A salary adjustment may mean that the job sequence of professional and technical personnel has been adjusted, such as junior engineers and senior engineers.

As far as he knows, he has studied this title now, and it is estimated that it will be a few years.
There will be exams, all kinds of exams.
It’s like after they become doctors, they have to take the qualification examination for practicing doctors, and then they can distinguish between what is the attending and what is the senior and deputy professional titles.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-seven Materials
Anyway, when he asked for his advice, Li Chu copied and wrote out the titles of doctors he knew all along.
How should I be promoted to middle age and how should I control it? He also wrote his own opinion, whether western medicine is casually written or the promotion of Chinese medicine title is the most important.
Of course, how to implement it specifically depends on the decision of the leader. After all, he has suggestions but no decisions.
"Er … Dean Li Ding, deputy principal, didn’t?"
Two steps to the door Li Chu sat in a desk chair and looked round. A female soldier just walked into the office and was embarrassed there and asked.
"She went out and the horse will come back. What do you want with her?"
"Here is a document that needs to be signed by Deputy Director Ding."
"Why don’t you put it here first and wait for her to come back, and I’ll let her sign it and bring it to you, or I’ll let her go and find you."
"It’s okay, Dean Li. I’ll come back later."
"That’s fine. I’ll be back in 20 minutes at most."
"Dean Li, please sit down and I’ll go first."
Looking at the figure that some fled, Li Chu stretched out his hand and touched his face, wondering in his heart, was I that terrible? It’s not handsome, but it’s not scary, is it?
In fact, because of his fair and delicate skin and his imposing manner, he is mature and steady, and he is more and more popular as he gets older.
But just now, the female soldier was really scared away by me, mainly because you were unfamiliar with Ding Qiunan. Just now, the doorman was open and even looked at it, so he went straight away. It’s good to die or die, but the little leader is sitting here and putting aside who is afraid.
"Why did he go back to his office?"
"Why don’t you just sit with him when you go back? By the way, I always asked a big girl to sign him just now."
"Big girl?" Ding Qiunan let go of the bag and was stunned. However, some days ago, Nai said, "I’m still a big girl. My children are one year slower."
"So what? Little girl? " Looking at the newspaper in my hand, I even raised my eyelids.
"Let him continue reading the newspaper. Go and see what to sign."
Before class, Li Ge drove with his wife and man and just turned back to the hutong when he saw Zhu Wenzheng squatting at the intersection of his home to smoke.
Zhu Wen also saw a big white car turn back and throw it on his cigarette butt.
"He came to see you?"
"A little material was sent from outside Qihe Hospital in Li Chu, and your master asked you to take you there to see if you were satisfied."
"Wow, his master’s speed is quite slow. Qiu Nan Huihui, they go back to cook first. You go and see."
"Fine, let him go."
"Sister-in-law is not bashful to bother you."
"You’re welcome. He’s busy at home, too."
"Zhu Wenche, you drive there."
"Ah, here we go."
Sitting in the car, Zhu Wen turned his head and looked at it and said with a smile, "Chen Li’s cart is the same. It’s less comfortable than sitting in a jeep."
"Does he know about running this Mercedes in the street?"
"I know!"
"This car is more comfortable to sit in. You are far from it."
"Li Chu, as soon as you say that, you will remember that the year after next. Boy, there are fewer buses running here in Yangcheng than there in ours."
"Well, he said that’s true. Southerners are easy to do business, and there are fewer people with money, especially here near the port city. There are fewer parallel goods and things that are cheaper than ours."
"Yes, so few people are running here to carry a pack of goods back and sell them out before going."
"Is he moving this idea?"
"This is Chen Li, you have nothing to do with Zhu Wen, but you can remember the seven words of respecting the teacher and follow the master to learn the craft. You have plans to change lines.
In addition, in those two years, you helped your other disciples earn money, and you also have a few ideals. You just need to be able to eat and wear warm clothes and take care of your home.
This group of backpackers looks as if they can make money, but we are all robbing the road with our heads tied to our belts. That is to say, even if the danger comes back, it is likely to be caught by the red armband. This guy will be punished once and lose everything. "
Hey, I thought. That guy is still greedy to see those things in vain
Driving outside the hutong over there is retreating. Li Ge parked the car on the side of the road and the two of them walked towards Qiheyuan.
The outside of the hospital has been completely moved, and even our own private construction and demolition of the capital are few places, but it is narrow and many, but it is also very messy
"What about Li Chu East-West Intermediate People’s Court?"
"Where did his master get the wood from?"
Li Ge looked at the eaves of the Intermediate People’s Court with dozens of pieces of wood, and his eyes were straight.
Who the hell is in charge of this?
Those Woods are full of huanghuali. The rich brothers are afraid they are ancestral forests.
"Hey, hey, Li Chu, you want to ask where the wood came from, and you really said it was there. Are you sure it was the first few?"
Li Ge didn’t struggle with the real origin of the wood. Anyway, when the time comes, the beams will be covered with a paste, and who knows what wood it is
"Are those obviously enough wood for them to prepare?"
"Li Chu, you do have that kind of good sea yellow now, but I’m still transporting rosewood, but in that case, the price will be …"
"Get them to get the price. They are worried. If it is good, you want it." Li Ge said very stingy.
What’s the point of me throwing caution to the wind and finishing all the money outside my warehouse, even if I can keep these dollars?
"Li Chu, although you are worried, your master and uncle have said that your house was closed by us to ensure your satisfaction."
"It’s rare that the two of us are willing to come out for activities. But after hearing about it, the museum people asked his master to repair a palace, and his master pushed it."
"Hey, hey, you heard about that. Your master is willing to work for us mainly because he thinks that we are quick-witted and do everything, and there are too few rules. The most important thing is that we still want to steal your master’s skills and let my old man work, so we must draw the construction steps step by step. Who can accept that?"