Wang Xuan also unpreparedness continued, "There is something fishy about this case. I dare not make decisions. Li Xuan is a member of the Ministry of Industry, but before the assassin of the Southern Jin Dynasty, I also killed a Xiaoqijun Shoujiang …"

When he doubts himself, Tailifu’s face changed at the same time.
"What a Southern Jin thief!"
Sun or shine in Tai’s eyes turned to Li Fushen and said, "Please inform Guangyuan Zhenjun and Uncle Yi that they must be careful to stop the project inspection immediately!"
Li Fu’s face was somber, but his figure flashed and he left the backyard.
Wang Xuan was relieved.
He knew Xiao Zhongmou’s own guess was right. There was a secret method in the royal family, and it was estimated that what was going on there would stop immediately.
TaiDuGuXi took a deep breath to suppress his anger. "It’s a good thing that Wang Duwei believed it or there would be great disaster."
"Now that you have guessed that you will no longer hide your father’s long-term illness and fear that his time will come, it is at a critical moment. It takes a lot of money to continue the life of the royal secret law for one year, but everything is worth it."
"When this occult technique is put to use, the ancestral temple of the royal family, the altar of humanitarian society, and the imperial tomb of Longshou Mountain in Tiandu will all be tampered with …"
Wang Xuan listen to also secretly lose.
He didn’t expect to be involved in such cause and effect behind it.
Qiu Shiyuan, who is next to Tai Zhan, also lowered his hands and stood with cold sweat on his forehead.
Although he is too close to him, he is scared to hear such a thing.
Too DuGuXi mercilessly clenched his teeth with a fist. "I’m too, but it’s a pity that my father is ambitious …"
"If the gluttonous army year is to be shaped, it is best for Chen Bing to make a nine-tune Tianhe people not to stop it!"
I see …
No wonder the style has changed a lot at the expense of Wang Fu.
Thought of here, Wang Xuan sink a way: "Don’t worry too much about this matter, you will do your best, but you still have to crush the plot of Nan Jin first."
TaiDuGuXi nodded somberly way "there are Guangyuan hierarch and Yi uncle abbot overall situation with the prevention will not let the thief succeed in southern jin dynasty"
"But there is something strange about this matter. Even those in the royal family who know it will rarely leak. This matter must be checked clearly!"
Wang Xuan’s eyes were slightly moved. "Both assassinations were hasty, saying that Nan Jin just knew about it and arranged it in a hurry. You need to find the assassin to get to the bottom."
TaiDuGuXi nodded slightly and pondered for a while. "Don’t publicize this matter for the time being and cause disaster. Presumably, the leaker is also affected by the wind …"
"In this case, Wang Duwei will save the world and hold an orphan warrant to search for assassins, and he will be arrested if he looks for God."
After that, he grunted coldly, "Remember to be overbearing, and it’s best to make the leaker neglect. You are taking advantage of my power to be overbearing."
"Your chess will attract the lonely eyes in the city, which will make Li Fu secretly investigate one by one. Don’t let this person get away with it!"
Wang Xuan heavy hand "too trust belongs to this to do, but also please accompany the high adult, after all, are not familiar with god".
Taidu Guxi’s eyes are gloomy. "Good!"
Soon Wang Xuan was too Zhan Shi Qiu Shiyuan to leave the East Palace in a hurry.
Out of the imperial city Qiu Shiyuan then wry smile way "Wang Daren is a housekeeper, which know how to investigate one thousand botched the job …"
Wang Xuan glanced at it lightly. "Don’t play dumb. Qiu’s adult is smart and extraordinary. You should know that you can’t leak it. Although you can protect yourself, you will miss the opportunity."
Qiu Shiyuan was silent for a moment and gave a hand. "Thank you, Mr. Wang, for pointing out that this god has been staying for a long time and his courage will always be smaller. Should we check it out?"
Wang Xuan looked at the night. "Now all the gods are dead in a pool. What snakes, insects, rats and scorpions will come out when Wang stirs them first!"
Chapter three hundred Verbalized sword soldiers startle them.
"Stir the sediment …"
Qiu Shiyuan was a little worried after listening. "Wang Daren asked for his own company, but if there is too much noise, will all parties be surprised to run away from the assassin?"
Wang Xuan shook his head slightly. "It doesn’t matter who the assassin is, and maybe he has already fled from God. Our goal is to have two planners and leakers."
"The other party has already made moves, so it will be hidden in the dark. If you look for clues a little, you will be calculated step by step by the other party and you will be aggressive."
"I wonder if Lord Qiu has ever hunted?" he sneered.
"There are two hunting methods: one is to trace and lurk, and the other is to make a noise, that is, the vast mountain will show its tracks if it wants the other party to move!"
Qiu Shiyuan suddenly realized, "Where shall we go first?"
Wang Xuan smiled. "Of course it’s the Luo family!"
The Dayan Center, the capital of God, is a mixture of good and evil people, and all parties have their own tangkou.
Since the shortage of government troops, chambers of commerce have been established in various States to show their mutual strength, which naturally makes them more luxurious than one.
Zhongyou Haizhou Chamber of Commerce is the most famous.
There are many treasures in the sea, but they are equally dangerous. Every time you go out to sea, you never know whether you will live or die. The Luo family in Haizhou has a unique source of goods, and it is almost a unique business that has accumulated for hundreds of years.
Most of the chambers of commerce in each state choose the south city with developed commerce and trade, and only the prominent families of Haizhou Chamber of Commerce gather in the north city to transform a former palace, which has both garden scenery and treasures in the sea and towering pavilions with colorful weather.
Paying attention is a heroic spirit.
At this time, the sky is not bright, but the Haizhou Chamber of Commerce has already been lit with lanterns. If the stars and different treasures rise, even the many northern cities in the halls are extremely conspicuous.
The gatekeepers were dressed in silver, armor and white fur, and they looked imposing.
They are entitled to be proud of themselves. After all, there is no family other than the royal family that will make them more rich.
Suddenly several people looked at the street at the same time.
Seeing the hooves rumbling in the snow, four knights galloped from the distant street soon.
The first horse is much taller than others. Long Lin’s mouth is full of fire, and there is a huge black dog next to it. It is Wang Xuan.
Behind them are Qiu Shiyuan and Xiao Zhongmou Guo Luquan.