Then we can take a lot of people’s Chinese medicine formulas and apply for patents abroad first, and then we will talk about whether we will sell the medicine to those countries first.

It takes a lot of energy and money to apply for a patent, so several pharmaceutical companies can come here to try drugs this time to help.
However, this matter must be reported to the foreign affairs department to negotiate with those companies.
Thought of here, Li Chu directly patted Oda’s seat back to "go to the center"
This time, he didn’t go to Wang Shu, but went directly to the designer’s office.
He will come over to check this one for two days.
Luckily, when he came over, he was free for the time being, and soon he went in.
At noon, the workers here brought him in, and when he came out of the center, it was five hours after he went in.
This one also specifically pushed off a few things.
I talked a lot about the things I should tell, and I wrote more than ten pages just taking notes.
Walking to the west gate, he thought that the negotiation would come in a few months, and that the strong woman would fall at the entrance of the Great Hall.
The horn of Huaxia counterattack road has sounded and is waiting for the wind to rise.
Call Tian Jun back to the hospital from the West Gate driver’s lounge.
Xu Damao at the gate of the hospital is dejected and despondent to run away.
This is the second time that he has come to Li Chu today. He didn’t go out to find Ding Qiunan before he knew that he was going to medical school today, but he should be back for lunch.
He also deliberately avoided waiting for the afternoon shift when eating, but he never came back.
It’s not urgent to come to Li Chu today, but it’s just a new dish. The hotel has been renovated, and he wants to invite Li Chu to have a look.
It’s like a child who did a good thing at school and couldn’t wait to think about going home and getting praise from his parents. When he got home from school, he found that his parents had something to do these two days. Do you think this child is depressed?
Xu Damao was not in a hurry at the entrance of the hospital. He squatted down to the roadside and lit a cigarette. Then he saw a black car across the road. He knew this car and this card well.
He quickly got up and waved at the car.
Car Tian Jun was about to turn into the hospital when he saw Xu Damao waving across the street. He knew the leader well, so he said, "Lead Xu Damao at the door of the hospital."
"Huh?" Tian Jun words let Li Chu, who was thinking about things with his eyes closed, open his eyes and look out of the window.
"Stop in front of him."
After waiting for the bus to stop, he rolled his window. "Da Mao, are you waiting for me here?"
"That’s true. I’ve been here for a long time. Sister-in-law said you could come back at noon after class. Isn’t that the second time I’ve been here?"
"What’s the hurry to find me? Let’s talk about the car. "
Chapter five hundred and one Hotel
"Hey, hey, it’s not particularly urgent," Xu Damao continued, feeling a little embarrassed. "I just want you to look at the hotel and give me an opinion when it’s decorated."
"What do you think I can do? I’ll take a look at the hotel first."
It’s just that Li Chu doesn’t know what to do later. Every day, he is tired of sitting in the office in the hospital.
Pull the door Xu Damao sat down.
"Oda, let’s go to the department store," Li Chu said.
This road on this side of the department store was renamed Renmin Road in 1965 and changed back to Wangfujing Street in 1977.
This class has been the most prosperous commercial place in the 49 cities since the Qing Dynasty.
At the intersection of Jingcheng Hotel, there are all kinds of shops and restaurants on both sides.
Many of them are century-old shops, such as shoes, leather goods, ancient embroidery and silk. Deyuan Xing wants to operate calligraphy and painting, jade and antiques, and worship ancient Zhai.
There is also Shengxifu who specializes in making hats, not to mention Donglaishun, and there is also a vegetarian restaurant, and then there is the first department store in Huaxia.
Li Chu looked at the shops on both sides of the road by car and kept thinking about the transformation of Wangfujing Street. I don’t know how to change it.
Xu Damao, his father-in-law, wants that restaurant not far from here, but there is no main road.
It’s also good that all the houses on the main road can’t be bought by the government, and it seems that many of them have been demolished when the renovation is over here, so it’s better for him to buy this place now
They bought this street pavement from the street office. It was a state-run hotel before it was taken over, but it was always at a loss. This time, they simply sold the house to Lou Dad.
The best thing about this room is that there is a small two-story shop in front of the front shop and the back home, and it is very easy to live in their family with a courtyard room behind them, and there are still a few rooms left to serve as warehouses.
After the car stopped at the entrance of the hotel, Li Chu looked back and forth. The road here is still a little narrow. Now there are fewer cars and I can’t see anything. After the car has more roots, I can’t stop.
But then he reacted, and he was also worried about whether he could let the car in here or not.