, if we want to talk about practicing evil spirits, killing souls and beating feng du hell, the first person to be caught should be Emperor Jiajing! Emperor Wanli was thinking that maybe he himself was a little bit evil.
After all, Emperor Qin Long was bequeathed the incantation of the Heir Extension Method, and it was through this incantation that Emperor Wanli was born. This is simply born with crooked ways …!
Extraterritorial monty calls out when he sees it!
Can you say all this?
Of course you can’t say that.
Especially at this sensitive time, officials don’t talk about anecdotes, even if someone dies on the roadside, they turn a blind eye. When it’s time to pretend to be blind, they should pretend to be blind.
With the Dongyue Temple, Lao Xu personally tried it. It was really a "walk in the ghost door". The ministers of the court all fell to the side of the Wanli Emperor. The Wanli Emperor had never been so comfortable
It is certainly much more comfortable for civil servants to suppress each other than for civil servants to unite to suppress the emperor.
However, Ji Xiang’s mouth did not allow Wanli to play a role. Wanli waved and let Ji Xiang speak.
She like sneer at nuerhachi explained
"There are indeed a lot of heavenly teachings and evil methods, including the fact that civil laws teach spells that are beneficial to people, that is, the teachings are beneficial to people and that evil methods are evil methods. According to dogma, I should be punished by dogma with you …"
I heard Ji Xiang personally admit that moving is a sorcery. Although Nurhachi was dying at this time, he finally coughed up blood in his mouth and laughed to recognize that he had achieved his goal.
But Ji Xiang added
"However, the technique of calling names for disintegration has existed since the pre-Qin period, but later generations blame such spells on evil methods. In the final analysis, if you are not evil methods, how can you be restrained by such spells?"
"I was a forefather of 1,400 years ago, and Huang Tiandao, including Tai Ping Shu, was also the Dharma. But at that time, it was an out-and-out evil spell for Han. Zhang Jiao, Yu Ji, Zuo Ci and Pu Jing were all evil alchemists at that time, but now they have become ancient immortals. What do you say?"
"Come on! Still I am wrong! "
Ji Xiang confesses to Wanli way
"I didn’t expect improper spells when I lived for a long time, and I also asked you to rule the law according to the laws of heaven!"
Emperor Wanli suddenly asked, "What are you guilty of?"
"By the way, you are a predecessor of one thousand years, and you don’t know that there is this spell in the orthodox collected Taoist scriptures! How did it become an evil law? Go back and see what you don’t know. Don’t talk at random. "
"Orthodox Taoist scriptures are my big rule. The Dharma was compiled and revised in the tenth year of British Emperor Zong, covering spells as numerous as stars. There can be no missing Dharma. Have you ever read Taoist scriptures or forgotten the pages of Taoist scriptures?"
Emperor Wanli said never mind what spell it was. I said there must be this spell in it! You don’t know it’s because you didn’t look carefully, so you missed it!
Nuerhachi was surprised and angry when he tried to raise his head on his stomach but could not lift it.
Wan Li Lao er Bi Niang, you are lying with your eyes open!
"It seems that I am born to die today! After my death, the state will be in chaos! Wanli! I wish I would never disappear. I will become a ghost and come here to find you … "
Nuerhachi didn’t finish cursing. Emperor Wanli poked his Jingzhen sword at the ground.
"Build a state of chaos is not you in charge is I in charge! You said that you want to turn ghosts into me, and I’m also looking forward to it. Let’s set a date when you are a ghost, let’s one-on-one hit and don’t say me have no martial ethics. "
The Royal Guards came to capture Nurhachi and took a look at the hilt of the palm of Emperor Wanli’s hand. The old ministers around the pavilion whispered something.
Many people support the fact that Emperor Wanli decided not to support people, but he could laugh. Seeing that Emperor Wanli has made up his mind, it is hard to say anything more.
Heaven and earth seem to call a thunder.
Emperor Wanli Nurhachi died!
But before he died, he didn’t deprive Nurhachi of the title of Dragon and Tiger General. After all, it was quite intentional for the dead to wear this title. Shu Erhachi went to Jianzhou to take over the chassis of Nurhachi forces. This title of Dragon and Tiger General has been prepared by Shu Erhachi.
Only when you have a goal can you have motivation!
"You don’t have to send General Longhu to the West Market."
"Execute the law on the spot."