After nine days of vomiting blood, he was once again hit by boxing light, and his chest was seriously injured. His forehead was cracked and a piece of Yuan Shen light poured down.
His face looks surprised. How is that possible? Is the demon emperor still so awesome after being seriously injured in World War I? How can it be stronger than the first time?
The boiling blue-gold blood gas, the rumbling mountain force are just like irresistible heavenly power. Even if he practices the Tianmen Mystery, it is difficult to fight against it. If he faces the emperor in the same realm,
"After World War I, the spirit of a creature, the king and the demon emperor, was sublimated, and the whole person was different. If an excalibur has undergone refinement, it can cut the sky, wind and thunder, and the body can’t be bullied."
There is a great demon who has revealed the reason why he was in a state of extreme combat power. The king is really terrible, but it is hard to shake the demon emperor’s taboo occult skills. How can he be an opponent if he is still in this state for nine days?
It can be said that instead of kicking the iron plate, I kicked the fairy gold plate and killed myself. If this state recedes, it is hard to say that there is still a chance or two. Unfortunately, these old people can see that they are famous and famous.
"Silver is white and blue is gold. How is this blood? Did the human king also take the road of the emperor’s blood returning to the ancestors? "
The elders of the Demon Emperor’s Temple are also very surprised. Naturally, they know that the king was born in Gu Hua Dynasty. Once the blood is returned to the ancestors, it must be more attractive than the terror. There is no doubt.
"Ha ha burn nine days this little too restless reality king seriously injured leisure to deal with him? This is the wrong opponent. Wang is at the peak of his spirit! "
"Yes, this is a post-war harvest sublimation. Once it is shot, it will be unstoppable."
The master of the temple laughed. This is really asking for trouble. I was so angry with the deputy master that I wanted to slap him to death.
"It’s good to shoot him to death. This crazy guy bares his teeth all day."
Qi disaster pie pie has a bad impression on burn for nine days. This guy runs around with her brother all day and turns like crazy.
Especially dare to covet her beauty and threaten to marry her. This Nanling Pearl is really reckless.
In the field, the Gangfeng earthquake burned for nine days, and the root was no match. After shaking ten punches, he flew out of the chest and fried the bones and fell into the mountains.
"ah! I’m a blood vessel. How can I not be your opponent? "
How can you be so hateful for nine days? You can get Tianmen Juexue and join the forces to get shelter when you go out, but now you are defeated by the seriously injured king.
It was a great blow to him, full of frustration.
"I’ve killed too many people for your talent."
Li Yu’s faint mouth directly pinched the mountain seal and knocked it down. In an instant, Wanshan resonated with Yue Qi, and actually brought a mountain peak to kill and crush it.
Knock! This scene is really shocking. Raise your hand and throw a mountain. It’s going to kill you in nine days!
It’s the deputy temple master, and all the elders have no words to burn for nine days. This time it’s a disaster.
Poof! The mountain falls, Li Yu steps on the mountain, blue gold and blood gas are boiling, and generate’s whole strength will burn for nine days, and he can’t be crushed into a paste if he struggles or resists.
"The phoenix has fallen for nine days, and now the demon emperor’s temple is Qi Lintian. If you get another secret method, it will surely soar!"
The group of demons held their breath, and no one thought that the struggle of the demon emperor’s temple would come to an end.
Many elders think that Qi Lin is changing. If you get this secret skill, it will really add strength to the top ranks in the world.
"People who are really terrible and seriously injured can also be killed and burned for nine days. It’s really a madman who can compete with the demon emperor. It’s really an ancient emperor."
More people are amazed that the demon emperor can still kill the burn for nine days after the war. This strength and courage make people tremble and dare not face the edge.
And the demon emperor temple Lord is big and smiling and quickly came to the front of Li Yu without looking at the burnt nine-day paste and took out a thing straight away.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Treasure fairy Yong-Han Kim banner
"Demon emperor? !”
The deputy temple master was surprised to see that the demon emperor temple master would take out such a precious thing. He planned the years and planned the big sacrifice to get this order, but now he has been taken out as a gift to the king.
In the hands of the Master of the Temple of Qi, a token made of divine iron, iron hook and silver painting, outlined two Chinese characters’ Demon Emperor’.
Is this order?
However, this is the ancient order that represents the demon emperor’s temple after the big sacrifice, and it can also open the treasure house of the clan. The soil is not available to the helmsman and will only be given if there is a breakthrough in nine days.
"Little friends in my demon emperor temple have great kindness from public to private, which must be thanked. No matter whether the occult arts belong to people, the king will get our friendship with the demon emperor temple. May the Gu Hua dynasty and the Jiang family advance and retreat together.
