Dark clouds are instantly formed, and huge eddies emerge in the clouds, carrying a storm and rain.

Hundreds of kilometers of land in Fiona Fang, central Augustu, are corrupted at the same time.
The ground is cracked, the river is dry, the plants are withered, and the poisonous fog slowly floats …
The polluted land suitable for demons is gradually forming …
Chapter 154 Dynamic
The surrounding towns are in the country.
Several residents turned pale, raised their heads and looked at the huge whirlpool that was constantly roaring.
No one needs to explain what happened to them just by seeing this phenomenon.
Because of this scene, the world has appeared hundreds of times, which has become the most feared phenomenon of life in this world.
Far more frightening than so-called natural disasters.
Whether it is finally suppressed or not, it will bring unparalleled pain.
More than its appearance, it symbolizes that a large number of lives have passed.
I wonder how many people are going to move overnight and try to escape from this scary area.
Prepare to move towards a safer area
Even faster, they also made a lot of chaos, which caused a lot of conflicts of meaning.
An ancient country with Augustu territory connected.
In the luxurious palace, even in the dark, the lights are on.
The roar of the room is echoing "damn! How could Augustu suddenly be turned into a polluted land! !”
In the past, the calm temperament of the king has been replaced by mild hysteria
After seeing Augustu’s actual situation with his own eyes through magic, he was both angry and terrified.
Although he hates those noble spellcasters who look above the top and don’t know how to respect them, he will still remain in awe of each other’s strength!
Bai Na is stronger than his own country and belongs to the mainstay of fighting against the invasion of the abyss.
Originally, he thought that if he encountered a demon invasion in the future, he could spend some money to let Augustu people come to the rescue.
I never thought that he had nothing to do. Augustu, a more powerful force, disappeared first
There was no warning beforehand. It was so sudden!
To tell the truth, this situation is really beyond his expectation, and he is even more afraid of the strength of the abyss.
After thinking about the countermeasures for a while, he finally sighed.
If you don’t have any decisive power in your heart, then everything is empty. You can take it one step at a time.
So he reached various orders to mobilize this’ national’ giant to try to find some security by himself.
"Immediately deploy all the troops to block off our connected areas in Augustu and closely monitor the order of the country. Anyone who wants to take the opportunity to make trouble will take it!"
"The polluted land is not yet formed, and there should be civilians living in it. If they escape, they can be released, but they must do a good job of inspection!"
"I don’t want demons to sneak into my country! !”
Originally, he wanted to get rid of those lucky escape residents, but he could give up that choice after thinking about the subsequent impact.
Seeing that he recovered his composure and dealt with various events, the ministers who buried their heads and disguised themselves as quails dared not say much and nodded their heads quickly.
There are many countries or forces in this scene at this moment.
Maybe the specific statement is a little different, but the meaning is similar.
I suspect that this is a day that many people feel uncomfortable.
In the early morning, millions of demons followed the guidance of sending troops to Augustu site.
After a short rest, their strength was far from weak, so they collided with the indigenous forces.
Neither the abyss side nor the spirit world side is fully prepared.
Manpower and material resources are still halfway
But bitter fighting is still inevitable.
Because of a newly born [polluted land], the residents of the world can’t bear that the demons will be completely stable, even if they are not prepared enough, they have to bite the bullet.
And the strength is far from recovered, and the same is true for the demon side of the abyss.
Power has not recovered. If we don’t keep this piece of land that can greatly reduce the world’s repressive pollution.
Then, when the time comes, they will be paper tigers, and they will die very ugly. It’s the only choice for these demons to "either be afraid or do it"!
It can be said that both sides have a little taste of driving duck racks
However, the atmosphere in the spirit world seems very dignified. After all, the horse is going to be desperate, while the demons in the abyss are still doing what they should do without taking this as a big deal. After all, they are desperate for this little risk every day.
Strictly speaking, this danger is not as high as the killing of his young demons on the riverside when he was just born.
The probability of living there is one in a hundred, and this first battle obviously can’t reach that casualty rate, and it will kill more than half of the day. After all, many powerful weapons of the other side have not yet come to mobilize.
And such a high activity rate can be said to be as safe as going home for the abyss demon
This is also one of the main reasons why the deep demons are so keen on alien invasion that they don’t hesitate to bring their own dry food.
Anyway, even if you sit at home in peace, there is a great possibility that the demon passing by will cook it for food, so it is better to visit another world
If you encounter a low-level world, you can still enjoy the pleasure of beating a primary school student!
Olga, on the other hand, is not interested in their problems at the moment.
When he got paid early, he ran away before the perimeter defense was built.
There is no intention to get involved in the incident.
For him, it is not necessary to make a quick profit from this extra money even if it is hard to be true.
He’s the world’s main industry, and it depends on the "poisoning scheme of all the world’s mixed eating and waiting for death", which is the main source of his long-term flow in the future.
After flying away from Augustu for a full 10,000 kilometers,
Olga’s body penetrated into the soil directly through the soil and went deep underground.
He is going to find a place to absorb those plundered high-level care.
Different from those who dealt with low-level knowledge at will in the past, the knowledge he robbed this time was all odd, and all kinds of demigod levels were close to the divine level, so knowledge was also indispensable.
All of them have great power, and it is naturally extremely difficult to understand them.
In order to increase its efficiency, Olga decided to find a land of geomantic omen and enter shallow dormancy.
Chapter 155 The ending time is approaching.
Twenty years later
Elser la elf junior high school
For Olga, it’s another day of eating and dying.
It took him months to absorb all the gains after he took part in the attack on Augustu.
It is also a great benefit, and the strength has further increased.
Although this so-called further reality is more limited.
His strength should be advanced at the time of a transformation. Although he finally failed to advance due to the interference of world consciousness, he still reached the limit level of "middle demon" and entered the bottleneck period.
Both blood concentration, soul strength and physical strength have reached a certain peak.
Just like a pool full of wat.
Maybe we can add some flowers and things
However, unless the rank is promoted, there will be no leap forward in his strength before there is any decisive factor.
At the moment, instead of going back to the abyss immediately to advance, he still depends on the world. Besides eating, drinking and having fun, his main purpose is to accumulate more things.
Knowledge or evolutionary point is so-called if there is, at least it will make the posterior path easier.