After this big sacrifice, I would like to open the treasure house of the temple and pay the king. "
With a smile on his face, Qi Dian took Li Yu’s hand and sent this demon emperor’s order into his palm.
This is beyond everyone’s expectation. If you get this order, there will be no doubt that Japan and China will overwhelm the stable words of the main force of the deputy temple in one fell swoop
But he did not hesitate to send it out to repay the human feelings. This courage and determination made the three old demons unable to help but nod their heads. He was qualified.
"I have no problem with what the temple master said."
By this time, the deputy temple master was also somewhat folded and sighed without saying anything. In other words, he was absolutely reluctant to give up his courage and lost a piece.
No matter how hard they fight, it is also a family that needs to grasp the scale.
Around the monster is also a moment compared to burn nine days words is very ridiculous, the temple master’s words will be pulled back, but also to make friends with the ginger family Gu Hua dynasty two great forces.
This is also a good thing for the Demon Emperor’s Temple. It can be said that the three major domains of Donghuang, Zhongzhou and Nanling are all connected. If an alliance is formed, the strength will be unimaginable.
"How can I keep this technique for myself?"
Li Yu nodded and accepted the demon emperor’s order that the fairy gold in this kind of extreme power treasure house naturally has other weapons, and it is good for both sides to recast the hermetic in exchange for the treasure house collection.
The Master of Qi Dian laughed with satisfaction. Three days later, a banquet was held to celebrate the reappearance of the nine-day secret technique.
The elders of the top ten ancient demon families looked at each other, but they couldn’t help sighing. Terran generation is really going to rise. Horror figures in four domains have ancient emperors’ postures, which will soar in the future.
The king of men is strong, especially when he is young and high-spirited, and he is the most fierce.
It is the best choice for such a strong tianjiao to make friends, because once he makes friends, his revenge will be unbearable.
The elders of the top ten ancient demon families are also active. They have seen Li Yu before and talked with him.
At the moment, the central circle is particularly eye-catching, and its status is extremely high. It can make an earthquake and a shock, but it is also necessary for the king to smile and talk with his peers, and he dare not hold it.
Because in a few years, the king will be at the helm of all major forces and people will be equal.
"He is still so young. Is it another Zhongzhou man of God flying to Yu? The 19-year-old furious emperor has now pushed four major domains, and Kitahara has never set foot?"
"Maybe in this world, we will witness a myth that overwhelms the enemies of the same generation in five domains."
"Although he is a contemporary, he is already an equal of the elders, which is a level higher than ours. It really makes people feel complicated."
The generation of Nanling has a complex look, admiration and envy. When a person is not far apart, he may be jealous or uneven. However, when the gap is widening and getting higher and higher, it will return to normal, and there will be no jealousy and injustice, leaving admiration and emotion.
Some people are born radiant and destined to live for nine days and last forever.
But behind this, there must be a lot of giving and giving, and it has never been good. Although the world knows it for nothing, there are few real enlightened people.
After the big sacrifice, Li Yu also returned to his shelter to recuperate his injuries. He suffered a very serious trauma in this battle and now he is calm and should be repaired.
"You have benefited a lot from this war. It is said that the huge pressure integration will make up for the omissions. It is an accident. If you can come a few times more, you will make rapid progress."
The old Taoist priest’s voice came from the void with a faint smile, which is much more effective than hard practice and of course more dangerous.
Li Yuwen jumped a few times in the corner of his eye, which was too intense. This war will make him tired. Except for the unity of Yin and Yang, he almost worked hard. The last blow of the demon emperor was too terrible and taboo.
"But in the future, when you are struck by lightning, there should be no less meetings."
He silently thought that the good days were yet to come!
At this time, Nirvana was transformed by the operation of burn-robbery regeneration, and Li Yu was full of scars. The body suddenly bloomed, and Bao Hui’s blue and white blood rushed out of the body to make him look like a god.
"Destroy the heart; The state of origin dies with it; The karma is destroyed, so the heart is well-known and nirvana. "
The ancient chanting sounded. If an ancient monk told about tapping on the wooden fish’s mouth and chanting compassion, kindness and kindness, he would never kill the Buddha.
Li Yu huffed and puffed the essence of heaven and earth, and the whole palace was pulsating with him. The silvery blood gas turned into blue and white, and it became more and more profound and powerful. It was very strong in the first world war.
Nirvana Sutra, the West Desert, and the East Wilderness; On Several Ancient Sutras, Zen Singing rings, and there is a mysterious flow of Qi in the palace.
"The feat left by Amitabha the Great is really extraordinary, and it is also the only one in the Great who does not kill animals."
The old Taoist priest’s eyes twinkled, and in the ancient scriptures, he wrote a treasure, the secret art, which can be called the holy art of healing. It has the mysterious and mysterious nature of heaven and earth.